Workout With SL X Barrecore

Workout With SL X Barrecore

A combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga, barre is one of the smartest ways to work out, and with 12 studios across the country, Barrecore has long led the way when it comes to classes. Its unique method is proven to sculpt lean lines without excessive bulk and it’s Emily King – one of Barrecore’s leading instructors – who’ll be heading up this month’s workout series. Here’s what you need to know before you get going…

Barre Ticks All The Boxes

“Barre may not seem like the most obvious form of strength training, but it’s the perfect way to build lean muscle without lifting heavy weights. By using multiple repetitions to exhaust certain muscle groups, it will strengthen and sculpt muscles without increasing bulk. Our clients rave about their speedy physical transformations – the first thing people tend to notice is increased energy and strength, a perkier bum, and a flatter stomach. In the long-term, you’ll experience longer, leaner muscles and a more sculpted physique, particularly in those areas that are notoriously tricky to tone.”

It’s All About Embracing The Shake

“Our workouts contain elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates, but are as tough as a spinning session and will work your muscles in ways you didn’t even know possible. For example, you’re probably not going to sweat a whole lot during a barre workout, but instead the method focuses on exhausting your muscles with intelligent movements that bring your muscles into a shake. It’s here that you’ll notice your muscles start to fatigue, but it’s vital to hold this shake for as long as you can – this is where you will build lean muscle and transform your physique. Don’t be put off when your muscles start to shake and instead work through it – by damaging the muscle tissue, the body regenerates, meaning it’s the secret to becoming stronger.”

The Movements Are Small

“One of the biggest mistakes I see women making in a barre class is making the movements too big. As it’s an energetic atmosphere, it can be easy to want to throw bigger movements around, but it’s small, controlled moves that will get you real results. If you keep things focused, you’ll put your body into the deepest part of the contraction for a longer period of time – it’s as simple as that. And whether you’re doing a class in a studio or virtually, always listen to your instructor as technique is key to getting results.”

The Method Will Keep Your Body Guessing

“Barre classes follow a certain structure, but no two are ever the same, which will keep you and your muscles guessing. That’s the beauty of barre – however experienced you are, you’ll always get something out of a class. At Barrecore, we offer a variety of classes. For example, if you’re a complete beginner, start with a BarreFORM class, which incorporates more repetitions and slower transitions to better isolate muscle groups and help you perfect your technique. BarreSIGNATURE, meanwhile, is our most famous original class which builds on very small, precise movements. When you feel like you’ve mastered the basics, consider BarreSCULPT, which uses resistance bands to add intensity, as well as BarreSWEAT, which fuses traditional barre moves with low-impact cardio. If you haven’t got a studio near you, we’re offering all of these classes and more online.” 

It’ll Lift Your Mood

“Barre finetunes the body and mind connection. During a class, you become so focused on the movements you are doing that you think of nothing else, and you end up becoming so much more aware of your body. Muscles that you may not even know you have are activated and used in Barrecore classes, strengthening the mind-body connection as you work out.” 

A Small Amount Of Equipment Will Boost Results

“In the studio, we have a range of weights (from 1-4kg), squishy balls, resistance bands and yoga blocks, all of which can help supercharge results. If you’re working out at home, a pair of light hand weights is a good start (aim for 1-2kg) but tinned food or bottles of water are a good substitute. A chair is also a handy replacement for the barre. All the equipment is there to either increase the intensity or help modify your workout, so remember to listen to your body and know that if you need to take a prop away at any point, then that’s absolutely fine.”

It’s Important To Think About Recovery

“Barre may be a low-impact workout, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working hard under the surface. What you do after a class and in the days afterwards matters – it’s vital to be getting plenty of protein into your diet as well as taking a couple of rest days per week. Eating adequate amounts of protein is essential when you’re toning your body, so be sure to eat a source of protein at every snack and meal.”

What’s In Store…

“To get you started on your Barrecore journey, over the next four weeks I’ll be bringing you two 30-minute upper body sessions and two 30-minute sessions that will focus on the lower body. All classes involve minimal equipment and are suitable for all fitness levels. Either do them as a standalone session or do them back-to-back for a full-body workout. My top tip? Come with an open mind, embrace the burn, embrace the shake and listen to your instructor for technique pointers.” 


Ready to get going? Join Emily for the first instalment in her workout series here…

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