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The right make-up application can enhance facial features and create a youthful glow. But many of us still get a few things wrong – be it using the wrong tools or reaching for an unflattering shade. Some top make-up artists tell us the most common mistakes they see and how to rectify them…
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Mistake: Blowing On Your Make-Up Brushes

Answer: “I see this so much, especially on the tube and among those who are on the go,” says A-list make-up artist Caroline Barnes. “All it does is spread bacteria into your skin, which will just result in inflammation, spots and a build-up of dirt. Always tap your brushes against the back of your hand; never ever blow. When you clean them, just wash them in a good gentle soap, or shampoo – biodegradable wipes will do the trick if time is at a premium.”

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Mistake: Layering Too Much Foundation

Answer: “What looks good on Instagram or under lights and filters can appear overdone in natural daylight, explains Lee Pycroft. “The same goes for highlighting and contouring. Make sure you blend, then blend again. And remember: the art of make-up is to celebrate your individuality and your features, not to completely dilute them. Blend your skin with some good, dense brushes and look to sheer foundation formulas for the best effect.” 

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Mistake: Defining All Around Your Brows

Answer: “Please stop defining all around your brows with very pale, thick concealer,” asks Kenneth Soh. “It looks ridiculous and makes brows look like they’re floating off your face. Instead, sculpt your arches into shape with a good brow gel and leave it as that. The gel formula will help keep everything firmly in place as well as creating sharp definition. You don’t need anything else.” 

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Mistake: Blaming Your Foundation For Piling & Flaking

Answer: “When it comes to make-up piling and smudging, so many people blame their foundation,” says make-up artist and SL Beauty Insider Lisa Potter Dixon. “In fact, most of the time, your base is wearing off fast and going patchy because you’ve not prepped your skin properly. Cleansing and moisturising five minutes before you apply make-up is the answer. Spend a good 30 seconds massaging it into your face. Primers are also a great way of building a good, even canvas as they tend to sheer out anything you apply on top.”

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Mistake: Overdoing False Eyelashes

Answer: “A lot of people wear fake lashes, but it’s never a good look when they’re so long they touch your brows,” explains vegan and cruelty-free make-up artist Em-J. “If lashes are as big as – or bigger than – your natural lashes, they’re actually likely to make your eyes look much smaller. Try cutting the ends of your false lashes a little; or just ditch them altogether and instead use separating, but lengthening mascaras. There are so many available now and most do a better job of widening the eyes than falsies do.”

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Mistake: Using Different Brands For Your Base

Answer: “Primers should be part of every skincare regime, but in order for you to get the smoothest, creamiest finish, you should pair it with the same brand as your foundation,” says make-up legend Mary Greenwell. “They’ve been made to work together, so why would you try pairing a million different brands together? Utilise the benefits of them working in unison – trust me, you’ll immediately notice fewer patches, flaking and movement in your make-up.” 

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Mistake: Contouring Too Heavily 

Answer: “Instagram-inspired contour is everywhere now, and you see people taking it out for a spin day-to-day,” adds Em-J. “But if you, yourself, can see your contouring, so can everybody else – and believe me, that means it’s far too much. Less is always more. Focus on highlighter instead. It’s a subtler alternative and far prettier for daytime wear. You only need a little dabbed along the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and a little on the bridge of the nose if you want something a bit extra. Use your fingers – that will deposit just enough, AKA barely any.” 

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