Why Celery Juice Could Be Your New Health Hero

Why Celery Juice Could Be Your New Health Hero

From reducing inflammation and improving gut health to minimising toxins and bloating, fans claim celery juice is the perfect way to jump start your system and reboot your health – no wonder it’s been dubbed a ‘miracle potion.’ But the question on everyone’s lips: Is this just another health fad soon to fade? We’re here to sort fact from fiction…

Why the hype?

We’re pretty sure it’s not for the taste, given celery is roughly 95% water anyway. The rise of this celery craze is reportedly down to one man: Anthony William, who goes by the persona ‘Medical Medium’ on Instagram. He supports the trend wholeheartedly, speaking of its potent healing properties while describing it as a miraculous superfood that can improve all kinds of health issues – even high blood pressure and cholesterol. This has contributed to the existence of more than 67,000 #celeryjuice posts on Instagram – yes, really.

Any known fans?

Oh, yes! Another reason for the current buzz is down to supporters such as Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell who all reportedly love a celery hit. Which is likely another big reason as to why this nutritional buzz has become so famous so fast. 

Is there any truth in it?

While celery is antioxidant-rich and loaded with vitamin K and C (good for bone, skin and heart health), there is currently no scientific studies or authorised health reports to back its ‘serious health overhaul’ claims. Having said that, glugging down a glass of the green stuff certainly won’t do you any harm, especially thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits which are said to help those with digestive problems such as IBS – just don’t rely on it as a cure-all solution for your ailments, especially the more serious ones.

Is juice really the best way to consume it?

There’s no doubt consuming some healthy ingredients is a helluva lot easier in juices (not to mention trendier). But some experts claim any time you concentrate a vegetable or a fruit, it can actually be higher in sugars and calories, with some claiming celery is much better as a crunchy snack. Having said that, we’re only talking a few more calories consumed overall, so if juice is your preferred method of getting those nutrients in, don’t fret too much.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who loves the taste of celery and wants an easy intake of vitamins. It may sound obvious, but if you’re looking to join the trend, it’s worth bearing in mind it should be a part of your regular eating pattern and shouldn’t replace any intake of other fruit and vegetables, until science can give more definitive answers. Until then, we will be sticking to greens as a whole, not just the crunchy, pale green stalks.

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