8 Tools To Treat Cracked Heels & Dry Feet
8 Tools To Treat Cracked Heels & Dry Feet

8 Tools To Treat Cracked Heels & Dry Feet

If you’re suffering with cracked heels or dry feet after a summer in sandals, there are plenty of effective tools out there that can help you give them a bit of TLC. From an innovative buffer to an easy-to-use file, here are eight we rate.
By Rebecca Hull

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The Budget Buy…

Tootsie Tamer Foot File, £9.42 (was £10) | Nails Inc

For a foot buffer on a budget, try this one by Nails Inc. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to use and immediately makes light work of dry, hardened patches of skin. For best results, we recommend using it pre-shower, then afterwards slathering your feet with a moisturiser or body balm before putting socks on top to seal in the hydration. Ideal for sensitive skin types, it isn’t too abrasive or harsh.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

The Callus Remover…

VacuPedi, £66.38 | Silk'N

This electric foot file is well worth the money. With three different grinding discs and two speed settings, it safely breaks down dead skin and corns at speed with clever, rotating discs. There’s also an in-built vacuum system  to catch dry flakes and make the whole process more efficient – not to mention cleaner. Hold it in place over the areas that need buffing and let the tool do the hard work for you – you don’t need to hold it down firmly; it’ll get to work without you applying too much pressure.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

The Versatile Buffer…

Pedi-Buffer, £19 | Spongellé

A cleanser, exfoliator and polisher in one, this innovative sponge does a bit of everything. Keep one shower side and dampen it before moving it over your feet in circular motions. Use the textured, rougher side to focus on dead skin and calluses. The in-built oils quickly nourish and moisturise, while sea kelp and peppermint help to break down dryness. Designed to last for up to 30 washes, just squeeze it out once you’re finished and it’ll be ready to reuse when you next wash.

Available at Spongelle.com

The Sole Smoother…

Sole Smoother Antibacterial Callus Stone, £15.72 (was £18) | Tweezerman

This double-sided foot pumice has the perfect amount of grit to it. One side is slightly harder and made from ceramic stone to break down even the most stubborn areas of dead skin. The other is designed to be used afterwards to buff skin and get rid of any bumps and uneven patches of skin. The long handle lets you cover a wide surface area  – plus, it’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath while skin is still damp.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

The Does-It-All Tool…

Flawless Pedi, £24.99 | Flawless Pedi

There’s a reason this has racked up so many five-star reviews. Carefully designed, it tackles every need – from hard calluses and dry, cracked skin to little corns. With two different heads and buffing speeds, it works fast to shave down skin and tackle rough, uneven texture. You’ll see a difference immediately – think softer, smoother feet that are free from cracks or scaliness. Just remember to start with the lowest mode. It works fast, so it’s worth nailing your technique before taking things up a gear.

Available at Boots.com

The One Experts Swear By…

Double Sided Foot File with Rubberised Handle, £19.95 | Footlogix

Experts often recommend this foot file. Made from stainless steel with a multidirectional grit, it’s not like the cheese-grater tools you sometimes come across. Instead, it’s gentle but effective at buffing away dead skin and hardened calluses. With both coarse and fine gritted sides, you can smooth out rough patches from your heels to your toes. You never have to worry about overdoing it either. Use it in an up and down motion as opposed to side to side so as not to irritate existing issues.

Available at NailPolishDirect.co.uk

The Precision Filer…

London Professional Foot File +2 Replacement Pads, £30 | Margaret Dabbs

As a podiatrist and expert in foot health, it’s safe to say you can trust anything by Margaret Dabbs. Made from stainless steel and available with four replacement pads – two for each side – this foot file is one of the best on the market. Thin and easy to manoeuvre, it allows you to get into every difficult spot, while the sharper edges mean you can use it to buff around your toenails too. Use it on dry feet for best results, focusing on your heels, the balls of your feet and anywhere that’s prone to calluses. You can keep the pads clean with a damp nail brush, or stock up on replacement files when needed.

Available at LookFantastic.com

The Softening Spray…

Remove + Smooth Callus Peel, From £25 | Mii Cosmetics

This isn’t technically a tool but it’s efficient nonetheless – especially when used alongside pumices. It uses exfoliating ingredients like glycolic acid to dissolve dead or hard skin at speed. Spray liberally – at least three times – over problem areas and leave it for a few minutes before getting to work with a buffer. From there, you’ll see dead skin and calluses break down quickly, leaving you with smoother, softer feet. It’s great on cracked heels.

Available at MiiCosmetics.com

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