Your September Horoscope
Your September Horoscope

Your September Horoscope

From relationships to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
By Fiona Graham

In one way or another romance will be in the air; at the same time, it’s wise not to over-rely on the people closest to your heart, especially loved ones at home. A little extra effort from you will go a very long way now. And then nothing will get in the way of spending quality time with someone truly special. From the 7th you’ll realise that someone familiar to you is capable of hair-raising surprises. Watch this space carefully, before it leads to distractions you don’t need. Whichever choices you make, be sure you understand what is going to be required of you. After the 18th an ongoing enigma will be solved and the key to this is self-awareness. September is ideal for rediscovering and redeploying some of your more hidden talents.

September may get hectic, but a new attraction clearly deserves your attention. Being flexible works wonders for your personal life. However, it goes against the grain for you to spread yourself too thinly, so you’ll also need to stay focussed on your priorities. By the 11th you’ll spot new ways to handle a financial option that has just arisen; it’s time to discuss factors that will benefit others as well as yourself. There may be tensions at home, perhaps when least expected, so sensitivity will be called for. Soon you’ll see how your loyalty and emotional intelligence are irresistible to someone – so be sure to demonstrate your hottest assets. Meanwhile, you’ll show you are brilliant at people management if you don’t take on more than is reasonable.

This is a time to be confident and to follow your own path. It should soon become clear how many other people have faith in you. By the 8th fresh possibilities appear on the horizon, which could transform your prospects. The moves that these suggest you make will have more impact than you might think. At work and at play you should feel at ease and aim high - enjoy this autumn’s renewed sense of purpose. However, if the extent of your commitments gets out of hand, you could neglect the very people who need you most. From the 19th, feel free to accept as many fun invitations as you can, as this benefits everyone on many levels. Celebrations are due, but however delighted you are, be sure not to give too much away, yet.

You like to set high standards for yourself and be proud of your achievements. Although it would also be easy to be too hard on yourself. A slightly hands-off approach, added to a sense of humour, will guarantee success, especially with the people who matter most to you. A secret fear of the unknown threatens to get in the way, so this is one of those times when you must have faith. Dealing with uncertainty brings new wisdom and will lead to a whole new level of self-fulfilment. From mid-month, change is inevitable and you’ll be able to make inspired moves – some will involve your hard-earned cash. The results may be substantial, and popular when it counts. By the 25th you’ll also see how this month could be make or break time in love.

The key people in your life are especially influential on your decisions and actions. As soon as the 4th an apparently chance conversation could transform your prospects. However, when it comes to a very special person you might be asked to tackle a few (easily overlooked) deeply buried issues. This is challenging, yet ultimately brings about a fantastic leap forward in self-awareness and personal growth. A revelation around the 15th will mean making a few adjustments, which are healthy and rewarding. Now is the time when your long-term efforts can produce the magic you have dreamt of. From the 27th imaginative thinking gets to the heart of a whole array of dilemmas, and this will put you much more firmly in control. 

This September is all about the people and projects that really matter to you. After the 5th you will realise how an intense relationship has a huge amount of potential, and that there is no reason why you can’t explore this and see where it takes you. However, there is also a chance of fingers getting burnt if you fall into the trap of making assumptions, or taking anyone for granted. It is vital to let your friends know how you appreciate their positive impact on your life. Around midmonth work may be especially demanding when an authority figure tries to put you through your paces. You’ll be able to take this in your stride if you think creatively. By the 29th some of the decisions you have been battling with can now be taken relatively easily.

Fulfilling your personal ambitions is high on the agenda this September, as past difficulties can now be resolved relatively smoothly. This may well inspire you to take bold steps at work; yet making space for yourself, and for relaxation, must be top priorities too. It is also time to rethink your approach to health and well-being as this will give you just the boost you need. A sense of achievement is a much deeper experience than progress on a practical level; from midmonth you will be on course to pursue a risqué, and life-enhancing, project. Meanwhile, expect intriguing developments in a close relationship, which makes life more fun all-round. Someone you admire delivers surprising news, and after the 27th business and pleasure really can be combined.

The people and activities that inspire you will offer all kinds of rewards this month. This will be both exciting and unnerving. You may not like to take too many risks, but now is the perfect time for calculated speculation. Certain changes in your finances should give you confidence too. Just be cautious of overdoing things. On the 14th a new perspective on someone adorable may well lead you towards something to be treasured, and this has much wider repercussions than you might first realise. There are unexpected developments at work, but the key to success lies in focusing on your strengths and believing in them. By the 30th it’s obvious that you are being heard and that allies and friends are backing you all the way.

A cautious approach to life is not your usual modus operandi. However, this month a sense of security and continuity has unique importance. By the 6th expressing your most considered views, and showing how much you care, will make great headway, and pay off in more exciting ways than you imagine. This will in fact amount to some kind of material and spiritual breakthrough. It may also inspire you to look further into your origins and family history, as amazing discoveries will be made. A romantic breakthrough is also likely when a little mind reading makes a big difference, although this is not the time to confuse fantasy and reality. Life at home may feel more settled and this is just what you need to set off on a new adventure. 

A relationship is at a significant turning point, and you’ll see that you have more influence than you had realised. Exploit this with sensitivity and you can’t fail. After the 5th you’ll feel free to explore some attractive options, and the grandest of schemes will take off if you take care of the details. By midmonth your tact and insight are invaluable when dealing with a complex personality, and a peaceful outcome will suit you. Now you can focus on you own aspirations. However, a cash conundrum could get complex when you hit up against a strong personality’s rigid thinking. By the 25th you’ll make great progress in areas of life that once seemed tricky, and someone is in the mood to treat you. Now it will seem as if you are leading a charmed life.

Your self-esteem and confidence are big issues on September’s agenda. Financial affairs have been something of a hot topic, but you’ll now see how this is not the top priority. You are on track towards reconfiguring your to-do list in all areas of life. By the 11th you may need to make tough decisions in love, especially when an intriguing personality has the power to make you see things differently. At the same time frank exchanges about the practicalities that really matter will benefit everyone. From the 20th your ability to connect with others is clearly to your advantage. Soon everything you are doing could translate into an inspiring fresh start and you’ll be glad you faced up to a few old demons. If someone’s feisty behaviour is out of character, just take it in your stride – it will have some surprising advantages.

Now you can be your best creative self, which means taking some radical steps. On the 4th someone may employ shock tactics, which makes you instantly see what you must do next. You’ll also understand what is really at stake between the two of you. You can achieve pretty much anything if you are willing to listen and be open-minded. After mid-month’s revelations you will feel more confident, and old fears will no longer hold the same power. This autumn’s changes are an integral part of finding your voice and achieving success on your own terms. Your progress will earn the respect it deserves. By the 26th you’ll be taken unawares by sudden events, but ultimately this offers insight into how history tends to repeat itself. 

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