My AM & PM Routine: Georgia Day
My AM & PM Routine: Georgia Day

My AM & PM Routine: Georgia Day

Attending launch events and discovering new products is all in a day’s work for SL beauty contributor Georgia Day. Here, she reveals the skincare and wellness routine she uses to kick-start and wind down on those busy days…
By Georgia Day

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First Things First

A strong cup of coffee is my first priority in the morning. Only once that’s been had do I assess my face in the mirror to see what’s what. These days, a good night’s sleep isn’t always guaranteed, which means I wake up more often than I’d like with tired-looking, puffy eyes. While an ice cube circled around the eye area is a failsafe trick, I prefer the less messy option of a fridge-fresh pack of MZ Skin’s Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Masks. Even if you forget to chill them beforehand, the combination of hyaluronic acid, seaweed, nano gold particles and collagen means they’re properly placed to nix everything from puffiness to dehydration and dark circles. I pop them on as soon as I wake up and leave on for as long as I can.

Essential SPF

Once I’ve cleansed, put my serum on and moisturised, it’s time for sunscreen. A good SPF is the easiest, most effective way to prevent premature skin ageing, so it’s always the last step in my morning skincare routine. Right now, I love L’Oréal Paris’s new Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C UV Fluid SPF50+. In addition to antioxidant vitamins E and C that repair and protect simultaneously, it sinks in instantly with no chalky residue. I love how it leaves my skin with a subtle glow and a more even tone, which makes it the dream base for make-up. If I’m wearing make-up, I’ll do a quick five-minute routine of the essentials (concealer, mascara, bronzer and blusher) before I go downstairs to make breakfast for the kids.

Supplement Strategy

This year I’ve made a conscious effort to stick to a supplement routine (I’ve even bought a pill box organiser from Amazon, so you know I mean business). To make sure I don’t forget to take them, I keep the box next to my blender and wash them down with my morning smoothie. Aside from a longstanding probiotic, I’ve added Vitabiotics Wellzyme Digestive Enzymes into the mix, which are great for maximising digestion and helping the body absorb nutrients from your food. I also take a sachet of Altrient Liposomal Vitamin B & Mineral Complex, which has endless benefits including stronger hair, skin and nails, encouraging normal functioning of the nervous system, and a reduction in stress and fatigue. I finish off my morning dosing with another sachet, this time Altrient’s Liposomal Magnesium MagTein which I take both morning and night to support healthy magnesium levels and help with the above sleep issues.


Massage The Day Away

My evening skincare routine starts as early as I can manage, and is as much about ritual and relaxation as results. For that reason, I like to incorporate tools in the evening, and right now top of my list is the Firmness Roller from myBlend, a newly launched range from the formulators behind Clarins. Any roller will stimulate circulation and help product to penetrate, but this one has rotating heads which deliver a double massage action that feels so good on my face at the end of a long day. I use it with the Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Cream from the same collection, which I like because the buttery texture offers enough slip to allow the roller to do its job properly. The cream also contains biomimetic peptides, as well as hyaluronic acid and organic turmeric extract, so it helps improve elasticity, support the skin barrier and just generally re-energise my complexion. 

Bed Hair Begone

My haircare routine used to be very low maintenance (there was a time I didn’t even own a hair dryer) but then came an influx of exceptional hair tools and I haven’t looked back. Hair washing always takes place at night as I never have time in the morning, so I’ll do that every other night and then dry it using the ghd Duet Style Hot Air Styler, which takes your hair from properly wet to completely dry, sleek and styled in minutes. To activate extreme gloss mode, I switch on the Shine Shot function when it’s finished drying. Once a salon-worthy finish has been achieved, I don’t want tossing and turning on a rough cotton pillow to ruin all my hard work, so I’ll slip into bed and lay on a Slip Silk Pillowcase. It ensures I wake up with shine and smoothness still intact, so no bed head here, thank you very much.

Midnight Misting

If products make it onto the sacred space that is my bedside table, you know they must be good. It tends to be things that work their magic overnight like sleep masks, lip balms and oils, but I recently reserved a spot for a new fragrance find, which is so good that I want to wear it all night as well as all day. The scent is question is L’Eau Papier EDT by Diptyque and I have become completely obsessed with it. Thanks to its creamy blend of white musk, blond woods and sesame (who knew the scent of sesame was so intoxicating?) its skin-like scent also makes the perfect night-time comforter, enveloping me in cosiness as I prepare to drift off. A couple of spritzes on my pyjamas has now become as much a part of my bedtime routine as my night cream.

The Final Countdown

Before I call it a night, there’s just enough time for a few final bits. I have different lip balms on rotation but one I always come back to is Lanolips Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm. It’s super dense but not at all greasy, and you really can’t beat it for intensive overnight nourishment. A slick of cuticle oil on my nails ensures my gels last longer and my nails always look groomed (I’m enjoying Peacci’s Cuticle Oil at the moment) and then a quick slick of UkLash Eyelash Serum on my top and bottom lashes to stimulate growth, density and length (progress is in play, I’ll keep you posted). Then it’s lights out and sweet dreams.

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