Why Everyone’s Trying Toothpaste Tablets

Why Everyone’s Trying Toothpaste Tablets

Did you know that more than a billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year? It’s no wonder experts are looking for alternative options. Toothpaste tablets use only the most important ingredients, reduce your carbon footprint and effectively clean teeth. Here are five other reasons to have them on your radar…

They Work Just Like A Paste

While you may be curious as to how effective a tablet can clean, rest assured they’re as effective as their traditional toothpaste counterparts. “Since these new, up and coming tablets are mostly designed by dentists, you can expect them to perform at a high level,” says Dr Rhona Eskander, dentist & founder of Parla. “For our tablets, we’ve taken out the harmful bits. Many mainstream toothpastes have abrasive particles which can cause permanent damage to the enamel. We remove SLS too, which is known to be harsh but we always include fluoride – the key ingredient that prevents tooth decay and is often left out of pastes. The magic is in their clever formulas – not too much or too little.” 

You Can Still Use Them With A Brush

The idea is to chew one tablet twice a day, wet your toothbrush and then start brushing as normal. To begin with, it may feel like your brushing with a paracetamol, but you soon get the minty taste, while being confident there are no harsh chemicals inside. “You still need to use the mechanical action of your brush to ensure you’re benefiting in the same way as you would, normally,” says Dr Rhona. “It’s an adjustment, but you soon get used to it.” 

Tablets Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

A key benefit is that tablets tend to be housed in a jar – not a plastic tube. “The tubes are contributing to the global plastic problem,” adds Dr Rhona. “It’s said that 1.5 million toothpaste tubes enter the ocean every year, let alone the rest of the environment. On top of that, many pastes contain SLS, which is not only an irritant, but is also a derivative of palm oil, which is harmful to the environment.” You’ll find most of the jars these new tablets are housed in are glass, and better still, products like Parla are refillable, so you never have to worry about excess waste. 

They Are Much More Travel-Friendly

Tablets aren't in liquid form, which saves on mess and makes them brilliant for travel. You can pop a pill (so to speak) wherever you are for an instant clean-feeling, too. Dr Rhona agrees: “When we’re all back to normal, they’re great for chewing on-the-go – whether you’re on a plane, at a festival or getting ready for a meeting. They’re simple, but so effective.”

The Bottom Line…

Finally, it’s worth remembering we swallow 5-7% of our toothpaste every time we brush, so these cleaner alternatives are well worth investigating. Always look out for the tablets ingredients: you’ll find most exclude artificial sweeteners, colourants and dyes but be sure to buy ones containing fluoride for a full and thorough clean.   
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