How To Break Out Of A Make-Up Rut

How To Break Out Of A Make-Up Rut

It’s easy to get into a routine with your make-up, but sometimes a routine can become a rut. With just a few adjustments, you can get out of your rut and reap the rewards. Here's make-up artist and beauty expert Trish McEvoy’s advice on the simple changes you can make to switch things up and refresh your routine…

Understand Why You’re In A Rut

All of us get used to doing our daily routines and tend to get stuck as we become busier – before you know it, days, weeks and years have gone by and you’ve been on make-up autopilot. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but switching things up can dramatically boost your confidence – not to mention give you the encouragement to try new products and have fun. It’s important to remember that any changes you make needn’t be dramatic; they can simply enhance what you already do.

Assess Your Skin & Facial Structure

Your face is ever evolving. It’s important to take a good look at your facial structure and seek out the areas you like the most and want to enhance. Try and take pictures of yourself – often what you see in the mirror is the way you feel, but not the way you look. Looking at a photo of yourself can help identify the things you want to change – be it more glow, structure or warmth.

Be As Reductive As You Can

One of the easiest ways to break your routine up is by leaving something off. I am a huge believer in starting simple, then adding on, versus going in heavy and having to remove. For example, as an everyday look, you could use an upper lid brightener and mascara alone, leaving off eyeliner and shadow. You can then take a step back and add these things in if you feel the need. Likewise, you can play with a smooth canvas and a muted lip while leaving mascara off altogether if you fancy something fresh and elegant. The point is, you don’t have to actively change something; instead, just delete a couple of things for subtle change. 

Tweak Your Colour Palette

This is an easy tweak but can make a huge difference to your look without totally changing your make-up bag. Opt for a shade that updates your ‘comfort level’ palette. Right now, I am recommending raspberry, champagne tones to all my clients – they are flattering, suits-all and give a chic update to any neutral palette. You can experiment with shades too at your own preference – look to eyeshadow sticks that you can roll over your lids. These allow you to play with intensity of colour and push forward or pull back depending on how subtle you want the look.

Try A New Texture

Everyone should be mixing up the textures they use in their make-up. This is because all age groups vary as to what they can get away with. As our skin ages, we need to pare back the heavy, occlusive coverage and instead become quite analytical of textures we’re using. It’s important to nourish the skin – not dry it out – so look for sheer foundations that still lend coverage, but have a bit of luminosity to them. This is important as highlights with minimal shimmer flatter everyone. Foundation aside, you can use a gold-tinted cream shadow on your lip, the bridge of your nose and at the inner corners of your eyes to add more light.

Layer Your Products Differently

Layering your products is a great way to mix up your routine. For instance, try applying a cream blush as a sheer base, then enhancing it even further with a powder blush. This sounds like a simple move, but it adds longevity to your look as well as extra depth and definition. Likewise, you can flip it, and apply a powder eyeshadow then sweep some gloss on top to enhance both the pigment and to create a glow that catches the light beautifully.

Finally, Seek Out An Expert

Heading to beauty counters to play with product and seek out expert help is always a good idea. Make-up artists can advise you on changing your make-up seasonally, as well as give you guidance on understanding your face and the best areas to enhance.

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