How To Keep Your Whites… White!

How To Keep Your Whites… White!

It’s so disappointing when the perfect white tee turns a shade of grey, or crisp, luxe sheets lose their alabaster appeal. We’ve tracked down the best products out there for keeping your whites pale and interesting – not dull and lacklustre.

It’s hard to maintain a smart, sharp look if your blouse is more drab than fab. However, you can revive whites with a range of off-the-shelf products rather than discard a much-loved item as no longer fit for purpose. As ever, with the advice that follows, always check the care label first – not every fabric can tolerate high temperatures or concentrated cleaning products.


Always separate your whites and colours when you wash your clothes because dye can transfer permanently or just dull the vibrancy of your whites. If you wash very dirty clothes with less soiled clothes, the muck can end up transferring too. Don’t overload your machine as that makes it less effective; and always follow the correct dosage instructions on the detergent packet. Wash whites at as hot a temperature as possible and, on a sunny day, hang them out to dry so UV rays can do their thing.


If you want to try bleaching your clothes, always do a spot test somewhere hidden – to make sure your items can cope with it. If it’s safe, add the bleach to the washing machine according to the instructions, which may be at the start of the cycle or a few minutes in. This is because, in some cases, chlorine bleach can kill a detergent’s enzymes before they have a chance to work and remove stains. Allow to dry as normal.

Stain Removal

Always act as quickly as possible (see our feature on stain removal here). For built-in sweat marks, you need to treat the area first (try Dr Beckman Stain Devil) then wash as normal. When you do wash, use a laundry detergent that contains bleach (for white washes only!). 


Now you’re ready to go. Here’s our round-up of the products we love, including eco options…




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