The New Way To Network

The New Way To Network

Bumble is no longer just for dating. Its new Bumble Bizz section of the app gives you the ability to switch from love life to careers advice. Every swipe is an opportunity to expand your network and make your next professional move. Here’s how it works…

Remind me, what’s Bumble? 

Bumble is a women-first social networking app which has over 66m users across 150 countries. The app’s USP is that no matter the type of relationship, women always make the first move. The company has built its platform around kindness, respect and equality, and the app has zero tolerance for hate, aggression or bullying. In short, it’s often cited as one of the most unintimidating and safest apps for women looking for love. Now the brand is expanding on its good reputation by branching out into professional networking. 

So, what is Bumble Bizz?

Today, most people find their next job through networking. Bumble Bizz is a platform where professionals can connect with each other, share information and learn. With over 6m Bumble users in the UK already, Bumble Bizz aims to be one of the only services that connects like-minded people together in a safe environment, helping users pursue a career change, meet potential collaborators or find a mentor to help guide them. 

How does it work?

  1. First, uses will have to sign up to Bumble. Once you’re logged in, switch into Bumble Bizz mode.

  2. First add your Headline – this is a short bio users will see as they swipe through the app.

  3. Next add your professional experience. Bumble has found that those who complete this section are 27% more likely to make a connection, so this bit is important.

  4. Upload up to six photos. Make sure to tailor these photos to showcase your experience rather than uploading six selfies. The team recommends a professional head shot, plus photos of projects you’ve worked on, your workspace and career highlights. 

  5. Select what you’re looking for: a mentee, mentor, internship or networking.

  6. Your profile’s complete: now you’re ready to start swiping and networking.

What’s different about it?

Networking shouldn’t feel hard or, worse, uncomfortable. Bumble Bizz is a platform where users can make life-changing connections at their own pace, on their own terms. The swipe-ability of the app makes the experience more personable than the likes of LinkedIn, and it gives members access to influential, respected professionals in a more informal way. 

Who’s already signed up?

Instead of A-list celebrities or influencers with massive followings, Bumble Bizz has selected professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds and industries – from designers to doctors, artists to bankers, entrepreneurs to activists – as the first 53 network members. These members include the likes of Becky Richards, co-founder of Foundation.FM, JP Then, founder of Crosstown Donuts, Tristan Thomas, banking app Monzo’s head of marketing, Antonina Parker, chef and founder of NINA, activist and author Gina Martin, illustrator Venus Libido and make-up artist Grace Sinnott. Time to dust off that CV.

For more information, follow @BumbleBizz or use the hashtag #FindThemOnBumble. Bumble is free and available in the App Store and Google Play.


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