How French Women Feel Young At 50

How French Women Feel Young At 50

Parisian author Mylène Desclaux’s guide to ageing fabulously, is a bestseller in France. In the book Mylène shares her secrets about how to look and feel your best when you hit the big 5-0. From never revealing your age to limiting the Botox. To find out more, SL contributor, Gabrielle Johnson, talks to Mylene for the key tricks on how to feel younger

Consider your crowd

When I was twenty, 50-year-old women were so very, very old, I pitied them. Now I am 59, I consider the women celebrating their 50th birthdays to be lucky. We are always younger than someone and older than others, so feeling old or young really depends on the people around you.

Don’t discuss your age 

I am lucky to be in good shape but the point is I never talk about my age (except with you now) I believe that feeling old or feeling young is disconnected to your age, it is something in your head, not on your face. The minute you say your age it sticks to your skin and becomes imprinted on your face. 

Take inspo from Brigitte Macron 

Brigitte Macron, the French First Lady, has made many women feel uninhibited about their age. With 25 years between herself and her French president husband, it has had a positive effect on women of a certain age.   

Focus on the advantages of getting older

A woman in her 50s realises she has energy and freedom. Sometimes she starts a new life such as getting a new job, has new boyfriends – maybe one or maybe many – and she enjoys this without feeling guilty. She is more self-confident, takes more care of herself, her children have left the nest, her career is established, she feels beautiful, sexy – and she is.

Embrace the slower pace of life

During your 50s, you may be more tired, need a break or an afternoon nap, and maybe need to go to bed earlier – ask any 55-year-old women how it is difficult to stay awake after midnight. Or like me, you may meet a new love, someone you can cross this calmer, quieter and wiser part of your life with. 

Surround yourself with positivity and education

Connect with people you find positive and inspiring. Stay curious about people from everywhere and many different subject matters. Never stop learning. 

Stop giving yourself a hard time 

The first mistake English women make is to believe they are committing mistakes.  Stop stressing about making mistakes and embrace exactly who you are. 50+ English women are also fabulous, aren’t they?

Know your personal style 

I like to stay slim, look well-dressed, have a bit of Botox and NO white hair. 

Don’t stick to the rules 

At 50, you know you. You know what fits well and flatters you. Don't try to be someone else. Only wear clothes for young women if your shape is that of a young woman. However, culottes should be banned for women over 50. It’s not a pretty silhouette.

Think of your everyday style

It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Channel French chic for nothing-to-wear days 

I notice how interested English and American women are in the French style. Single women in their 50s who want to look French, should pare down their wardrobes to a minimal collection– then add a twist. The twist needs to be something like a fabulous scarf or a really eye-catching pair of lizard-skin boots. 

Exercise daily

Do whatever exercise appeals to you – yoga, dance, Pilates, cycling, swimming... but do every day 30 minutes every day. Every day! Is this understood? It is good for your body and mind.

Cleanliness and self-care are good starting points

Be clean. Wear clean clothes and clean shoes. Have clean nails and clean hair. This offers the best base to start from. 

Keep a healthy diet 

When it comes to beauty, never forget food, because good food is health. If you have health, then beauty will follow.

Suncare protection is a must, whatever the season.  

Protect your skin face with SPF 50 in summer and SPF 30 in winter.

Don’t overdo the Botox

My rule is only have it done once every two years.

Be creative in the bedroom 

Yes, yes and yes! When it comes to sex, have fun and experiment . 

Laugh away your worries 

Laughing is a sign of youth and keeps you young. Old age can be a bleak subject but it happens to everybody, so the only way to handle it is to laugh about it. 

Je ne regrette rien

I other words, never complain. Ban nostalgia and eradicate your regrets.

Why French Women feel Young at 50, by Mylene Desclaux, available on Amazon


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