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We’re all susceptible to those mid-afternoon cravings, but from processed protein bars to sugar-laden smoothies, even the healthiest-sounding snacks can set blood glucose levels on a rollercoaster. Looking for ways to satisfy a sweet tooth whilst still keeping yours balanced? Keep scrolling to discover the expert-approved hacks and snacks to try…
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Jackie Newgent – registered dietician, nutritionist & author 

“Who needs a chocolate bar when you can snack on these chocolate-drizzled granola bars instead? Kind bars may look like a treat but based on nuts, they’re packed full of fibre and protein, and only have five grams of sugar.”

Tor Cardona – SL Health & Beauty Editor

“If I’m in the mood for something sweet but know I need to keep it clean, I always reach for some chocolate protein powder and fat-free Greek yoghurt – simply mix together and it genuinely tastes like ice cream. If I’m on the go, you can’t go wrong with some dark chocolate (just make sure it’s at least 70% dark) – Pret and Green & Blacks both do mini bars which are perfect for 4pm sugar cravings and you can be sure you’re getting your daily fix of antioxidants too.”

Ella Mills – Founder of Deliciously Ella 

“My signature protein balls are my go-to snack and are great for quashing sugar cravings. Made with just five ingredients (almonds, Medjool dates, raw cacao powder, almond butter and coconut oil), these balls are my go-to when I need a pick-me-up and both my fridge and freezer are piled high with them. You can also add extra hemp powder if you want to boost the protein kick.”

Holly Perkins – strength & conditioning specialist 

“Chocolate and flavoured milk may not sound like the healthiest snack but they’re actually packed with protein and are great to have post-workout. If you’re not a fan of flavoured milks, try making your own with your favourite milk and protein powder.”

Jessica Sepel – clinical nutritionist 

“There’s a real risk of overeating if you leave hours in between each meal, so snack smart to keep your blood sugar on an even keel. If I’m hungry mid-morning or afternoon, I love to make a quick chia pudding. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds packs 40% of your recommended daily fibre intake, which can help to increase feelings of fullness and curb cravings. Make a chia pudding with some coconut milk, vanilla paste and cacao powder to up the nutritional power of this guilt-free dessert.”

Angelique Panagos – nutritionist 

“One of my favourite snacks to enjoy mid-afternoon is slices of apple and pear slathered in nut butter with a sprinkling of cinnamon. For me, this is the perfect snack because it packs in plenty of vitamins and nutrients from the fruit, as well as fibre – especially if you leave the skin on – which is important for hormonal balance. Nut butter is full of healthy fats to keep you feeling full, while the cinnamon adds a touch of natural sweetness while helping to keep blood sugars balanced and stable.”

Lily Simpson – Founder of the Detox Kitchen 

“If I’m peckish while at work, I’ll have one of our Detox Kitchen flapjacks – they’re a bestseller at the cafés, and packed with oats and fibre for slow-releasing energy that keeps you feeling fuller for longer. If I’m at home, I love Pip & Nut’s Cashew Butter, either on rye bread or with an apple and a sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt.”

Rhian Stephenson – nutritionist, naturopath & CEO of Psycle London 

"I don’t snack too much, but when I do, I tend to grab things like celery or carrot sticks with almond butter, cold pressed veggie juices or crudités. If I need a quick energy boost before a workout, I’ll grab a few Medjool dates – they’re used quickly by the body for energy and are rich in antioxidants and potassium. While dates are high in fructose (helping to satisfy a sweet craving), they’re also high in fibre.”

Kayla Itsines – personal trainer 

“If you often find yourself wanting something sweet by the afternoon, you might like to try a healthy version of the treat you usually reach for. There are healthier alternatives for nearly every type of snack, so it’s a matter of finding one you like. Knowing what your body usually craves at certain times of the day can help you to be prepared to satisfy it with a healthier alternative.”

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