Here’s What You Need To Know About Facial Essences

Here’s What You Need To Know About Facial Essences

Essences have been popular in the Asian market for years but are only now getting the attention they deserve. These lightweight nourishing liquids deliver the first layer of moisture in your regime. But what is a skin essence and how should we be using them? SL investigates.

They Are Gentle And Suit All Skin Types

It’s an easy mistake to make given they both have the same consistency, but one of the key differences between toners and essences is essences don’t contain alcohol. Instead, they dose up the skin with hydration and high levels of active ingredients which can get deeper down into the skin for speedy, visible effects. Another benefit? They’re non-tacky and incredibly light so won’t peel.

They’ve Been Proven To Work By Many Experts

There’s been a lot of doubt over how necessary essences really are, until clinical results proved they can instantly increase the skin’s hydration levels like no other product in your regime. The key is to look for essences that don’t include ethanol (as this is a skin-stripper), and instead look for one with soothing vitamin E or allantoin. Some may even contain yeast, ginger or rice, which are proven to speed up skin-cell turnover while naturally balancing the skin’s pH levels.

They Can Be Applied With Your Hands And Fingers

Korean women press it on clean, dry skin using their fingers in a tapping motion until it’s fully absorbed into the skin. This is because traditional cotton pads soak up too much of the formula, so you don’t end up getting much on your skin. It makes for quite a relaxing ritual when you have the time. But if this sounds like too much effort, try a spray form to speed up the whole process.

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