Top Fitness Lessons From Influential Women In Wellness

Top Fitness Lessons From Influential Women In Wellness

From keeping the body challenged to prioritising recovery, we asked some of our favourite wellness experts to share the fitness lessons they’ve learned to help you make 2022 your healthiest year yet.

Realise Enjoyment Is Key

“For exercise to be a consistent part of your lifestyle, finding something you enjoy is imperative. Forget the fads, or the workouts your friends are doing – even the most ‘effective’ workout in the world, should it exist, won’t bring you long-term results, mentally or physically, if you don’t like it. The truth is, you can grit your teeth for few weeks, but you won’t stick to something if you don’t find pleasure in it. Find a form of exercise that makes you feel alive, no matter what it is. Wake up and look forward to it, enjoy doing it, feel great after it, and you’ll still be doing it for 20 years – trust me.” – Lucie Cowan, PT at Third Space

Take Care Of Your Body

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is to have a more thoughtful approach to how I train – specifically when it comes to recovery. If you want to see results, don’t underestimate the importance of recovery. If you feel your regime isn’t working for you – whether you’re tired all the time, are sore or just not seeing the results you think you should be – assess what you’re doing to recover. Good recovery is a combination of sleep, stress management, nutrition and hydration. My Cellular Hydration supplement has also been a game-changer – it contains maca to support hormonal balance, as well as magnesium and potassium, which are essential for metabolism, energy and recovery.” – Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist, naturopath & co-founder of Artah 

Forget Quick Fixes

“Fitness is all about longevity – if you want to live a happy, long life and feel good and strong in your body, think beyond a purely aesthetic approach. Remember – being well is holistic. Take your time to learn what feels good for you and adapt to how your body feels each day, month and year. There’s so much out there when it comes to fitness but the plan that worked for your best friend isn’t necessarily the best one for you. Keep listening to your body and let that guide you to a fit, healthy and holistic lifestyle.” – Annie Clarke, yoga teacher

Follow Your Mood

“When I retired from professional dancing, I realised I needed to find a way to stay fit that would support me physically and mentally. I quickly learned it’s important to move based on how you feel, or how you want to feel afterwards. Pre-pandemic, I was in the gym several times a week – cardio with weights is a proven mood and energy booster and at the time this worked. During lockdown, I craved more nourishing practices – such as dynamic Pilates, yoga and meditation – to reduce anxiety. Recently, I’ve started craving high-intensity workouts again as my body feels sluggish, particularly during the dark and cold days of winter. And regardless of what I’m doing, I find my body thrives on a workout that includes stretching, strength and cardio – this combination, whether in Pilates or HIIT, helps me feel calm, energised and powerful.” – Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou, nutritional therapist & PT

Be Patient

“My lesson and not-so-secret tip for a healthier life? Stop saying tomorrow. Accept there will be good and bad days – getting fit and seeing results won’t happen overnight. The idea of a quick fix is what usually leads to people quitting. Small changes each day lead to big shifts over time. And remember the role nutrition plays too, as you can’t out-train a bad diet. Learn about portion sizes and know that food impacts everything from your waistline to your mood and energy levels.” – Autumn Calabrese, super trainer at Beach Body On Demand

Keep It Short 

“Ten minutes really is all you need to stay fit. A ten-minute workout is short enough to support all fitness levels and allows you to push yourself that little bit harder, knowing it’ll be over quickly. So many people put off exercise as they say they don’t have the time. A speedy session, however, will give you the freedom to switch things up and get it done. Before you know it, you’ll be itching to take a break from your screen and try a new workout. Plus, countless studies have shown a ten-minute workout can improve attention span, making it a savvy way to work out on busy days. Ultimately, exercise should never feel like a chore and should never stress you out.” – Nicole Chapman, PT 

Focus On The Mental Benefits

“Nothing has shaped my mind or body like barre – it’s tough, empowering and keeps the body challenged. I’ve been teaching barre for the last 12 years and it still challenges me – it’s always been the class where I’m present thanks to the constant mind-muscle connection and the endorphin release is an incredible way to tackle stress and boost energy. If you struggle with motivation, consider working out with a group of like-minded people – community is powerful and never underestimate the power you hold and how you can change someone’s day by just showing up and sharing your vibration with others.” – Maria Eleftheriou, head of barre at Psycle London

Aim For Variety

“When I was younger, I used to fixate on one type of fitness – whether it was running, HIIT or yoga – and obsess with it for years at a time. I’ve since learned that mixing things up is the secret to a better body. An average week of training for me now includes yoga, boxing, dance, strength training and PT sessions – this combination ensures you give muscles, joints and ligaments a chance to recover before working them again, which in turn will keep various muscles challenged to help you stay in shape, get stronger and heal all at the same time.” – Nathalie Schyllert, CEO at Bodyism

Move Daily

“We need to be in constant motion to thrive, but that doesn’t need to mean continuous exercise. There’s movement in gentle stretching, walking, dancing around your living room, and even breathing. This realisation brought about a deeper respect for my relationship with movement and its importance in my life, relationships and health. Carving out a rhythm that suits your life’s personal and professional goals is empowering and imperative. The best piece of advice I give my clients (and practice myself) is to show up every day with enthusiasm and grace. Be the showgirl of your own life.” – Catie Miller, CEO 7 co-founder of Oona Series 

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