The Sex Toy Every Woman Needs

The Sex Toy Every Woman Needs

Be it an endorphin rush or better sleep, female orgasms come with a whole host of physical and mental benefits – to prove it, 78% of women say they feel happier and less stressed after one. Yet so few women achieve orgasm through penetration alone. With that in mind, might it be time you explored an alternative? We-Vibe’s Touch X is the multitasking toy to have to hand – from foreplay to massage, here’s why it could be worth a try…


Proof that not all sex toys need to be complicated to be effective, We-Vibe’s newest arrival, the Touch X, is the bedroom addition to know. A discreet, palm-sized, multi-purpose vibrator, it’s ideal for intimate play and body massage. The ultimate companion for foreplay, use it to build excitement with your other half – the eight levels of vibration intensities and seven vibration patterns mean the options really are endless. After all, a recent survey found British women want to spend longer on foreplay than they currently are. This isn’t surprising when you consider the majority of women need external stimulation to climax, making the Touch X the all-in-one toy to know. Chic, discreet and versatile, it’s unlike anything else out there.

The Touch X may be small, but don’t be fooled. Surprisingly powerful, it boasts clever technology that means buzzy, surface-level vibrations are a thing of the past. Instead, it’s all about strong and rumbly vibrations that will stimulate the entire body. Unlike other toys on the market, the Touch X can be used as a body massager as well as for self-pleasure and during sex. Its ergonomic shape means it sits neatly between you and your partner during sex, and it adds an extra layer of pleasure when used in certain positions, such as cowgirl. “Once you use the toy during foreplay, you won’t look back,” say the We-Vibe experts. “Use it to stimulate the erogenous zones – i.e., areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to sexual touch. Using it in this way means you can create a kind of pleasure that extends far beyond your most intimate areas.”

If you’re new to sex toys, the Touch X is the perfect entry-level toy. A compact vibrator, it fits perfectly into the palm of the hand and the flexible end makes stimulating pressure points foolproof. The perfect companion for self-pleasure as well as partnered play, it’s user-friendly without being overly complicated. “It’s fully waterproof and submersible, and the addition of warm water running over your skin while using Touch X can create a revelatory orgasm for new users", the We-Vibe experts tell us. The Touch X is also perfect if you’re looking to create a little more excitement with foreplay. “By making foreplay central to sex, for example, by using the toy to stimulate your clitoris both before and during sex, foreplay becomes core play – and the whole experience lasts longer and is more fulfilling.”

As with many toys, a good water-based lubricant is a must. This will ensure a smoother, silkier use and will also conduct the vibrations into your body more gently, and more deeply, for an all-round better experience.

Touch X’s multitasking personality means you can also incorporate it into your beauty regime, according to the We-Vibe experts. “With surprisingly powerful vibrations, use it to work moisturisers and masks into the skin or use it with your favourite eye cream to increase blood circulation and reduce puffiness.” Just be sure to properly sanitise your toy before using it elsewhere on the body and use only water-based beauty products.

If that wasn’t enough, the Touch X is whisper quiet and lasts for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. And if you’re planning a trip this summer, the clever travel lock ensures the toy won’t switch itself on accidentally. If you’re a sex toy first timer, you’ll also be pleased to hear that all We-Vibe products arrive in discreet packaging.

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