What These Women In Wellness Do To Kickstart Their Day

What These Women In Wellness Do To Kickstart Their Day

Any wellness expert will tell you starting your day right guarantees increased productivity, happiness and overall wellbeing. But where should you start if you can’t resist hitting the snooze button? From mindfulness rituals to energy-boosting supplements and the power of the outdoors, here’s how these women in wellness start their day…

Annee De Mamiel

Award-winning acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist

“I’m an early riser, and tend to wake up around 5:30am. After some warm water with lemon, it’s snuggle time with our puppy, Willow. I then spend a few minutes journaling and setting my intention for the day, before either some breathwork or a meditation and checking my inbox to see what’s come in overnight. Before I go to the farm and office, I do a workout – I’m enjoying running the odd 5k at the moment, but it could just as easily be a yoga session or boxing. For me, exercise is as essential as eating – I function much better and am less stressed as a result. My husband (also my business partner) and I always have breakfast together, when we chat through the day’s plan. Breakfast can be anything from homemade coconut crunchy granola, berries and yoghurt to eggs from the farm.”

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Alice Mackintosh

Nutritionist and co-founder of Equi London

“Mornings used to involve a workout and some meditation, but things are a little different since having my son. I’m up by around 7am if he hasn’t woken me already. I’ll make a cup of hibiscus tea – which is great for hydration and is packed with anti-inflammatories – while I do his bottle, and do some quick stretches while the kettle boils. If I remember, I’ll do some pelvic floor exercises, too. I check my emails quickly while I’m feeding him – not that wholesome, but essential to keep work on track. We then move to the bathroom, and he plays on the floor while I shower. I do a cold blast for 60 seconds at the end, which makes me feel great. Breakfast is usually a smoothie or some eggs. I sometimes skip breakfast and fast until 11am but this doesn’t happen often, as breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I chase my meal with a shot of Equi’s Original Formula and two capsules of Equi’s Beauty Oil Edition, a fish oil designed to support the skin.”

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Kati Treble

Founder, Kati Kaia

“I wish I was a morning lark, the type that springs out of bed at 6am with smug glee. Alas, I’m more of a night owl. I wake naturally around 7am and take a quiet moment of meditation with my mala beads to breathe and set a quick intention for the day ahead. I use mantra meditation or silently chant, holding my mala, breathing in ‘I am light’ and breathing out ‘I am ready’. After rolling out of bed, I then head straight out the door for a 5k or to my mat for some yoga. I’m not naturally willow-y, my body is strong, so I need to do cardio every day and doing it in the morning gets it out of the way. If I don’t practice yoga in the morning, I’ll do it later in the day – it’s my vice, whether it’s a sweaty hour of Vinyasa or a 20-minute stretch. Breakfast for me is simple – a coffee and a green smoothie, followed by a bucket of green tea throughout the day.”

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Keri Perkins

Yoga instructor and founder of WeAreBoogieSound

“I'm not a jump-out-of-bed person. I have a couple of classes that start at 6.30am – so if I have to get up early, I set two alarms. I try to fit in at least a ten-minute meditation or chant before I start the day – this period has created so much anxiety that it’s important to set this time aside for yourself. I try not to check the news or Instagram when I wake up – if I do and it’s not good news, it’s more challenging to get into a good headspace. I walk my dog at some point in the morning, often listening to music – favourites include something electronic like Bonobo, or Nina Simone. I don’t eat until 11am, when I usually have porridge or a smoothie with peanut butter, which I go through buckets of. Last year, I read Grow A New Body by Alberto Villoldo, all about the power of plants and nutrients and the importance of the gut for your health and spirit. After reading this, I now intermittent fast and take Symprove daily.”

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Lily Simpson

Founder of Detox Kitchen

“With two young children, mornings are busy and we’re pretty habitual with our routine as so much needs to be done in a short space of time. After waking around 6:30am, I’ll make us all a drink – milk for the kids and a black tea for me. Breakfast is typically toast with eggs; scrambled tends to be everyone’s favourite. After breakfast, I make our children’s lunches and snacks for the day and then head upstairs to get ready. Before I leave the house to take my son to school, I always drink 500ml of water, and then try to head out for a 2k run. Since lockdown started, I’ve been trying to do a 2km at least twice a week – I find that on the mornings I run, I have a much more productive and stress-free start to the day. If I’m visiting our central kitchen I tend to walk, which takes just over an hour, down the canal and through Hyde Park and Battersea Park.”

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Louisa Drake

PT & founder of The Louisa Drake Method

“One of the first things I do when I wake up is take my omega-3s – I love Bare Biology’s Life & Soul Fish Oil Capsules. Packed with essential fatty acids, this supplement does so much, from helping balance body composition to lowering inflammation and supporting hormones. I also take vitamin D every morning – BetterYou’s DLUX 3000 spray makes it easy. After taking my supplements, I wait 30 minutes before having a coffee (any sooner and caffeine can affect vitamin absorption). In lockdown, I treated myself to a Sage Barista machine and having bean-to-cup coffee is such a treat. Even in the summer months I love a strong, hot coffee, flat white or cortado. My job keeps me pretty active but with the virus, I’ve noticed my daily steps are a lot less than they used to be. Even if I'm teaching a class or client early, I'll have a stretch and warm-up in preparation and train around my bookings; I often tune into one of our LDM Live Classes. It’s then time for breakfast – favourites include a protein shake (always with Supernova Vegan Powder) with banana, berries and spinach; eggs with salmon on sourdough; and overnight oats. This keeps me energised and balanced for the day ahead.”

