Day Vs Night: How Your Skincare Routine Should Differ

Day Vs Night: How Your Skincare Routine Should Differ

As your complexion’s needs change through the course of a day, so should the skincare products you use. Skincare specialist Debbie Thomas tells us the best approaches for both AM and PM.

Why There’s A Difference
It’s all to do with the daily cycle of the skin. During the day, your skin can become highly stressed as it is exposed to dirt, oil production, make-up, UV rays and pollutants, so it takes on a basic role of protection by keeping these irritants out and water in. Come night-time, its focus shifts to repair and recuperation. Your nightly routine plays a big part in how well it can mend itself.
Stick To This One General Rule
Your AM routine should support protection; your PM routine should boost regeneration.
Switch Them Up With Just A Few Key Ingredients
You only have to make a few small changes to see a difference. Your morning routine should be boosted with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help draw and trap moisture into the skin for the rest of the day. Also seek out products with ceramides, which strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier function, thus enhancing its powers of protection. In the evening, look to products that facilitate repair and regrowth, such as those that include growth factors like peptides, stem cells and – most importantly – retinol. The latter is good for night time because you’re not exposed to the sun or any UV rays, so there is a smaller risk of irritation.
But, Above All, Keep Them As Simple As Possible
With so many brands and products out there, it can be hard to choose the best routine for your skin. Try to keep it simple – and to listen to your skin. Below are general recommendations for both morning and evening.


Start With… A cleansing formula that’s calming and kind to the skin. Both oils and balms work well as they gently sweep over the skin without the need for any pulling or tugging.
Follow Up… Antioxidant serums are a favourite because they protect against daily aggressors. Formulas with vitamin C work particularly well as they prevent damage from occurring. Antioxidant formulas also tend to be far lighter, so they layer easily under both make-up and sunscreen. Acne-prone skin types will want an oil-free antioxidant – look to vitamin E as a great alternative.
Finish… By slathering on a hydrating moisturiser that contains SPF. Then you’re good to go.


Start With… A thorough double cleanse. I can’t recommend this enough as it really is the best way to rid everything from the skin.
Follow Up… Moisturisers laced with retinol get your skin to work plumping and encouraging skin-cell turnover. If you have a reaction to vitamin A, check in with your derm or a trusted skincare expert who can give you a list of effective alternatives (like bakuchiol). Remember there will be a bit of trial and error to find the ingredients that suit your skin type.
Finish… With a hydration booster. It’s not absolutely necessary but is a nice addition if your skin is dry or tight. This can be in the form of drops, which you can add into your overnight cream for further nourishment.
Remember Both Routines Are Paramount To Healthy Skin

You can’t have one without the other – any skincare expert will tell you that. Both regimes are important for the long-term health of your skin. Remember the skin is the largest organ of your body and modern life is not the best for keeping it in top condition. For example, even the thinning of the ozone means more harmful UV rays, while micro toxins and chemicals in food and water can penetrate and irritate the skin, so it really does need all the help you can give it. The same goes for your hands – don’t neglect them. While they don’t need a full cleansing routine, they’re still exposed to the elements and can benefit from nourishing moisturisers that repair.
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