What’s New At The Supermarket

What’s New At The Supermarket

Whether you’re looking to liven up a simple fish dish or you’re on the hunt for a restaurant-quality sauce, these are the latest products and new discoveries to look out for during your next weekly shop.

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Waitrose Thrive Range

If you lead a busy life, it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle. Thankfully, the new Thrive range from Waitrose focuses exclusively on fresh ingredients, all of which are packed full of flavour and have been designed to be the correct portion size – perfect for a quick healthy lunch or dinner. Look out for the Chicken Laska & Black Noodles and the Chickpea Satay Curry & Roasted Tumeric Cauliflower.

Available here

Fish Said Fred

It can be hard to make fish taste interesting, but Fish Said Fred have found a solution. They’ve teamed fresh white fillets with flavoured butters – including lemongrass, chilli and coriander – or a pesto or lemon and parsley crumb crust to offer a range of healthy suppers which are also full of flavour.

Available here

Tanqueray Cans

Made with the finest ingredients from around the world, gin brand favourite Tanqueray has combined its perfectly balanced botanicals and mixed them with tonic to create premium Tanqueray & Tonic cans. We’re especially excited about Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, which mixes the bittersweet taste of Seville oranges with Tanqueray’s classic London Dry Gin.

Available as cans in store in Waitrose or online in bottles

Native Snacks

Made from little lotus seeds which have been dried under the Indian sun, the result is a delicious, light and crunchy snack that’s low in calories, as well as vegan and gluten free. Great for popcorn addicts looking for a healthier alternative.

Available in local Sainsburys and online


A canned wine brand founded in the US in 2015 by Josh Ostrovsky, aka @TheFatJewish on Instagram. Babe was launched to make quality wine more accessible to everyone, anywhere and for any occasion. Available in both in rosé and white variants.

Available here

Natoora Sauces & Dips

The new range of sauces and dips from top-class producer Natoora are all made in small batches in their Bermondsey kitchen, using the same ingredients sourced for top restaurant chefs. We’re already hooked on the Chimichurri sauce – delicious with a steak, so make sure you stock up in time for BBQ season.

Available here

Blue Skies Ice Cream

Whether you’re a coffee addict or not, Blue Skies new Caffè Latte ice cream is definitely worth a try. The dairy-free dessert is made using fresh coconut milk produced in Ghana, where local experts hand-select the fruit to ensure it’s of the highest quality. Any leftover coconut chunks or husks are then delivered to a local compost site to help develop the next generation of trees.

Available here

Real Handful Nuts

Real Handful uses the finest Argentinian peanuts and top-grade Californian almonds and oven bakes them in batches before seasoning them, naturally. The four-strong range includes new takes on classic flavours such as Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Smoky BBQ, and Sweet & Salty. Never roasted or fried in oil, all of them have a distinctive clean taste and texture.

Available here

Marmite Dynamite

Brand new and limited edition, Marmite Dynamite will start your breakfast with a bang. The Dynamite Chilli yeast spread delivers the same delicious umami magic, but now with a unique spicy edge. Better yet, it’s rich in vitamin B, it’s vegan and it’s made from 99% by-products (yeast being one from the brewing industry). 

Available here

The Garlic Farm

Sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar, black garlic is in fact white garlic which has undergone weeks of heat aging to give it a unique colour and taste. These ready-peeled cloves are full of sweetness and healthy antioxidants to bring an unusual depth of flavour to your cooking. Plus, you can also eat them as healthy snack.

Available here


Cordial makers Belvoir now have a new range of six beverages to make those al fresco meetups a bit more exciting, just without the hangover. Choose from a non-alcoholic ginger beer, an alcohol-free passionfruit martini or a booze-free G&T. The Raspberry Lemonade is the closest we’ve tasted to homemade.

Available here

MOTH cocktails

Available in four flavours – Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned, Negroni and Margarita – these canned cocktails are made using first-class ingredients. The packaging is cool, too – drink straight from the can or them pour into a stylish glass for a cocktail night at home.

Available here

Waitrose Levantine Range

Waitrose has launched its biggest own label range of the year, inspired by the diverse and vibrant culture of the Levant and focusing on the cuisines of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus. Alongside classics such as falafel, olives, houmous, kebabs and savoury pastries, the selection also includes sharing dishes that can be scaled up and down for smaller or larger gatherings. There are also modern twists on familiar favourites, including a vegetarian take on a scotch egg, with spiced tomato and pepper, bulgur and a poached egg in the middle. Keep an eye out for the Turkish Delight Ice Cream. 

In stores now

Happi Free From

New chocolate brand Happi Free From has launched its new buttons. Their Oat Milk Chocolate Buttons are suitable for vegans or those who follow a dairy-free diet and use 46.5% cocoa solids to create a deliciously rich and creamy flavour. Enjoy them as a treat or use them in baking. 

Available here

Waitrose Gut Health Range

The new Waitrose Gut Health range is the first to have a certified gut health claim in the UK. All of the new lines have been proven to help maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system, with a selection of delicious tasting fruity smoothies, juices and kefir products designed to introduce bacteria into the gut and create an environment where they can prosper. 

Available here

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