The Scandi Subscription Service That’s Doing Periods Differently

The Scandi Subscription Service That’s Doing Periods Differently

Scandinavian subscription company Yoppie is taking the fuss out of periods and making last-minute dashes to the pharmacy a thing of the past. Delivering curated boxes of eco-friendly tampons, pads and PMS-fighting supplements direct to your doorstep, its deliveries are perfectly synced with your cycle to make life that little bit easier. Here’s what else makes this service stand out from the crowd…


What’s the news?

Founded in Sweden, Yoppie is the first menstrual health brand of its kind. Instead of sending you a generic box of tampons, pads or liners each month, Yoppie recommends the perfect combination of sustainable period care products based on your individual cycle and product preferences. When creating an account with Yoppie, you will also be provided with a personalised online dashboard, making it easy to amend your delivery each month and be in charge of your cycle.

And what do you get?

Whether you prefer tampons, pads or liners, Yoppie has you covered. No matter your period care style, each month’s box will include an individual edit of products to help you through every flow of your cycle. Plus, every product is made from 100% organic cotton and is free of plastics, fragrances, dyes, synthetic fibres and chemical additives. If you prefer to use pads, Yoppie’s are slim and non-bunching, as well as fully hypoallergenic. Its liners are fragrance free. Yoppie even offers multi-use superpower liners that have a clever biodegradable waterproof backing. Its tampons, meanwhile, have been designed with fibre-shield protection to reduce fibre loss inside the vagina, a common cause of irritation and infection. You’ll also love the clean, pastel packaging.

Tell us more about the supplements…

As well as delivering stellar and sustainable period protection, the Yoppie team is on a mission to make your time of the month that little bit easier. Its supplements range is unlike anything else out there, with three different formulas designed to take the edge off. The Super Soother, for example, contains magnesium, ginger and antioxidants to ease cramps, headaches and breast tenderness. The Hormone Hero contains activated charcoal, flaxseed, ginger and probiotics to help with bloating, digestive issues and fatigue. If you are prone to irritability, Mood Food is packed with ashwagandha, lemon balm leaf and lavender flower to help with hormonal mood swings. It’s easy to add one of the supplements to your order – just head to your dashboard, edit your next box and add your chosen blend. The supplements are designed to be taken in tandem, so if you want to mix and match, it’s safe to do so. 

Each month’s box will include an edit of eco-friendly period care products through your letterbox, to make your menstrual cycle that little bit easier to manage.
Each month’s box will include an edit of eco-friendly period care products through your letterbox, to make your menstrual cycle that little bit easier to manage.

Where do you start?

Start by completing Yoppie’s simple online quiz about your menstrual cycle to get a recommendation of your personalised combination of period products and PMS-fighting supplements. If you want to make your own box, you can edit Yoppie’s recommendations by adding or removing what you desire. Plus, SheerLuxe readers can get 50% OFF their first two Yoppie boxes when signing up for a subscription using the code SHEERLUXE at checkout.

How do deliveries work?

Once you’ve created your subscription box, you can choose between delivery every three, four or five weeks. If you want to try before subscribing, you can do that too. If you need your period care asap, choose the soonest available delivery date at checkout and you’ll receive your box within two to three working days. Choose a later delivery date if you want your monthly box to arrive just before your period starts. And there’s no need to be at home for your delivery as all Yoppie packs fit through the average UK letterbox. 

Can you tweak your box each month?

Absolutely. Yoppie understands that your cycle can differ from month to month. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to change the contents of your box – for example, if you want to swap regular tampons for super, or day pads for night pads. 

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Ready to get going? Get 50% OFF your first two boxes when signing up to a subscription, using the code SHEERLUXE. For more information visit and follow @ItsYoppie on Instagram.

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