5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Worth The Hype
5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Worth The Hype

5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Worth The Hype

Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez – there’s no shortage of celebrities launching beauty lines, but are any of them actually any good? Here are five SL beauty contributor Adeola Gboyega rates and the products worth trying from each.
By Adeola Gboyega

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Fenty Beauty

In the celebrity beauty world, Fenty Beauty is a bit of a pioneer. Launched in 2017 by global superstar Rihanna, it was nothing short of game changing when it finally arrived. In fact, I wonder if many celebrity beauty brands would have come to market if it hadn't paved the way. Fenty Beauty's success was driven primarily by its commitment to inclusivity: from the outset, Rihanna made it clear her brand would cater to a wide range of skin tones and undertones. It launched with an impressive 40 shades of foundation, which was unprecedented at the time, and it sent a powerful message to consumers by challenging the industry norm. It resonated with a diverse customer base, making many feel seen for the first time. Add to that Rihanna being the face of the brand (I mean who doesn’t want to take beauty tips from Rihanna?) and the continued success of the brand isn’t hard to understand. As a make-up artist, I rate the products – they are well formulated and innovative.

Available at Boots.com

Rhode Skin

Rhode Skin has generated significant buzz – there isn’t a day when I don’t see images of Hailey Bieber using her aesthetically pleasing products and it being shared all over social media. When you think of Rhode you think of its minimalist, clean and chic aesthetic – which perfectly reflects Hailey Bieber's personal style. It isn’t just visually appealing, though. For me there are two standout products from the range – the lip treatment and the glazing milk. Both offer effective hydration, versatility and plenty of lightweight luminosity. It’s a really modern and minimalist approach to skincare.

Available at RhodeSkin.com

Pattern Beauty

Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her iconic natural curls, so when she announced the launch of her haircare brand Pattern Beauty, I was so excited. I remember attending the UK launch where Tracee braved the cold to take an outdoor shower, just so she could show us her personal haircare routine  – it just made so much sense as to why this brand was so needed. Tracee is so authentic and charismatic; you can really see the personal connection she has with her customers. The brand's commitment to inclusivity goes beyond just offering a wide range of products for different curl types and textures. Pattern Beauty also celebrates the diversity of natural hair by emphasising the beauty of all curl patterns and advocating for self-acceptance. This inclusivity addresses a long-standing gap in the beauty industry, where curly and coily hair had often been overlooked.

Available at Boots.com

Rare Beauty

I like Rare Beauty because there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Selena Gomez has been open about her struggles with mental health, and she had integrated this into the brand's mission. Rare Beauty encourages self-expression and self-acceptance, promoting the idea that beauty goes beyond just physical appearance. It’s what sets Rare Beauty apart from other celebrity beauty brands. As someone who has struggled with their own mental health, I know beauty is more than just lipstick and foundation, it’s also how we express ourselves and show ourselves to the world. Like Fenty, Rare Beauty focuses on inclusivity and accessibility – even the packaging is specifically designed for people with disabilities in mind.

Available at SpaceNK.com

S'Able Labs

Sabrina and Idris Elba already share a beautiful partnership in their marriage – so it made sense that they would join forces and launch S’able Labs. The range is a selection of skincare products designed to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin – and it’s genderless, so there isn’t a marketing ploy to sell to anyone specific. Instead, it’s a line that can be used by you and your partner. The products are well formulated, and I love that the ingredients have been naturally sourced from Africa. There are so many powerful ingredients that have long been used as part of traditional beauty rituals in Africa and I really appreciate that S’able Labs includes them in the formulas.

Available at SableLabs.co

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