Meet Carolyne Faulkner, Britain’s ‘Coolest Astrologer’

Meet Carolyne Faulkner, Britain’s ‘Coolest Astrologer’

Often described as ‘Britain’s coolest astrologer’, Carolyne Faulkner is the bestselling author of The Signs, in-house astrologer at Soho House and a columnist at Tatler. As she launches her new book, Your Stars, she tells us how reading your signs could to lead a more empowered life in 2020…

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I practice ‘contemporary astrology’. Traditional astrology uses the practice of banding the whole of humanity into 12 signs, expecting them to be the same people experiencing the same things. It’s often superstitious, fixed and predictive. Contemporary astrology is more of a wellbeing tool, and has many more influences factored into it, including the practicalities of modern day living.

My style of astrology is ‘dynamic’ – that means breaking away from old-style magazine horoscopes and fortune telling. It’s a down-to-earth method that puts you at the centre of your own decision making, giving you the power to read astrological charts. Dynamic astrology is a specific life coaching method: it’s not fixed, I don’t believe any star, man or god chooses our fate, the future is ours to create. But if we are stuck in unconscious patterns, we are disempowered. I developed it after realising how much astrology helped me to understand human behaviour: my own, my clients and my friends and family. I felt astrology was too complicated and wanted to simplify it so anyone could use it as a framework to self-improve and enhance their lives if they wanted to.

I didn’t have any intention of becoming a fully fledged astrologer. I was a consultant working on projects within the media industry, usually when companies required fresh vision and strategies to implement them. I have always been highly intuitive and so began studying meditation as a way to manage it – way before it was on trend – then I hired an astrologer to help me build a team for a client. It all went from there.

My work with clients depends on their needs and goals. For new clients, we do a 45-minute session then I insist on a follow-up as it can be intense. I also give them homework so we can move to the next level. I am a coach and I need them to progress or it’s a waste of both our time and their money. Many of my clients are overseas so we use Skype or Facetime. I work on retainer with some, so they have me on call, but I am strict with my boundaries: they have to schedule time in with my assistant Zai, as my life is structured and I need to use a different part of my brain for clients. 

Astrology really can enhance your day-to-day life. It creates an understanding of the daily rhythms of life, such as when to push and when to chill. It also enables us to press a pause button before we take offence or take things too personally. It’s the most incredible human behaviour tool and evokes more compassion. 

The benefits of practicing long term are endless. I don’t push my beliefs upon others, but you do get these ‘A-ha’ moments, in knowing how to deal with people, or how to best manage your wellbeing. Astrology needs to be practiced in conjunction with other life-enhancing practices though, like meditation, mindfulness, yoga or fitness, to really have an impact.

I don’t believe any star, man or god chooses our fate, the future is ours to create.

We can use knowledge of our astrological star signs to empower our decision-making, relationships and ambitions. With decision-making, if you know what is happening in the stars, and indeed how that matches your own chart, you can make moves accordingly. For example, the moon return is a time of emotional strength (unless it’s a full moon, then all bets are off). A Mars return is a time of high energy and attraction while Pluto transits are times of major transformation (these can be a tad disconcerting if you’re unprepared). In terms of relationships, if you get to know someone else’s chart it can help you to understand them on a deeper level. If you are dating, it can help you handle them, although a word of warning: if you’re in a new relationship, let things flow. Don’t get their star sign information and obsess over charts as they’re only ever sketched in pencil and do not define someone.

There has been a recent shift in consciousness and we are waking up to the empowering ways of our ancestors. We have lost faith in our authority figures, religion, politicians, governments and so have turned inwards. Astrology enables us to know ourselves and the energies around us, and I guess we’re seek more depth and authenticity. Spiritual life is no different from any other, it’s only our motivation that changes.

Millennials seem to be more drawn to astrology than the generation before. There have always been people trying to keep the old ways alive, but astrology needed a serious rebrand. It was murdered by folk wishing to simply make money from it. Millennials are more militant and refuse to accept something on face value. They find their own way and astrology is the new old way.

Following astrology can lead to a more empowered life. I always give two options when it comes to utilising my books: you can use it loosely, and just check what is happening each month, but if you really want to empower your life, dive deep, draw your chart, know which of your signs are in the spotlight and do the weekly missions. Try for a month and see how empowered you feel.

Your Stars: An Empowering Guide For 2020 by Carolyne Faulkner is out now


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