How Epsom Salts Work & The Ones Worth Trying

Epsom salts are a known remedy for muscle aches and tension. But did you know they can also help improve skin tone and promote better sleep? With so many benefits on offer, we broke down how they work and the best ones out there to bathe in…

They’re Rich In Magnesium

Epsom salts are a mix of magnesium and sulfates – both of which are released when mixed with water. Known for their healing and soothing properties, they’re often recommended by health experts to regulate the activity of enzymes in the body, which promotes better sleep, energy production and muscle control.

Use Them To Soothe Tight Muscles

If you’re over-exercising, Epsom salts are a not-so-secret recovery trick. Not only do they soothe and revitalise sore muscles, the magnesium works wonders when it comes to reviving a flagging body. The warmer the bath, the more powerful the effect. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after an Epsom salt bath to flush unwanted toxins from your body.

They Also Condition Dry Skin

There’s a reason Epsom salts are a key ingredient in many bath and body scrubs – they work to gently scrub dead cells from the surface, while the lack of sodium chloride means there’s no drying effect or sticky feeling afterwards. For extra benefits, invest in Epsom salts that contain other aromatherapy ingredients. For example, Dr. Teal’s Epsom solution uses lavender to soothe dry patches and calm feelings of restlessness – it has over 1,300 positive reviews, too.

Have A Bath To Ease Stress & Anxiety

Epsom salts work wonders to calm frayed nerves – they’re actually proven to sedate the nervous system. Supercharge your bath by adding one or two large handfuls to warm water along with some essential oils. If hormones are the culprit behind your stress levels, keep an eye out for added geranium to neutralise out-of-control emotions.

Finally, Relieve Those Weary Feet

Current research shows that while Epsom salts won’t kill fungus, they can draw out moisture when used alone (i.e. without added aromatherapy oils) and provide a drier environment that fungal infections can’t adhere to. A scattering in the bath could also help reduce foot odour and prevent bacteria from seeping in – in short, they’re incredibly beneficial for overall health.
*DISCLAIMER: No one with an open wound or a severe burn should use Epsom salts. If you have got an open wound, always consult your GP or pharmacist before using them.

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