The 10 Best People To See For Cosmetic Treatments

The 10 Best People To See For Cosmetic Treatments

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, finding someone reputable is key. In a world of unregulated practitioners, social media advertising and too-good-to-be-true package deals, solid recommendations are the route to good, natural-looking results. Here’s our list of ten UK-based doctors we trust and often recommend.

Dr Benji Dhillon

Where You’ll Find Him: The Define Clinic, Beaconsfield 

Why We Rate Benji: After training in cosmetic plastic surgery, Benji developed an interest in facial proportions and how treatments – including botox – can restore people’s confidence. Learning that small changes have the power to transform lives, he set about helping people feel like the best version of themselves. He also prides himself on choosing the treatments which will work best for each individual and more often than not, it’s a combination of things – think botox, filler and laser facials – to earn the very best outcome. Whether you want to tackle the early signs of ageing, or just want to look less tired, Benji will be able to help in a minimally invasive way – he will also be totally honest with you and discuss what’s not achievable. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit 

Dr Bibi Ghalaie 

Where You’ll Find Her: Dr Bibi Clinic, Harley Street

Why We Rate Bibi: As an A&E doctor, part-time lecturer and now a leading cosmetic doctor, it’s safe to say Dr Bibi Ghalaie’s career has taken her in more directions than one. After years of training, she’s now medical director at The Doctor Bibi Clinic, carrying out procedures for some high-profile clients. For Bibi, the most important thing is untraceable results – she never wants her patients to look like they’ve had work. She opts for results which look ‘enhanced’ not too ‘done’. Her UnderEye Reviv – which targets hollows and shadows in your under-eye area – is one of her most requested treatments. So is WholeFace, a liquid facelift that uses dermal fillers to create gentle glow. 

How To Book: For bookings and enquiries, Bibi takes direct messages on her Instagram here or by email to

Dr Maryam Zamani 

Where You’ll Find Her: Dr Maryam Zamani Clinic, Chelsea

Why We Rate Maryam: A go-to among A-listers and industry insiders, Maryam’s discreet work has earnt her a global reputation for being one of the best in the business. After beginning work as a plastic surgeon, she went on to gain two fellowships in facial plastics at London’s Imperial College NHS Trust and Chelsea’s Westminster NHS Trust. In high demand for treatments like botox, fillers, lasers and peels, her bespoke plans have one aim: to revitalise your complexion in a noticeable, yet natural way. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also channelled her expertise into her own skincare line – MZ – which is known for its effective, but gentle results. Look out for the clever Glow Boost Ampoules which boost radiance in an instant. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr Maurice Dray

Where You’ll Find Him: Dr Dray Clinic, Kensington 


Why We Rate Maurice: One of the pioneers of aesthetic medicine, Maurice has had a long, successful career and remains one of the most trusted practitioners in the business. The founder of the famous ‘MesoLift’ – a treatment which slows down the ageing process – he’s the go-to person for smooth, plump and youthful looking skin. No matter your concerns, Dr. Maurice will be able to help with friendly advice and a calm demeanour that will never make you feel pressured. There are treatments available for the face, body and skin in general, but it’s the speedy facelifts which are hugely popular, as are the cryo treatments which target stubborn areas of fat. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit 

Dr Nina Bal

Where You’ll Find Her: Facial Sculpting Clinic, Belgravia

Why We Rate Nina: With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, Nina is one of the most sought-after skin aestheticians working today. Like everyone on this list, she follows a strict ‘less is more’ philosophy, moving away from tight, or overly obvious results – you can fully trust her to enhance your natural look. Her services include cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetic treatments and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. But before you start, you’ll have a thorough consultation – again, there’s never any pressure to decide anything on the spot. One popular treatment is the Endolift + Profhilo – a procedure that tightens skin for a more sculpted, smooth appearance. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr Richard Sibthorpe

Where You’ll Find Him: The Smart Clinics, Wandsworth, South Kensington & Chelsea

Why We Rate Richard: He’s one of the UK’s most forward-thinking cosmetic doctors, with over 25 years of experience making women look their best. As a leading practitioner and teacher, he takes a dual approach to managing the ageing process – tackling not only lines and wrinkles, but the person from the inside out. With a ‘less is more’ philosophy, he always makes sure results are as natural as possible so changes aren’t that noticeable – think subtle enhancements. His signature treatment is Advanced Facial Fillers which assess the face from a holistic 3D view, addressing all areas with a sophisticated treatment plan. Whichever service of his you choose, you’ll be given a bespoke plan with recommendations and costs. You’ll also be advised to go away and think about it before moving forward.

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr Vicky Dondos 

Where You’ll Find Her: Medicetics, Harley Street (and nationwide)


Why We Rate Vicky: Co-founder of the popular Medicetics, she is well-loved among those in the know. With the kind of approachable demeanour that’s hard to come by, her main focus is subtlety first. Vicky also focuses on long-term results, offering everything from fillers to hydrafacials and peels. Put simply, if she thinks a treatment won’t help you, she won’t do it. It’s why she’s so trusted – it goes without saying she’s a big believer in finding a programme and practitioner who is on the same page as you. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr Wassim Taktouk

Where You’ll Find Him: Taktouk Clinic, Knightsbridge


Why We Rate Wassim: A cosmetic doctor, trainer and lecturer with 11 years’ experience, he comes highly recommended within the industry. He also runs The London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, teaching doctors his specialist techniques. You can find him at the Taktouk Clinic in Knightsbridge, where an impressive treatment menu offers a wide range of options. Not one to follow trends, he knows everyone’s face deserves to be treated differently. By focusing on what you need, rather than changing your features altogether, the results are subtle, but effective. Both his non-surgical nose job and the ‘W Lift’ are hugely popular, the latter being a bespoke, non-surgical facelift that replaces natural volume loss and corrects age-related changes.

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr Alexis Granite

Where You’ll Find Her: Skinesis Medical at Sarah Chapman, Chelsea

Why We Rate Alexis: A US-born doctor with a rich background in academia, she is one of the leading dermatologists working in Britain. She’s worked at some of the best practices in the world and is now part of the prestigious team at Sarah Chapman. Offering tailored advice, high-end cosmetic aesthetics and a friendly approach, she’ll immediately put you at ease. Whether you want botox, facial lifts or even general advice on dermatological issues like eczema, you’re in safe hands. Her skin peels are well worth checking out – especially if you’re after better glow.

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

Dr David Jack

Where You’ll Find Him: The Dr David Jack Clinic, Harley Street

Why We Rate David: David is often referred to as one of the best for subtle ‘tweakments’. His Harley Street clinic treats all manner of skincare conditions and concerns. Taking a subtle approach to skin-rejuvenation, it’s easy to see why he’s become a firm favourite among A-listers. From subtle, minimalistic injectables to dermal fillers, lasers and peels, he often combines a range of treatments to optimise both the health and appearance of the skin. There’s plenty to consider, but Morpheus 8 – the new treatment taking the industry by storm – is one of his most popular, as is his micro-needling and gentle lip enhancement. Want to test the water first? His product line is a great place to start, with a range of skincare that smooths, plumps and improves moisture levels. 

How To Book: For bookings, consultations and price plans, visit

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