How & Why To Build A Proper Eye Care Routine
How & Why To Build A Proper Eye Care Routine

How & Why To Build A Proper Eye Care Routine

There are beauty and wellness experts and there’s Marie Reynolds. Having been in the industry for nearly four decades, her holistic approach to high-tech treatments, science-backed skincare and health-supporting supplements has won her a legion of loyal fans. Now, Marie’s tapping into eye health with her new Eye Spa range, which is designed to nourish the eyes from the inside out, relieve eye strain and tension. Here’s what makes it so revolutionary…

Created in partnership with Marie Reynolds

Why Are Our Eyes So Important?

It’s no secret the skin that surrounds the eyes is delicate, but it isn’t the only reason they require special care, says Marie. “Our eyes have vital connections to meridians – i.e. energy channels – in our bodies, as well as our organs and emotions,” she tells us. “For instance, each meridian has a partner organ as well as an emotion that affects the body as a whole. The whites of your eyes, for example, are linked to your lungs, while dark circles and puffiness are an indication that the kidney energy is deficient. Puffiness may also indicate stomach energy deficiency or food intolerances and allergies." That’s where Marie’s new range comes in. Created to boost skin’s hydration, and improve the overall appearance of your eyes and help to alleviate eye strain and tension, while supporting your body's meridians.

What Makes The Collection Different?

With over 36 years’ experience – she’s launched ranges for top brands such as Origins – Marie is an authority on all things skin and health, as well as the ingredients and formulas that really make a difference. Combine that with her knowledge of wellbeing and the routines that are best suited to enhancing its performance and you have a line-up that’s unlike others on the market. “I wanted to release a range that wasn’t just a treatment for the eye area, but also a therapy to give a well-rounded approach to the intricate and complex environment of the eyes and all the energetic pathways they hold.”

The Range In Detail…

Promises To: Deliver Intense Hydration 

Why You’ll Love It: Like a shot of water for the skin around your eyes, this hydra-gel is so cooling and quenching. Just a small amount locks in moisture and keeps it there, taking down inflammation and puffiness. Ingredients like prickly pair seed oil locks in moisture, while green coffee seed oil detoxifies the skin and adds hydration.  We love the addition of kukui and watermelon oils as well - both of which are super antioxidants. Added castor oil is a nice addition for stimulating lash growth, too. Use a little over your brows for some extra nourishment and keep it in the fridge for extra cooling benefits.

Promises To: Relieve Pain & Tension

Why You’ll Love It: Created to work with the eye's meridians, these Eye Balls help massage and stimulate your key acupressure points. The benefits? Not only do they work on puffiness, but they also alleviate the pain that comes with eye strain and migraines, as well as easing tension. Unlike some others on the market, they’re lightweight and ergonomic and perfect for travelling. Like the eye cream, we recommend keeping them in the fridge or freezer overnight. You can then follow Marie’s simple step-by-step below.

  1. Start by sweeping the Eye Balls three times underneath your eyes. This will target your stomach kidney meridians, thus improving drainage.
  2. Use the rounded ball to push into the hollow of your brow, sweeping over the top of your eyes for the spleen meridian.
  3. Come back into the hollow of your eyes and work clockwise to reduce any energy that’s built tension.
  4. Use both Eye Balls on one eye (one above and one below the brow) to pinch and lift. This influences the gall bladder, clearing heat and tension that can cause migraines.
  5. Move the Eye Balls in circular movements around your eyes to take down puffiness.

Promises To: Calm Tired Eyes

Why You’ll Love It: This self-heating and gently warming mask immediately soothes tired eyes, reducing puffiness and swelling, while also helping your muscles relax. The warm compress is made from organic cotton and infused with camomile to help aid circulation and reduce inflammation for brighter-looking eyes and less tension. It's especially helpful if you struggle with regular migraines or headaches. It also works to draw moisture from your skin and push it into the delicate surroundings of your eye area for a smoother, plumper appearance. 



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