The Make-Up Mirror Everyone's Talking About

The Make-Up Mirror Everyone's Talking About

Imagine a mirror that allows you to see your make-up in different lights and keeps your beauty products neatly stashed away. If you’re looking for the ultimate vanity case to easily find your make-up and then have the perfect light to apply it, meet Beautifect. Designed with portability, speed and great lighting in mind, it’s easy to see why the slick Beautifect Boxes are selling so fast. Founder and CEO Tara Lalvani told us more about what sets them apart from the crowd – and how to get the most out of them…


Introduce us to the brand, Tara…

“A few years ago, I was looking for a product which would allow me to do my make-up conveniently, without being tied down to my dressing table or a bathroom mirror. 

I was also fed up of applying my make-up with the wrong lighting every day. When I couldn’t find what I was searching for myself, I knew I had to create it. I wanted something that allowed me to get ready in just half the time comfortably – and anywhere I want. It’s for all these reasons that Beautifect was a born – a brand that’s about perfecting your beauty and being considerate of the limited time we have.”

You mentioned convenience – why’s that so important to you?

“We have accepted over time that we have to get up and leave our family, friends or partners and sit in a separate room to do our make-up every day. We’ve also accepted that we should rummage through messy unclean make-up bags trying to find the item we need each time. In this day and age we are still sitting at a dressing table or standing at the bathroom vanity mirror with poor makeup storage, the same way it has been done for generations and people are used to doing their make-up like this, but in a world where everything is available on demand, why isn’t our make-up too? Today, we need efficiency."

Speaking of the Beautifect Box, why is it so popular?

The Beautifect Box was the first item we launched. I call it the 21st-century answer to a traditional dressing table. It is the world’s first, patent-pending, compact, rechargeable and portable makeup space. The touch screen smart mirror combines leading LED lighting technology with a distortion-free mirror, as well as a smart make-up storage system. Every aspect has been extensively thought through: from the special torque hinge on the mirror – which allows you to tilt and hold at any position – to the single charge that lasts up to three weeks; and a magnifying mirror that magnetically attaches when you need extra focus. There is nothing that’s not been considered. The smart storage system is a huge bonus, allowing you to intuitively find your make-up, meaning no digging around at the bottom of a messy make-up bag."


Our lighting technology is two years in the making and allows you to see your make-up in five different environments – from bright sun to evening light.
Our lighting technology is two years in the making and allows you to see your make-up in five different environments – from bright sun to evening light.

The lighting really stands out – how long did that take to get right?

“It was in development for two years to ensure we had the very best and it's now leading the way in the industry. It was important to me as you want to see your daily essentials, as well as have flawless light to see exactly what you’re putting on your skin. We have simulated five different lighting environments – ranging from evening light all the way to bright sun – so you can adjust your make-up depending on where you are going and when. It’s brilliant for helping you avoid make-up mishaps – this is tricky with ring lights or cheaper quality lighting that tends to be overly harsh, making it hard to see colour variations accurately."

Lighting aside, how else does Beautifect fit into your daily routine?

"We often sacrifice precious time to get ready and look and feel our best. Why? Because we don’t have what we need when we need it and where we need it. It becomes stressful and time consuming, but the Beautifect Box makes getting ready effortless. Doing your make-up suddenly becomes something to enjoy and less of a chore. Everyone can and should be able to have it all – from busy mums on the school run to time-poor professionals and make-up lovers.”

Now the Beautifect Box is making waves, what’s next for the brand?

“Beautifect launched only six months ago, and we’ve already achieved so much – especially as our first retailer was Harrods. However, I know there’s a lot to do and we’re constantly pushing. I’m committed to international growth – particularly in Europe, the UAE and the US. Our key goal is to give you the best tools to perfect your beauty, so we have no plans to stop with our current offering: The Beautifect Box, Vanity Case and Tote Bag. There are some exciting products in development which is all I can say right now, so watch this space.” 

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