Innovative Skincare That Really Delivers
Innovative Skincare That Really Delivers

Innovative Skincare That Really Delivers

Skin Theøry is the new, affordable brand taking the beauty world by storm. Backed by science and known for using the most innovative, high-quality active ingredients, it stands out for the speedy results it yields. If you need further proof, we’re sharing the results of some of its bestselling products – from the gentle retinol that delivers smoother-looking skin to the peptide eye cream 93% of testers would recommend. Here's what’s worth snapping up with 25% OFF…

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Retinol Retinaldehyde Cream


The Stats: 92% of testers said this product was gentle on their skin, while 82% said their skin looked smoother within four weeks of use and 74% noticed their pores looked smaller in size. Fine lines improved too, with 70% seeing a reduction and 72% seeing fewer blemishes with regular application.

What It Does: By now, you’ll know retinol is the gold-standard in anti-ageing skincare, but sometimes it can be abrasive. In this cream, Skin Theøry takes the hero ingredient ‘retinaldehyde’ – a different version of vitamin A that’s closer to prescription-only retinoid acid – and uses it to strengthen skin and stimulate the production of collagen. The use of retinaldehyde means results are faster too as it's able to penetrate the skin more effectively than traditional retinol. The formula cushions any irritation with skin-plumping peptides, while retinaldehyde helps with cell turnover for smoother-looking skin that’s more even in tone and texture. Regular use will reduce pigmentation and blemishes too, as well as shrink enlarged pores. Unlike some vitamin A-based creams, this is suitable for all skin types – even those with sensitivities.

How To Use It: After cleansing, apply this at night, one to three times a week. Build up the application slowly – like any vitamin A-based product, you need to allow your skin time to adjust, so starting slowly is key. Always follow up with an SPF the following morning.

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Peptide Eye Cream


The Stats: 93% said the delicate skin around their eyes felt more moisturised post-use, while 76% saw their dark circles and puffiness improve. Finally, 80% of testers said their eye area appeared brighter.

What It Does: This is a brand bestseller for good reason. Full of skin-nourishing peptides and hyaluronic acid, it offers maximum hydration and has a silky, lightweight texture that absorbs fast – we recommend applying it to damp skin as it melts in even quicker. Designed to boost circulation, it minimises puffiness and dullness while also plumping up fine lines. Plus, it's currently on sale with 30% off, so there's never been a better time to try it.

How To Use It: Apply a single pump to your ring finger and dab this on after cleansing, morning and night. Make it your second to last step in your routine and seal in all the benefits with a night cream. It’s gentle enough to be taken right up to your waterline without any fear of irritation, too – we love how cooling it feels.

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Vitamin C Day Cream SPF 30


The Stats: 92% said their skin felt more moisturised post-use and 88% said their skin felt suppler and more hydrated, while 85% said their complexion looked brighter.

What It Does: Skin Theøry’s entire vitamin C line is designed to hydrate and firm for healthier, brighter-looking skin. Any drying effects normally associated with vitamin C are met with a hydrating dose of hyaluronic acid, which explains why this Vitamin C Day Cream gives skin a bouncy look and a dewy glow. Regular use will smooth uneven skin tone and protect it against daily aggressors like UV and pollution, too.

How To Use It: Apply this after cleansing in the morning as your daily moisturiser. If you’re out in the sun, try to top up once throughout the day for extra protection.

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Antioxidant Lightening Serum


The Stats: 86% found their skin felt more hydrated with regular use, while 84% of testers said their skin looked brighter and 80% said it evened out their skin tone.

What It Does: Promising to brighten and hydrate skin, this suits-all serum uses brightening vitamin C and nourishing gooseberry and liquorice to flood skin with moisture. It’s also designed to lessen pigmentation and remove dull, dark patches. Used regularly, you’ll see it renews lost glow, enhances skin elasticity and takes down redness and irritation. We love that it's oil-free too, so even those prone to sensitivites and breakouts can use this without fear of clogging up their skin.

How To Use It: Apply just a few drops to clean skin in the morning and at night – you can also use this daily underneath any day cream or SPF. It’s lightweight, so you’ll find it absorbs fast and doesn’t interfere with any other textures.

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Vitamin C AHA/BHA Cleanser


The Stats: 92% said this cleanser made their skin look smoother, while 86% said their complexion became less congested and 84% said their skin’s texture and brightness improved.

What It Does: If dullness or breakouts are your bugbear, you’ll love that this cleanser is packed with three exfoliating acids and jojoba beads. It swiftly removes dead skin cells and gets rid of dirt trapped deep in your pores for instantly fresher-looking skin. It’s a great remedy for ingrown hairs and under-the-skin bumps as well.

How To Use It: Use this once or twice a week – as it’s quite potent, you don’t need to use it every day to see results. Massage a small amount into damp skin and really work it in with your fingers to increase circulation and encourage glow.

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*Stats from four-week consumer trials.

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