Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Next up in our collaboration with Barry’s Bootcamp is an exclusive 21-minute total-body workout to wrap up the series. Once again, Barry’s co-owner Sandy will lead you through, and here’s what you need to know beforehand…

It’s The Longest Session Yet

“Coming in at almost 22 minutes, this workout is our longest one yet, but still short enough to fit into any part of your day – so no excuses! As with all the others, for this session you only need a bit of space, some water and the right mindset. It’s all bodyweight, and the warm-up is incorporated into the workout, so don’t worry about preparation, just follow along with me.”

You’ll Get A Classic ‘Red Room’ Experience

“After a quick dynamic warm up, the format for this is a focus on three lower body sets, followed by three upper body sets, with a short bump of abdominal work sandwiched in between. As soon as that’s complete, it’s back to lower body and so on. Once again, we’ll be making use of 45/15 second splits, so we can maintain the intensity – the hallmark of these short HIIT sessions. By combining bodyweight resistance training with cardio, we can replicate the Barry’s Red Room experience, which is about burning fat and building muscle tone.”

It’s Tough, But Totally Worth It

“My favourite part of the class – although I’m not sure “favourite” would have been the word I’d  have used when I was doing it myself – comes at the end: a burpee triple set with additional squat jumps and push ups sprinkled on top. I promise you, it will totally finish you off whatever your fitness level. Which brings me to something I’d like to leave you with: no matter how fit or unfit you are, believe me, you can do this. It’s about working to your own abilities. Leave the ego on the sofa. Embrace the fact that failure is a good thing. All I ask is you’re honest with your effort while doing these sessions, and you’ll get honest results in return.”

Ready to get going? Tune into the final workout here…

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