How To Start Your Day Like A Nutritionist
How To Start Your Day Like A Nutritionist

How To Start Your Day Like A Nutritionist

Whether you’re looking for fresh breakfast inspiration or need a bit of guidance on supplements, we asked six nutritional experts what their morning routines look like…
By Tor West

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Jess Shand

Naturopathic Nutritionist

The first thing I do in the morning is take a shot of Symprove. It’s a clever liquid probiotic that goes straight to your stomach without triggering digestion, meaning it reaches the gut intact, where it thrives and multiplies to support a healthy microbiome. You need to take it on an empty stomach for the best results. 

Pilates is non-negotiable. Bryony Deery has changed the game for me, and I use her app every morning. I’ve never felt stronger or more excited to exercise. Plus, working out from home means I can easily squeeze in 20 minutes before my little boy wakes up. I lay my mat and equipment out the night before, which helps me stay accountable and means there’s one less thing to do in the morning. 

I avoid coffee on an empty stomach. Instead, I make a cup of grated ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon juice and echinacea drops. I do a quick two-minute body brush routine before showering and sip on my tea while doing my make-up. 

I tweak my breakfast depending on where I am in my cycle. If I’m in my follicular phase, I might have a high-protein kefir yoghurt bowl with homemade granola to support oestrogen metabolism, but if I’m in my luteal phase, I’ll prioritise protein and healthy fats to support energy levels – a couple of boiled eggs with half an avocado, spinach and mixed seeds is my go-to. During my period – when hormones are at their lowest – I crave cosy nourishment. Nothing beats a bowl of oat and quinoa porridge topped with Greek yoghurt, cinnamon, almond butter and berries. 

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Natasha Evans

Nutritional Therapist

We wake up dehydrated. I drink around 400ml of room temperature water as soon as I wake, often with a few drops of an electrolyte supplement to set me up for the day. I embrace the slower life in winter to align with the seasons – my alarm goes off around 7am. 

Outdoor light before artificial light is my top health hack. Exposing our eyes and skin to natural light in the morning kicks the body into gear and primes our circadian rhythm, which influences the health of pretty much every cell in the body. I don’t look at my phone until later in the morning – bombarding your brain with stimuli from devices is the worst thing you can do for your nervous system.

My skincare routine features natural products. My go-to cleanser is Fierce Nature’s organic soap, made with 100% organic beef tallow, and I can’t be without Weleda’s Skin Food Light. I also love Kingfisher toothpaste which, unlike many mainstream toothpastes, is made without artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. 

Protein for breakfast is essential. After a cup of tea, I’ll make a Clarence Court omelette with vegetables, cheese and ferments. This sets my blood sugar up for the day, reduces cravings, and supports energy and focus.

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Sophie Trotman


I wake up around 8am. I need a good eight to nine hours’ sleep, as I often work on my business in the evening. After a large glass of water with electrolyte drops, I’ll make a herbal tea for extra hydration and antioxidants – I love Pukka’s Three Ginger blend. I then head to my local café for a decaf cappuccino as I check my emails.

Exercise in the morning is a great way to kickstart energy levels. I do spin, bootcamp or barre four to five times a week. If I do a 9am session, I’ll have a small snack before, like a banana with nut butter. If I’m doing a lunchtime class, breakfast tends to be scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on sourdough (I slice a fresh loaf every week and keep it in the freezer) or a bowl of porridge made with whole milk. 

Your morning habits dictate your stress response for the day ahead. When I remember to do a Calm meditation in the morning, I feel so much better for it. I also love listening to a podcast in the morning – How I Built This and The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman are my favourites. 

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Cara Shaw

Nutritional Therapist

A mug of rooibos tea always hits the spot. I love the sweet and earthy flavour, and it’s naturally caffeine free. I avoid drinking caffeine until I’ve eaten, so as not to mess with my cortisol and blood sugar first thing. I enjoy this while doing a few minutes of dry body brushing before my shower, which always features a Wim Hof-style cold blast at the end.

I aim for 30g of protein at breakfast. Opting for something savoury is an easy way to make this happen. I’ll often have an omelette with a side of mackerel or leftovers from dinner the night before in a buckwheat wrap. I take my supplements with my breakfast – Invivo’s Bio.Me Essential and Biocare’s Methyl Multinutrient give my body the nutrients it needs. 

After breakfast, I walk the kids to school. I find being outdoors, no matter the weather, one of the most calming things in my toolkit for a clear headspace. I use the 20-minute walk home to tune into a podcast – I love The Genius Life with Max Lugavere. When I get home, I have a mug of Dirtea’s Cacao Super Blend, which contains mushrooms like reishi and lion’s mane to support focus. 


Joan Abebe

Holistic Health & Nutritional Coach

A sunrise alarm clock has been a game-changer. I haven’t looked back since using a Lumie Bodyclock Glow. It mimics the natural progression of sunrise, gently brightening the room and prompting the body to reduce the production of sleep hormones like melatonin. It adds a calmness to my morning that I look forward to. 

I’m obsessed with my Oura ring. After waking up, I check my sleep score on my Oura ring. It allows me to understand the quality of my rest and sleep patterns.

I eat within an hour of waking. Lately, I’ve been enjoying gluten-free oats mixed with vanilla protein, topped with a teaspoon of Pip & Nut peanut butter and flaxseeds for healthy fats and omega-3s – a balanced, comforting bowl of goodness that keeps me fuelled throughout the morning. When I have more time on the weekend, I’ll make an omelette with avocado and a couple of slices of sourdough toast. I’m a coffee enthusiast – my go-to is an americano with Rude Health oat milk and Sweet Drops vanilla-flavoured stevia

A brisk walk leaves me feeling rejuvenated. I’m not a morning fitness person and prefer to exercise later in the day – strength training is my go-to – but I do enjoy a morning walk, even if for 15 minutes. I’ll shake up my routine on the weekend with a reformer class at 1Rebel

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Dr Federica Amati

Nutrition Lead At ZOE

I wake up at 6am with my daughter. The first thing I do is make myself an oat cappuccino while I warm some oat milk for her. I love coffee – my favourite brands are Monmouth (the organic blend is delicious) and Illy’s Arabica capsules. I drink Oatly Whole Oat Milk or Bonsoy Soy Milk, but we use Yeo Valley Organic unhomogenised whole milk for tea. 

Movement in the morning is a priority. My husband and I share school drop-off and pick-ups, so when I do the morning drop-off, I’ll take our dog with us and go for a brisk walk, but if he’s on duty, I’ll take the opportunity to do a Peloton class. I make time to meditate later in the day – I find this an incredible way to switch off from work, especially on days I work from home.

Your first meal sets you up for the day. I like to have a savoury breakfast to avoid blood sugar peaks and crashes, and it’s also a great opportunity to choose wholegrains and add seeds, nuts and plants to your day. I eat around 9am or later if I’m commuting in – breakfast tends to be rye sourdough toast with eggs, avocado, mixed seeds, extra virgin olive oil and sauerkraut. On the weekend, I’ll make a bowl with natural yoghurt, kefir, berries, nuts, seeds and Indi Body, a berry-flavoured powder that contains antioxidant-rich foods, prebiotic fibre and digestive bio-cultures.

It's important to eat seasonally. I love that Natoora offers seasonal Spanish avocados, and Clarence Court Burford Brown eggs are a cut above the rest. 

A workout and brunch afterwards is the perfect combination. For a treat, I’ll go to KX for a class and have brunch there – it currently does a soufflé omelette with feta and spinach. If we meet friends or family, 5 Hertford Street does the best pastries in town. 

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