Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Today marks the start of a month-long series between SheerLuxe and Barry’s Bootcamp! We’ll be bringing you exclusive workouts every Monday for the next four weeks and first up, it’s a 20-minute full-body session with Barry’s co-owner Sandy. Short but seriously effective, this heart-raising workout is the perfect way to start your week. Here’s what you need to know before you get going…

All You Need Is Your Bodyweight

“Forget dumbbells and kettlebells – all you’ll need for this 20-minute workout is yourself, a mat and some water. Bodyweight training is an incredibly efficient way to build strength and burn calories, and this session is focused on bodyweight resistance training alongside bursts of cardio to keep the heart rate elevated. There’s no better combination for getting lean and burning fat.” – Sandy Mackaskill, co-owner of Barry’s Bootcamp London 

Short, Sharp Intervals Are What It’s All About

“If you’ve done HIIT training before, the format of this workout will be familiar. If you haven’t, the structure revolves around 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest, for each move. It’s been my tried and tested formula throughout lockdown. Not only is it great from a physical standpoint, it also keeps you mentally engaged, which is the key to a great session.”  – Sandy 

It’ll Target The Whole Body

“This workout follows a pattern of three lower body moves, followed by one upper and one abdominal exercise. Keep an eye out for the ‘chinnie’, my favourite move in the workout. It’s an ab move which allows you to maintain the intensity alongside other more dynamic moves – I include them in pretty much every session I do.” – Sandy

Everyone Can Do This

“This session can be tweaked according to your fitness level. The workout does involve plyometric moves (i.e. jumping), but if this is too intense or you are working with an injury, there are alternatives on offer. The main thing is you are consistent.” – Sandy 

The Cool-Down Is Just As Important

“At the end of this workout your muscles will be warm – so take advantage and stretch out with the cool-down. Taking just a couple of minutes to do this at the end of a session is a great way to enhance recovery (stretching can help get rid of lactic acid), get your breath back and reflect on how the workout went.”


Ready to get going? Tune into the workout here…

Stay tuned for next week’s workout, when Sandy will be honing in on specific body parts for all-round strength. For more information visit and follow @BootcampSandy


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