Your December Horoscope
Your December Horoscope

Your December Horoscope

From relationships to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.

Your positive energy will come into its own during these festive times, so make the most of it. Meanwhile it’s clear that someone close has complex issues to contend with, and you’ve got what it takes to help them overcome these. From as soon as the 4th you’ll benefit personally from this in unexpected ways. You will discover that your most creative ideas are on track to make everyone’s life more magical. After midmonth a change of tack is just what you need to have a truly cracking Christmas, and even money issues may well improve if you consider minor details. By the 23rd loved ones will be on your side but hold your ground over a controversial purchase. Clever moves make you the queen of the season, and you should feel cherished.

Inevitably life in December is busy, but you really don’t need to control or micro-manage absolutely everything. Help will be in abundant supply if you seek it out (and are willing to ask…)  From the 6th it’s time to count your blessings in multiple ways, and just carving out time to take stock will miraculously help relieve minor or major aggravations. This Christmas you are perfectly positioned to grant a loved one’s wish, and it’s clearly time to reassess priorities. On the 24th a frank discussion goes far and knowing how much you are appreciated is bound to fan the flames of passion. Meanwhile try to avoid over-heated exchanges. During this holiday season you’ll gain a clearer view of what truly matters to you.

Of course, you’ll feel challenged by the sheer range of tasks and commitments this month. Yet you’ll also enjoy the party mood and dreaming up schemes for your time off. Around the 11th, while spinning all those plates, you will also be on the verge of a personal, very special success. As the countdown to the festivities begin you should finally understand that attending to your own health and well-being is your finest gift to yourself. Don’t undervalue how important recent developments are. However, by the 30th strategies must be put in place to keep the good times rolling in the way you want them to. Off-the-cuff comments will be more profoundly significant than you may first think. Beware of being too reactive and be sure to take a breath.

It’s time for you to take your place centre stage in the run-up to the Christmas holidays – don’t feel shy about being the star of the show. At the same time, complications among friends (including unhelpful gossip), will need to be sidestepped with care. It is the season for goodwill so don’t allow yourself to get pulled into negativity; your insight and compassion will come into their own. By the 20th being extra assertive will take the strain off your loved ones, too. You should be able to surrender to the celebratory mood and make the most of the festive spirit. Your New Year will get very interesting when some positive secrets are allowed to come out.

However hectic this month might be, a sense of perspective is your most important tool. Do your best not to overdo things - it is doable! And this means being less hard on yourself. A few simple decisions will mean being clever with your cash at this expensive time of year. Some tempting offers coming your way will seem irresistible, yet it’s vital to read the small print. After midmonth you’ll reconnect with blasts from the past and forge fascinating new contacts too. By Christmas Eve you’ll have more than earned a rest from the most intense activity. During the holiday period be sure to enjoy extra special camaraderie among the people closest to your heart. However, one relative’s strange mood will turn out to be something of a revelation.

Party season 2023 will show you at your very best, so don’t shy away from the limelight. Although you will need to beware of burning the candle at both ends. You know it’s all about pacing yourself. Your chance to make someone special pay attention will definitely come by the 13th. And at work you can be pretty sure that a significant colleague is listening to you. Regardless of the dizzy pace of life you’ll will spot career opportunities as well as social ones.  Later this month it’s vital to listen to advice from the people you love, even if you are on your own single-minded mission. Your instincts and common sense will help you take on another person’s wishes when it matters. By the 31st you can bask in someone’s appreciation of you on so many levels.

Your favourite moments this month – including over Christmas and New Year – are likely to be the most spontaneous and unusual ones. Around the 9th an introduction to someone intriguing will add a tell-tale frisson to what first seems like an ordinary setting. When it comes to plans for the holidays your most inventive and daring ideas will prove popular with loved ones, and even with any hard-to-please relatives... Just be sure to enjoy yourself too, especially after midmonth. Last-minute stress is more avoidable than you might think, so just junk unnecessary activities. And a surprise before Santa has yet paid a visit will bring the most joy of all. Try to avoid going into overdrive and then you really will be the life and soul of any party.

Early December offers solutions to a complex personal dilemma which has puzzled you for a while. This more than justifies extra celebrations by the 10th. Meanwhile, clear exchanges about assets and practicalities become increasingly important. Plus, you can look forward to a fresh start at work just on cue before you loosen up and fully embrace playtime. Resolving what appear to be dull dilemmas will yield surprising, and uplifting, results. You will also enjoy some more unconventional celebrating in the seasonal mix, and meetings under the mistletoe will have an added edge. A heart to heart after the 26th is just the thing to ease your mind and no one can doubt how much you deserve to be appreciated this festive season.

Speculation comes naturally to you and, with a leap of faith this December, you’ll realise exactly what and who you can count on. With your usual generosity of spirit, it’s time to reflect on what others need and want. Petty arguments about plans are pointless. After the 16th surprises will be in store, which will require time (and some patience) to absorb. A relationship undergoes dazzling developments, and your most original goals will look achievable. Over Christmas you will know what makes friends and family tick, and you can’t fail to sparkle in any social gathering. More than ever, this holiday period provides opportunities to show how much you care. And on the 25th someone else’s gesture could even impress you.

At this action-packed time of year, you’ll need to hit the ground running to handle your agenda. Meanwhile, rest assured that you are surrounded by helpful people, probably more than you had realised. From the 8th be sure to accept some of the support on offer and you’ll experience even better times than you had imagined. Although now and then you seem to be chasing your tail to get the simplest thing done, solutions to problems are on their way. By Christmas Eve your loved ones will be your focus and your blessing; someone appears determined to spoil you. A new time-saver is an eye opener in terms of maximising special moments. When dealing with a complex person in your life, a couple of insightful moves will work miracles.

This month you are ready to address the work/play balance. After the 4th you can make your presence felt with extra confidence. There’s every reason to feel on top of the world, and your priority is to make the most of this positive mode. Intriguing words will indicate that something original is within your grasp, and a cool head is crucial to move this along. Always bear in mind that there is no point in trying to manage everything and everyone. By the 24th you’ll lap up the general high spirits and letting your hair down actually makes things easier. You are probably more in control than you realise. A loaded encounter before New Year will signify so much more than you first thought, and an open heart and mind are precisely what you need.

With your fine sense of empathy, you’ll start the month poised to help someone overcome their fears. You’ll manage to turn this into a positive scenario. Meanwhile, it’s time to tackle a relationship hurdle of your own, which takes courage. By midmonth you may need to remind yourself that you can’t take on everyone’s problems. This party season someone offers you the red-carpet treatment, so take it as the genuine gift it is, and enjoy. A tête-à-tête with loved ones will soon settle dilemmas over Christmas arrangements. By the 25th even children seem to play by the rules, and a unique individual adds stardust. Your close bonds become stronger, yet you may also discover a skeleton in the closet... you can actually turn this to your advantage.

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