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Constance Jablonski is one of the world’s most in-demand models, having fronted campaigns for Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Guerlain and more. When she’s not travelling the world, she dedicates her time to growing French Bloom, her non-alcoholic sparkling wine brand. From yin yoga to Mediterranean-inspired meals, here are her health and wellness non-negotiables…
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I can’t get through the day without yoga. When I first moved to New York ten years ago, I only used to do high-intensity cardio – boxing, running and Barry’s Bootcamp were my regulars. But during the pandemic, we all had to slow down, and I discovered a new love for Pilates and yoga, especially yin yoga. When I wake up, I always stretch for five or ten minutes, and then use the Down Dog app to find an online yoga class. If I want to go to a studio, I’ll visit Yoga Vida in NYC, and when I’m travelling, I love YUJ in Paris. For Pilates, the SLT studios in the US are great, as are the Snake and Twist studios in Paris. Yin yoga is particularly powerful – the deep stretches release so much tension.

My favourite forms of cardio are tennis and running. I try to do one of these every other day, but that doesn’t always happen. Having a dog always gets me out of the house for an hour every day. I recently discovered Dhru Purohit’s podcast, too, which I can’t get enough of – I often tune into an episode when walking. He interviews doctors and the most interesting health experts, covering topics such as eating to beat inflammation, hormone imbalances, fasting and anxiety. 

You can’t beat a savoury breakfast. I often crave salty things in the morning – bread and butter is my staple breakfast, although occasionally I’ll have a pastry or honey tartine. Some form of caffeine is also essential – either a cup of tea or an almond milk latte.

During the pandemic, we all had to SLOW DOWN, and I DISCOVERED A NEW LOVE for Pilates and yoga, especially YIN YOGA.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to live. Emphasising the consumption of foods high in omega-3 and healthy fats – like fish, olive oil, nuts, grains, legumes, fruits and veggies – is my preferred way of eating. One of my favourite dinners when cooking for friends is fish ‘en papillotte’ – it’s so simple and a crowd-pleaser. Salmon works well – wrap it in aluminium foil with lots of lemon, spices and vegetables. Just add a side of steamed rice and you’re good to go. I am conscious of my animal protein consumption though, so I try to alternate between animal and vegetarian sources of protein where possible. My favourite WFH lunch is a quick and easy salad made with lentils and tuna. 

In my fridge, you’ll find lots of cheese. I could easily survive on cheese alone – I can eat it at any time of the day. Weekly staples also include almond milk, eggs, mushrooms and buckwheat bread  (organic where possible). 

For me, healthy eating is all about inclusion. I don’t believe in cheat days and don’t deprive myself of a sugary treat if that’s what I fancy. My only rule is that ingredients need to be real and not processed – McDonald’s is not real food and I’d far rather have a delicious burger from a local restaurant that uses grass-fed meat. 

I try to avoid alcohol during the week. I’m a real Frenchie and love wine and champagne, but only drink at the weekend when I’m not working. Over the years, I’ve learned that alcohol doesn’t make me feel my best physically, emotionally or mentally, so I save my favourite glass of red for the weekend and go for French Bloom during the week. 

I co-founded French Bloom with my great friend Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger, who was pregnant at the time and wanted to find a different way to celebrate and be sociable. It’s a delicious organic sparkling drink made with French grapes that was two years in the making – it’s fully organic and vegan, free from added sugars, preservatives and alcohol, and is low in calories. 

Drinking vinegar before a meal can help avoid sugar spikes. I’ve been following the work of Jessie Inchauspé (the Glucose Goddess) for a while now and have learnt so much from her – she’s all about controlling blood-sugar spikes for better health. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before a meal, or before something sweet, may not sound appealing but it does make a difference. I absolutely love chocolate, cookies and pies and if I’m having dessert, I’ll have it after a meal as this causes less of a sugar spike, as opposed to snacking on sweets throughout the day on an empty stomach. I also love Ombar’s raw chocolate. 

Alcohol doesn’t make me feel my best PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY, so I save my favourite glass of red for the WEEKEND.

I have a facial every three months. I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful but I swear by regular facials at the DermoMedicalCentre in Paris. They use simple, science-backed ingredients and are very good at extraction. I also love full body cryotherapy to aid muscle recovery from an intense workout. 

French pharmacy skincare buys are the best. My desert-island beauty product would have to be Embryolisee’s Lait-Crème Sensitive – I use it every day. It’s made with 98% natural ingredients, the tube is 100% recyclable and it’s hypoallergenic. I also love EQ SPF and hair serums, which are certified eco and clean. 

Sound baths are an incredible way to destress. Much like meditating, a sound bath can lead to reduced stress and deep relaxation. For me, they’re the most efficient way to get into a meditative state. The Hoy in Paris is a wellness-focused hotel that offers wonderful sound baths and private meditations which are combined with reiki and crystals. It also has an incredible yoga studio – France’s first infrared-heated yoga studio in fact. 


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