Make-Up Masterclass: How To Warm Up Your Complexion In Autumn
Make-Up Masterclass: How To Warm Up Your Complexion In Autumn

Make-Up Masterclass: How To Warm Up Your Complexion In Autumn

A warm glow is synonymous with summer, but a little bronze can do wonders for your skin at this time of the year too – especially if you’re prone to dullness. The right products, textures and application techniques will deliver a gentle hit of colour to instantly boost your look and feel instantly. Here’s what you need to do…

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Look To Cream Textures

“To create a more realistic warmth in autumn, use cream and gel products that will mimic the skin’s natural texture. These also tend to hydrate the skin, which we need more as the colder months take a toll on our complexion. A few drops of Tan-Luxe’s formula in your moisturiser before bed really helps to give your skin a natural boost.” – Celia Burton, make-up artist 

Mimic Your Real Tan

“In autumn, whatever your tone or colour, your bronzer should mimic the way your skin would change naturally in the sun. For example, someone fair that never tans should look to pink and peach-toned bronzers – golden ones won’t look natural. You want to mimic your colouring and not work against it, otherwise it will look fake and out of place. I really recommend Bobbi Brown’s Antiqua Bronzer to everyone – it’s flawless year round.” – Ashley Dayes, make-up artist & influencer 

Don’t Go All In

“Rather than putting bronzer all over your face – which gives the game away – apply it just to the highest areas of your face. Think about where the sun naturally hits. That includes your forehead, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Applicators like Glossier’s Solar Paint and Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Contour Wand make this really easy to do. You can essentially paint the product on and blend it into the skin for a smooth, creamy finish.” – Celia 

Use Bronzer Over Contour 

“You can warm your skin up in many ways, but my preferred method is with a bronzer. They typically have softer formulas and create a really smooth, sun-kissed finish across the skin. Contour products, however, are made to create definition and are usually only available in cooler shades, so they don’t give your complexion much warmth in the winter.” – Ashley 

In autumn, whatever your TONE OR COLOUR, your bronzer should mimic the way your skin would CHANGE NATURALLY IN THE SUN.

Don’t Neglect Blusher

“The colder temperatures mean we don’t have that nice, warm flush like we do in the summer, so as well as bronzer, make time for blusher. Make sure you use a bronzer and blusher that are the same texture to ensure everything blends together beautifully to look hyper-natural. In the autumn, it’s more about reds and browns than bright pops of summery colour. I like brown tones for the lips from September onwards to keep the warmth going and tie everything together. My favourite is Glossier’s new Generation G in Fuzz.” – Celia

Get Your Tools Right 

“A good bronzer brush is key for warming up your skin naturally – even if you use it to apply fake tan. I recommend Illamasqua’s 150s Large Powder Brush. Use it to apply your bronzer in a figure of three – from the forehead, across your cheekbones and down to your jawline. I also love a dusting of bronzer across the bridge of the nose for extra glow.” – Ashley

Play With Highlighter

“Whenever I apply bronzer I love the contrast that a highlighter brings. In the cooler months, a creamy highlight applied to the tops of the cheekbones gives that hydrated, fresh glow which pairs perfectly with bronzer. I swear by Beauty Pie’s Illuminating Wands for this.” – Ashley

“As well as highlighter, the combination of blusher and bronzer will help to create shape in your face. For instance, the bronzer acts as a contour when applied along the cheekbone, and the blush lifts the cheek, adding even more definition – especially if you apply it to the apples of your cheeks. When you apply these products, pay attention to the way it changes the shape of your face. If you can master that, you can really harness the power of make-up and how it can warm up your complexion.” – Celia

Blend, Blend & Blend Again

“You don’t always have to bronze everywhere – it’s very dependent on your outfit and formula. But if you’re wearing a V-neck for instance, you might want to dust a little powder bronzer down on your neck and chest to uniform the colour. Likewise, if you’re wearing your hair up, don’t forget behind your ears. It’s a little spot that we forget and it can look really off if you apply bronzer everywhere but here. If you’re using a cream bronzer, apply it just to the face as it looks more natural than powder, so you can get away with not blending it below your jaw.” – Ashley

Finally, Try A Sponge 

“If you’re using creams and gels – like Dr Hauschka’s Bronzing Fluid – I recommend applying them with a damp make-up sponge. These work well to give skin a dewy, healthy quality, which again looks more natural. As for brushes, I love Westman Atelier’s Liquid Blender Brush. It helps blend everything together seamlessly, which is key for a very realistic and warming bronze.” 

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