The Body Massage Tools Everyone Should Try
The Body Massage Tools Everyone Should Try

The Body Massage Tools Everyone Should Try

Whether you want to ease muscle tension, improve circulation or brighten the appearance of your skin, an at-home massage tool could be the quick fix you’re looking for. From mechanical rollers to toning devices, here are the ones we rate.
By Rebecca Hull

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Body Plane Tool, £40 | Esker Beauty

BEST FOR: Exfoliation Dead Skin Cells

HOW TO USE IT: This one may look intimidating, but it’s incredibly easy to use. Designed to ‘scrape’ away dead skin cells, massage the skin and exfoliate, it takes a three-pronged approach, while its larger size is better suited for covering a wider surface area. For best results, use it right after you’ve taken a long hot bath or shower, when your skin is warm and damp, as this allows for a more seamless glide. Start with your arms and legs, using a moderate pressure as you move the tool across the skin. Try to use upward motions, too – as if you were shaving your legs – and keep moving in circles. 

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Body Restorer Massage Tool, £38 | Hayo’u

BEST FOR: Releasing Tension

HOW TO USE IT: This tool has won countless awards. Made from 100% stainless steel, it offers antibacterial properties, while the smooth surface is ideal for gliding across your skin with ease. Try using it after exercise as a deep, intense treatment, or for instant relief as and when you need it. Take it over the key pressure points to release tension using long, circular strokes moving upwards from the ankle – this will stimulate your lymph nodes and improve circulation.

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Art Of Noir Roller, £46 | Nannette De Gaspe

BEST FOR: Increasing Blood Flow

HOW TO USE IT: Designed to microneedle the skin while also giving it a thorough massage, this multitasking tool stimulates and repairs simultaneously. It quickly gets rid of dead skin cells, while also increasing blood flow and bringing fresher nutrients to the surface with tiny microscopic pin-pricks that are entirely pain free. Use it on dry or wet skin, but we recommend applying an oil or serum first for a bit of extra slip. The best bit? You don’t have to wait to see results – your limbs will look healthier almost immediately and feel lighter.

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NuBODY Skin Toning Device, £383 | NuFACE

BEST FOR: Smoothing & Toning Skin

HOW TO USE IT: The NUFACE devices may seem a bit gimmicky, but several experts – including A-list make-up artist Lisa Eldridge – swear by them. This one works particularly well on the body to smooth dimples, tone skin and boost dullness, thanks to advanced microcurrent technology that gently vibrates and massages the skin. It gets to work deep down, stimulating collagen, elastin production and strengthening the skin to improve the appearance of cellulite. You need to use it for a few weeks, but you’ll see results if you stick with it.

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Clean Body Massage Device, £145 | PMD

BEST FOR: All-Round Benefits

HOW TO USE IT: This is an investment, but it’s worth it. Designed to be used in the shower, it is completely waterproof and comes with three attachments to buff, exfoliate and massage your skin. The gentle vibration is just enough to stimulate blood flow and it’s also made from antibacterial silicone, so you never have to worry about germs or dirt building up. Ideal for a full-body overhaul, skin feels amazing post-use – we recommend using the silver loofah-like attachment over under-the-skin-bumps or breakouts. With regular use skin will feel smoother, softer and look more even in tone.

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Revive Face & Body Sculpting Device, £129 | Cloud Nine

BEST FOR: Use On Face & Body

HOW TO USE IT: This palm-sized device works on both the face and body. Small but mighty, it comes with several LED lights to help with issues like breakouts, dark spots and redness. As you use it, the gentle vibrations get into every little nook and cranny to reduce tension and boost blood flow. Once you’ve finished, you’ll find any serums or creams you apply absorb far quicker. Make sure you experiment with the different heat modes to alleviate discomfort and cool any inflammation. 

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Skinesis Bodylift Tool, £36 | Sarah Chapman

BEST FOR: A Deep Massage

HOW TO USE IT: If you’re after an easy win, this tool from Sarah Chapman should be high up the list. As you push it into the skin, the knuckle-style roller stimulates the same effect as a deep tissue massage. Designed to hit all the right pressure points and aid lymphatic drainage, a total of 72 massage nodules will soon get to work on your arms, calves, thighs or buttocks. Just avoid using this one on the face. 

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