Your Waxing Etiquette 101

Your Waxing Etiquette 101

When it comes to beauty maintenance, waxing is up there at the top. From what to ask for to how to remedy a bad one, we spoke to Cynthia Chua, founder of Ministry Of Waxing, and Waxperts founders Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien, about getting a good wax.

Do Your Research

“Word of mouth is probably the best referral for a wax, so ask your friends for recommendations and Google the salon to read their reviews. Once you have found one, call to ask a few questions. Do they use a premium waxing brand? Is there a ‘no double dipping’ policy? (This is essential for hygiene.) Do they use hot wax for all bikini waxes? Never get a strip wax on the face, underarms or bikini - it’s way too harsh for the delicate skin on those areas. A hot or peelable wax with a pre-wax oil is what you should be asking for.” - Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien, Founders of Waxperts.

Know What You’re Asking For

“The Hollywood is removing everything from the front and the bottom; Brazilian is removing most of the front leaving a strip or a triangle on the pelvis area’ a ‘high’ bikini line is both the sides and the top; and a ‘basic’ bikini line is just the sides.” - Cynthia Chua, Founder of Ministry Of Waxing.

When It Comes To Cost, Think Realistically

“You get what you pay for, realistically. If the salon is using premium products, you should expect to pay a reasonable amount for the treatment, especially if they have a no double dipping policy. If you visit any of our UK Waxperts stockists, prices for Hollywood/Brazilian waxing can vary from £35-£50, Underarms £10-£12, Leg waxing £15-£20 (half leg) and £25-£30 (full leg)”. - Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien

Always Give Feedback For A Negative Experience

“If you are unhappy with the treatment or service, always speak up. Let the therapist know why you are unhappy with the treatment or speak to a manager and explain your concerns. A good salon will always welcome feedback, whether it is good or bad.”

Expect A Certain Level Of Pain

“As a client you will never know if a therapist is doing it wrong, you should expect some discomfort if this is your first wax, you have not been waxed for a long time, or have shaved in-between.” - Cynthia Chua

Waxing should never be extremely painful. Again, always do your research, go to a therapist that uses a good quality waxing range and has the relevant training. This will help make the treatment as pain-free as possible. Make sure your therapist is using the correct wax on each area – we recommend strip wax for legs/arms and hot wax with a pre-wax oil for face, bikini and underarms.” – Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien

Let It Grow Between Waxes

“We say you hair should be as long as a grain of rice. If you’ve been shaving, try and leave it as long as you can; three weeks would be ideal. If you’re a regular waxer every 4-6 weeks is perfect for repeat appointments.”

Be Prepared For ALL Situations…

“You can have a wax on your period, but just wear a tampon. You may be a little bit more sensitive, but you can absolutely still get waxed.”

Avoid Caffeine

“You can take painkillers if you want, but if there's caffeine in them it will make your skin more sensitive. The same goes for a cup of coffee so skip it before you get waxed. Anticipation is really what makes it seem more painful so try and relax. Going to a therapist that uses a quality waxing range and has specific training for intimate waxing, alongside going for regular waxes will give you as pain-free a treatment as possible. The more you go, the finer the hairs will and the less pain you’ll experience.”

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

“Ingrown hairs occur when the hair gets trapped beneath the skin. This could be from dead skin cells, wearing tight underwear or clothing where the pressure prevents the hair from breaking through the skin. To treat and prevent them use a gentle exfoliator like salicylic acid – it’s the most effective ingredient as it exfoliates with causing any friction – 48 hours before your wax to ensure there’s no trapped hairs. You’ll find it in our Waxperts Wonder Pads which moisturise, reduce inflammation, itching and accelerate healing. They are gentle enough to use every day but strong enough to give you results.”

Take Your Time

“How long a wax takes completely depends on the treatment you’re getting. It usually only takes around 15 minutes for facial waxing, 30-45 minutes for a full Brazilian wax, and about an hour for a full leg wax.”

Dress Appropriately

“If you’re getting a bikini wax, go to your appointment wearing loose comfortable clothes and loose knickers. You want to keep the waxed area cool and without friction afterwards. If you’re getting a leg wax, avoid skinny jeans.”

Avoid Home-Waxing

“To be honest I’d just say avoid it. Especially for delicate areas like the face or bikini. Waxing is a skill that needs to be taught and you could end up doing more damage than it’s worth. With legs, you could possibly get a decent result with at-home strips and it would be a better option than shaving but without proper training, it is often a messy and time-consuming process.”

Give Yourself A Break Afterwards

“Before getting a wax don’t use any body lotion or oils. Afterwards, you are restricted with what you can do and apply. It’s best to avoid exercise, swimming, hot showers, fake tan, sauna and sun exposure for 24 hours. If you’re getting your upper-lip or eyebrows done avoid applying makeup afterwards or touching your face as your pores are open so it’s easy for bacteria to get in and for you to break out.

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