New Skincare Ingredient To Know: Polyglutamic Acid

New Skincare Ingredient To Know: Polyglutamic Acid

Reputed to be ten times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic is the new ingredient to look for in your skincare. From blurring fine lines to boosting collagen, we explain why it’s a worthy investment…

Experts say it’s the secret ingredient that dry skin needs, true or false?

True. This amino acid is new to the skincare scene but independent clinical trials prove it’s set to hydrate your skin like nothing else. This is because unlike hyaluronic (HA), it has larger molecules, which in turn allows a thin film to form on the skin’s surface preventing water loss. Derived from fermented soybean mucilage, it works similarly to HA, plumping fine lines while brightening lacklustre complexions within days. It also helps to aid the natural exfoliation process, as well as boosting elasticity and collagen.

Where should you be incorporating it into your current regime?

Depending on what form you buy it in (night cream, serum etc.), you should always try and use it after cleansing, but before moisturiser. This is because the moisturiser acts as a protective layer locking in all the goodness from your acid-based product.

Does this mean you should be replacing hyaluronic with polyglutamic (PGA)?

Not at all. In fact, experts claim the two work well together to provide you with a mega dose of hydration, which most of us need when our moisture levels inevitably dip. HA is still one of the most powerful skin-plumpers on the market. Not to mention its magic power of allowing other products in your regime to sink deeper post-use. Just think of PGA as your final and very effective protective coating.

Is this new acid suitable for vegetarians and vegans?  

There are two types of this key hydrator: synthetic and non-synthetic. Typically, most are synthetic, but some of the acids are derived from animals, so it’s worth checking the labels carefully before you use it.

Any notable brands using polyglutamic acid in their formulas?

Currently only a handful are including PGA in their products, but chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more as the beauty realm catches onto its ultra-hydrating abilities. We expect to see a stream of new skincare heroes which include this ingredient in 2019.

In the meantime, check out our pick of the ones that have already launched below…

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