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Monique Eastwood

Celebrity PT and founder of The Eastwood Movement

“As soon as I’m awake – which is usually early – I throw on a tracksuit and head outside. I live in a pretty coastal village and try to do a quick power walk down to the harbour. I find this time walking in nature and the ever-changeable elements gives my mind a chance to put my day or week in some sort of order and stills my thoughts. My morning shower is also an integral part of my routine. I use an exfoliating hand mitt to get rid of dead skin cells and flush toxins and massage Herbivore Botanicals’ Jasmine oil on my body and Oskia’s Restoration Oil on my face. When it comes to breakfast, I’m a creature of habit – it’s always either a boiled egg and avocado on sourdough brown toast or goats’ cheese on sourdough with a few blueberries and raspberries.”

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Olivia Nottin

Nutritional therapist and founder of Matcha and Beyond

“I wake at 6am and make a cup of hot water and lemon. I always start the day by reviewing my ‘to-do’ list. I choose the three most important tasks I want to achieve that day – I find this helps clear my mind and enables me to plan my days with a realistic approach. When there’s lots going on it can all become very overwhelming and at the end of the day, when I have accomplished more than my original objectives, I feel really good about myself rather than beating myself up for not doing enough. I then do ten minutes of meditation followed by 20 minutes on the Peloton or some yoga. After dropping the kids at school, I go to either Battersea or Hyde Park and walk for an hour, ideally with a friend. Since lockdown, I’ve been walking so much more to get fresh air and socialise, both of which are essential in these crazy times.”

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Rebekah Brown

Founder of MPowder

“I believe that your morning determines your day, but I am also very conscious not to hold on to it too tightly. A brittle ‘need to achieve’ in the morning does not serve me well – being kind to yourself is key. When I can, I start my day with 20 minutes of me-time before the rest of the house wakes. I start with a ten-minute Headspace meditation, sitting on the bathroom floor where no one can find me. Over time, I’ve accepted that meditation is not a competitive sport. It doesn’t matter if my mind wanders – what matters is to sit. And it makes me feel grateful and hopeful in equal measure. I also try to incorporate two minutes of cold-water therapy to compensate for the loss of my local lido, which remains closed. After I shampoo, I turn off the shower, move with my breath for two minutes, set the shower to cold and stand in the icy blast for two minutes, and then warm my body back up with a final breathing cycle of two minutes before I dry and get dressed. It’s not the same as swimming in the open air, but it still makes me feel resilient and alive.”

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Rosie Stockley

Pre and postnatal fitness expert and founder of The MAMAWELL Method

“With a new-born baby and a four-year-old, a bit of me-time is essential first thing. I set my alarm so I get up before my baby wakes to make a cup of tea and my morning green smoothie. While the kettle is boiling, I’ll hop onto my yoga mat to breathe and stretch out my upper back and chest after spending the night feeding and holding my little one. I breathe in for four counts and out for eight – it’s a routine I find so grounding. Just five minutes of stretching makes me feel like a new woman. My morning smoothie is a non-negotiable, it’s a classic I’ve been making for years – a blend of spinach, ginger, apple, lemon and cucumber. I keep chopped ginger and apple in the freezer so it’s ready-to-go and adds a delicious creamy texture.”

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Suzy Reading

Chartered psychologist

“When I wake up, I try to find one thing in the day I’m looking forward to, even if it is sliding back into bed at the end of it. Instead of scrolling through my phone, I take five minutes to listen to the sounds around me – whether it’s people or birdsong. Remember you are part of something much bigger than yourself. I also try to incorporate touch into my morning routine to get the oxytocin circulating – something as simple as massaging in your moisturiser does the trick. I find scent is such an easy way to transform your mood – Neom’s Feel Refreshed Home Mist is my go-to, and I spritz this through the house every morning. If I have time, I’ll do some meditative mountain breaths – just six of these breaths makes me feel lighter and brighter.”

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Tori Boughey

Holistic health and life coach

“Five out of seven days a week, I wake up feeling energised, bouncing out of bed around 7am. I’ll spend a few minutes having a glance at my emails before choosing the crystal bracelets I want to wear for the day – at the moment, I’m loving tourmaline and citrine, both of which keep me grounded and energised. This daily ritual is so important as it helps me set a positive intention for the day. I love to get my body moving first thing. I’ll usually head to the park for a walk – being in nature animates my mind and my body – but if I’m short on time, I’ll do a ten-minute skipping workout in the garden to break a sweat. After a speedy shower and my skincare routine, I take my supplements. Ashwagandha is hugely calming, while vitamins C and B12 keep me focused. Coffee tends to make me jittery, so I make a fresh ginger tea, have a bite to eat (usually eggs or some fruit) and enjoy a few moments of peace before work starts.”

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