What’s In My Online Shop: Claire Fyfe

What’s In My Online Shop: Claire Fyfe

Want some fresh inspiration for your next weekly food shop? What if you could have a peek at someone else’s online order? This month, we asked chef, food writer and MasterChef 2020 finalist Claire Fyfe to share her regulars. From spicy harissa paste to olive breadsticks, here are the snacks and supper staples she orders time and again.


Lemons: I go through so many unwaxed lemons every week. I usually start my day with hot water with lemon and a splash of apple cider vinegar, then use them to make a yummy salad dressing. Never let the zest go to waste – I always grate it over pasta dishes and couscous for some extra zing.
Red Onions: Not only do I use them in the majority of my cooking, but I’m obsessed with pickling them. Pickled red onions are delicious with smoked mackerel pâté or on my healthy chicken kebabs. 
Baby Gem Lettuce: I love these little guys. They’re underrated, but they go so well in a caesar salad, or braised with vegetable stock and peas. They’re also delicious barbecued for a slightly charred flavour. 
Red Grapes: These are a perfect snack (from the fridge or freezer), but they also taste amazing when roasted with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar andtarragon. I also love adding them to a salad with gorgonzola, chicory and hazelnuts.
Fresh Herbs: I wouldn’t be without them and have an abundance in the fridge to make salsas, pestos and gremolata. My aim this year is to get better at growing my own! My favourites are parsley, mint and tarragon. I also love Thai basil, which has a slightly stronger punch than normal basil.


Guernsey Salted Butter: I eat this in or on almost everything. I also like to make a variety of herb butters to store in the freezer. My current favourite is harissa, coriander, lime zest and juice. Simply fold the ingredients into softened butter, wrap it in cling film, and freeze. It’s wonderful melted over barbecued prawns or corn on the cob. 
Oat Milk: My boyfriend is lactose intolerant, so I always use Oatly products as a substitute for dairy. The milk is a fantastic alternative and works particularly well in a white sauce. A lasagne or creamy tarragon chicken tastes exactly the same. Creamy Oat Fraiche is a game-changer, too. 
Greek Yoghurt: Fantastic mixed with tahini and a squeeze of lemon to accompany grilled chicken or lamb. It’s also a great base for a punchy tzatziki, or piled high with berries and my coconut and nut granola. My go-to brand is Tim’s Dairy – I like to use British produce as much as possible.  
Chicken Thighs: So much juicier than breast, chicken thighs are so versatile and perfect for mid-week dinners. Tuck some herb butter under the skin and roast them until tender. Simply delicious!
Chorizo: I adore this Spanish sausage. For a special treat, I like to buy fresh ’nduja from Lina Stores, too.

I like to make a variety of herb butters to store in the freezer. My current favourite is harissa, coriander, lime zest and juice.


Eggs: I normally buy large free-range eggs from Waitrose and don’t store them in the fridge. I have to have eggs in the morning – my staple dish is a spicy shakshouka. 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Good quality Italian or Greek olive oil is the best. Mixed into a salad dressing or simply drizzled over fresh pasta really elevates a dish. I don’t have a favourite brand, but I like to try different varieties from delis such as Lina Stores and Bayley & Sage. Without fail, I always buy a bottle on holiday and cram it into my suitcase. 
Workshop Coffee: My favourite Workshop coffee is the seasonal espresso, the Yabitu in particular. I also made a delicious coffee and hazelnut ice-cream with it. 
Apple Cider Vinegar: I use apple cider or white wine vinegar a lot in my cooking – Daylesford Organic is my preferred bottle. It’s a bit of a treat, but definitely worth it. 
Linguine: My last supper would be linguine vongole – simple flavours of the sea, which can be whipped up in minutes. Rummo is a very good brand, but if you can’t get your hands on it, Waitrose No1 is a lovely, affordable option. 
00 Flour: This type of flour is one of the smoothest you can find – ideal for making satin-smooth pasta and velvety sauces. For every 100g, add one egg. Making pasta is like yoga for me, so having the right ingredients is key. 
Maille Dijon Mustard: This is a staple in most of my salad dressings. It adds a tangy, sharp flavour.
Dried Chilli Flakes: Delicious in Greek scrambled eggs with tomatoes and oregano. 
Ras El Hanout: My number-one spice. Sprinkle over aubergines and bake with a little olive oil. Serve with a tahini dressing and a scattering of pomegranate seeds. 
Belazu Rose Harissa Paste: This manages to get into the majority of my cooking! It has a slow-burning heat and a real smokiness that adds so much flavour to dishes. Recently, I’ve been adding it to a spicy corn salsa with dill, tarragon, peppers, mayo and lime.
Honey: This is an everyday staple for cooking, baking, and breakfast recipes. I usually buy a jar or two from The London Honey Co
Giant Couscous: Giant jewelled couscous was my signature dish on MasterChef. I prefer it to normal couscous as it has a bit more texture and bite. It’s wonderful with slow-cooked lamb and other Middle Eastern dishes. 
Garlic: I always crush garlic with sea salt using the back of a knife to create a lovely paste, which can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. 

There are so many great hummuses on the shelves these days, but I also like to make my own as it’s so easy. The trick is to add an ice cube when zapping up the chickpeas for a super smooth paste.


Nuts: I’m not a big snacker, but I always have a variety of nuts in the cupboard. My favourites are pistachios, not only to nibble on, but to throw into a salad or homemade pesto. 
There are so many great hummuses on the shelves these days, but I also like to make my own as it’s so easy. The trick is to add an ice cube when zapping up the chickpeas for a super smooth paste.
Watermelon: I cut it up into cubes and store it in the fridge for a refreshing snack.
Green Olives: The lovely, big nocellara ones are my favourite – silky, slightly salty and juicy. 
Olive Bread Sticks: Bayley & Sage has a fantastic range of produce and cupboard staples. I’m completely addicted to the olive bread sticks. They’re especially yummy dipped into its red pepper dip.


Slices Of Lemons And Limes: I’ll always have some cut up and frozen ready for drinks, or my hot water in the morning. It also saves any waste, which I’m a big advocate of. 
Ice-Cream: My achilles heel! I make my own but will always have a tub of Jude’s Vanilla on the go. It’s the perfect partner to a quick but delicious affogato.
A Batch Of Tomato Sauce: I make this on a Monday ready for the week ahead. It’s so handy if you have a busy week but want a quick and healthy dinner. It’s particularly tasty with baked cod, wilted spinach, black olives and anchovies. 
Ice Cubes: A big bag of ice is always handy. I received some fab huge ice-cube moulds for Christmas which now get put in every drink! I also like to keep martini glasses in the freezer to help keep cocktails cold.



White Wine: My favourite is Broglia Gavi di Gavi. Crisp, refreshing and gluggable.
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water: This makes me feel like I’m on holiday as it’s so refreshing and zingy. 
Grapefruit Juice: Mix this with tonic water and a few splashes of Angostura Bitters for a simple but delicious cocktail.
Fever-Tree Ginger Beer: This is the perfect pick-me-up, with loads of ice and a hit of fresh lime. I also love it with a shot of mother root – a non-alcoholic wonder.
Aperol: Most people drink this in summer, but I drink it all year around.  

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