Your July Horoscope
Your July Horoscope

Your July Horoscope

For July's horoscope instalment, we've teamed up with Viktor & Rolf to celebrate the release of its new Good Fortune Fragrance. Inspired by feelings of positivity, it's full of warming and uplifting notes like vanilla, jasmine and fennel. Find out more about the fragrance below, and discover what's in store for you this month with astrologer Fiona Graham's predictions ⁠– from relationships to career goals...

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Your instincts are sharper than ever, so be sure to trust them even when making the trickiest of decisions. It seems you can handle pretty much anything life throws at you. From the 12th it will be increasingly clear that July is your month for positive forward planning. If you start setting new goals now, you’ll be in the strongest possible position when you need to make things happen; this will mean changing the way you approach certain tasks in order to make the most of other people’s talents. This summer puts a whole new spin on your highest aspirations, so it pays to consider your opportunities with care. By keeping a cool head, negotiations will go your way and you’ll be more than capable of stopping pointless conflicts over cash from escalating.

Bold moves you made earlier this year have earned you more respect and admiration than you know. Daring to take leaps into the unknown has changed your life dramatically, and you deserve to feel proud of this. After the 10th you should start reaping the rewards of recent acts of courage and longer-term plans can be acted on with confidence. Despite your desire to be thorough, there’s no need to delay even the most significant decisions. From the 20th sparks may well fly in some social situations, but don’t let a fun, if feisty, relationship descend into petty disagreements. This summer heralds a new era for the kind of passion you really need in your life. Follow your intuition as much as possible, and don’t underestimate an unusual offer.

Some people are trying to persuade you to get increasingly involved in their schemes and dreams. When you get to the bottom of all the nitty-gritty details, it will become obvious how others are relying on you just a bit too much.  From the 7th be sure to carve out time for yourself, and for your own aspirations. Around midmonth, what looked like a cash problem will be solved by an inspired stroke of genius. Someone at home is going to show their appreciation, and it’s time to celebrate. But getting too carried away could disrupt vital aspects of everyday life. From the 22nd the ambitious road ahead may be paved with gold... Speak candidly when it comes to the important stuff, as then you’ll avoid all kinds of unnecessary complications.

Partnerships of all kinds, including your closest relationships, play an extra special role this month. Someone else’s admiration may well make you feel invincible, although this is not the time to let anyone, or anything, turn your head. Around the 13th you’ll make your views known in a significant one-to-one exchange and you will surprise yourself with an unusual - truly intuitive - solution to a problem. After the 25th a personal situation reveals some mysterious, unexpected undercurrents… take your opportunity to learn from this as it may result in a whole new and especially rewarding phase in love. Share your true feelings with the people you trust, and try simply to ignore any signs of the green-eyed monster should he or she appear on the scene...

Getting to grips with routine affairs is part of July’s mission. This may well be more interesting than it might initially seem… Clearing up lingering confusions at home and/or at work will be truly therapeutic and you’ll experience all the benefits of a fabulous fresh start. In unexpected ways you will enjoy feeling more in charge of day-to-day life. A lucky break could even go so far as to reinvent your outlook, as well as reboot your energies. However, a control freak can’t be allowed to have too much influence, so nip any signs of this in the bud. By the 20th someone’s approval is a major confidence boost. Getting to grips with minor details now will improve the bigger picture; just don’t let anyone put you under pressure you simply don’t need.

A playful and creative approach to life is more effective than anything else just now. This July personal and professional progress will be yours if you allow your top talents to come into play. A little inventive thinking will gain so much valuable ground. After the 15th you will also discover how a close relationship can go your way - almost effortlessly - when you weave your seductive magic. However, if things get too heated, and words are used as weapons, this is likely to backfire. A new romantic chapter is about to begin, and you’ll even find you see eye-to-eye within a complex and intense friendship too. By demonstrating all your best diplomatic skills, you will ensure that a festering resentment cannot find any room at all to manoeuvre.

This month you will learn volumes from the people you deal with most closely. Positive developments in a special relationship will even go so far as to give you a new lease of life. This helps empower you to reach out for personal success in brand new and impressive ways. Finally, you’ll realise that you are really getting through to someone, and midmonth’s dazzling insight will help with communication in all areas of life. However, don’t let petty squabbles over practicalities hinder your grander plans. From the 22nd you’ll have the chance to rebuild bridges in relations that may have posed problems earlier on. A tête-à-tête at home will prove itself invaluable, yet be sure to let someone else take the driving seat at least some of the time...

Your recent displays of common sense and strategic thinking are about to pay off in ways you could never have predicted. At last, from the 6th onwards, you will be able to find the words you need to lift a loved-one’s spirits too. You will, without doubt, take real pleasure from seeing this person smile again. You are in the mood for action of various kinds throughout July, but other people’s petty conflicts cannot be allowed to become your battleground too. After the 22nd you will figure out a whole new way forward and this will prove just how capable you are. Never underestimate the benefits of some unexpected feel-good flirtations either. In late July you’ll express yourself brilliantly, but always beware of accidentally pushing a sensitive soul away.

July is your time to spread your wings and take flight in one way or another. Intriguing invitations may lead you into all kinds of exciting adventures, and you’ll also realise that you have a deeper understanding of what genuinely matters to you personally. A riddle involving finances can now be solved, as your incisive thinking will cut its way through. This talent will also prove invaluable when it comes to achieving your personal goals. An intriguing relationship does have some hidden agendas… just don’t expect to get to the bottom of this straight away. Patience overcomes most challenges right now. Your top skills will really come into their own throughout the summer, although try not to allow a charismatic character to distract you too much.

Your significant relationships are in the spotlight from as soon as the 1st. An intimate dilemma will be resolved in positive (if offbeat ways). As the lines of communication open, you’ll know that at last you are being understood when it truly matters. Around midmonth you’ll be intrigued by potential new opportunities both professionally and personally, and others will inspire you to shake things up quite dramatically. Late July marks a fresh start in one way or another, which may well become both a physical and an emotional makeover. Tender new seeds of growth respond well to extra special care and attention. Make your intentions clear with the people you love, and then any pushy individuals on the scene won’t have a chance of bulldozing your plans.

You are being put through your paces in all kinds of ways this summer – and this is no bad thing. Someone new on the scene is likely to be a bit of an enigma… And as some of your most pressing questions are answered, it’s likely that more will need to be asked. Have the confidence to trust your intuition and answers will start to emerge more easily than you expect. After the 19th knowing you are on form is bound to increase the stakes in love, and from this point onwards you should find yourself on a winning streak. However, try not to neglect precious ‘me time’ – this will have fantastic payoffs when it comes to the priorities that really matter to you personally. A prize might simply just fall into your lap if you avoid pushing yourself too hard.

Communication at all levels will have increased importance and personal meaning in July. This is obvious after the 5th when someone you admire makes his or her feelings crystal clear. By now you should know for sure that you are on top of your game. Meanwhile, any misunderstandings with friends or colleagues might take a little time to resolve. By the 21st showing you appreciate the value of true friendship will pay off magnificently in a special bond. Plus, now is the time to employ a few clever tactics in your encounters with people in other walks of life. Great progress will soon be apparent. Your interactive gifts are touched with magic, which is obvious to all. Yet beware of someone else’s rather negative attitude and simply steer clear!

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