Save The Date: SheerLuxe X Lucy Miller Detox

Save The Date: SheerLuxe X Lucy Miller Detox

If you’re struggling with low energy, poor sleep, digestive issues or just feel a bit run down and sluggish, it could be a sign your body needs a helping hand. Now, SL is teaming up with nutritional therapist Lucy Miller to offer readers access to an exclusive ten-day detox programme designed to help you restart, rebalance and re-energise. Proof that the best detoxes aren’t restrictive or unsustainable, here’s what’s in store and how to sign up…

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Doing a detox can be a challenge. It typically requires planning, fasting and hunting down unfamiliar ingredients. However, SL is doing things differently. We’re teaming up with leading nutritional therapist Lucy Miller to bring you an exclusive ten-day programme designed to restore the body’s own natural ability to heal itself, leading to better energy levels, improved digestion, brighter skin and an overall sense of vitality. With Lucy by your side, you’re in seriously good hands – she’s a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists, the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Designed to be accessible to all, easy-to-follow and results-driven, Lucy’s tried-and-tested method isn’t just a quick fix – it will teach you how to eat and fuel your body and how to optimise your health for peak vitality.

What will you eat during the programme? 

It’s important to be clear this is not a fad diet – on Lucy’s ten-day programme, you’ll be filling your plate with plenty of plant-rich foods, protein, fibre and healthy fats, a combination that’s proven to reduce inflammation. Throughout the detox, Lucy will be providing shopping lists, recipes (including dishes created exclusively for the programme by chef Adria Wu and her team at Maple & Co), meal plans, on-the-go food suggestions and plenty of lifestyle and self-care tips. While the aim of the game is very much to add things into the diet, you will be encouraged to cut out sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, alcohol and caffeine, all of which Lucy believes can irritate the gut and cause inflammation. There’s also the option to order bespoke juices and soups from The Garden Eatery if you wish to partake in Lucy’s recommended two liquid-only days. However, this is very much optional.

Will you need to take any supplements?

While the programme is very much focused on eating the right foods, there will be an option to include a supplement to help accelerate the detox process. Packed with antioxidants, it’s the perfect way to complement the regime and give your body a helping hand. You’ll be given the option to order the supplement when signing up to the programme. 

Anything else?

Throughout the ten days, you’ll be supported by a host of experts. Expect Pilates sessions with renowned instructor Emily Odoire; meditation sessions with Indaba Yoga’s David Donnelly; and a vinyasa flow session with yogi Echo Elliott. Emily’s Pilates class isn’t one to be missed – having been an instructor for over 20 years, Emily was first introduced to Pilates whilst at the Royal Ballet. She has been involved in Lucy’s previous detox programmes and knows exactly how to tailor the classes to support the body. Prepare to feel lighter, brighter and energised. The meditation and yoga sessions are also the perfect complement to the programme and will help nourish the body and encourage sleep and repair.

Lucy’s tried-and-tested method isn’t just a quick fix – it will teach you how to eat and fuel your body and how to optimise your health for peak vitality.

Who’s it for?

Even if you eat well and look after yourself, chances are your health could do with a helping hand. Our bodies have to deal with a multitude of toxins from air, water, food and personal care products. And we often barrage ourselves with additional toxic substances – think alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Sometimes, our in-built detoxification processes can get overwhelmed – if you struggle with brain fog, aching joints, poor skin, headaches, fatigue, tummy troubles, poor sleep and poor immunity, then chances are you could benefit from the ten-day programme. 

How will you feel afterwards?

At the end of the ten days, you will feel cleaner both physically and mentally. You’ll also feel more alert and energetic, with better sleep and digestion. “Although you should see and feel immediate results, the programme is just as much about giving you realistic tools to help set you on the right path to a healthier new you,” says Lucy. “Ten days is just the start of a happier new you.”

How can you sign up?

Lucy’s detox will be running from 20th-29th September, and you can sign up from 2nd September. The final date for registration is 14th September. Sign up via SheerLuxe or Lucy’s website.


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