The London Wine Spa Where You Can Bathe In Merlot

Wine lovers, this one’s for you. London wellness clinic Ella Di Rocco has installed a Tuscany-inspired Wine Spa in its basement dedicated solely to vino. Going full throttle with the ethos that wine is good for you, the relaxing treatments use both grape extracts and real bottles of the red stuff . SL took a trip to the to indulge in our two favourite pastimes – hot baths and red wine….

Are wine spas really a thing?

Yes. From Italy and France (naturally) all the way to Japan, spas across the globe are cottoning on to the beauty benefits of wine and grapes. Grapes are full of antioxidants like polyphenol, which helps to stimulate circulation and detoxify skin, while red wine is packed with resveratrol (found in the skin of red grapes) which boosts cell renewal and improves skin firmness. At Ella Di Rocco’s Wine Spa, all the treatments are created around red wine in some shape or form.

What do the treatments entail?

The Wine Spa’s signature treatment is a 90-minute pampering session made of three parts – a scrub, a bath and a full-body massage. First comes a warm foot bath scattered with rose petals that allows your therapist to talk you through the treatment, followed by the merlot body scrub – a blend of red vine leaves and Italian sangiovese grapes, used to exfoliate and reinvigorate the skin. Next comes a quick pit-stop shower before you step into your very own wine bath. Plonk yourself down in the steaming deep stone bath filled to the brim with hot water, merlot wine and more of those floating rose petals.

Once you’ve patted yourself dry, it’s on to the massage table. The calming, relaxing oil-based massage uses merlot grape seeds and rosemary to activate your circulation and boost your immune system – and it smells pretty delicious too.

Any highlights?

The wine bath is a real experience. Deep in colour and rich in scent, you’re left to soak in the wine-infused water for around half an hour, and – if your phone is tucked tightly into your jeans pocket as ours was – it’s just you, your thoughts and some plinky-plonky music for the best part of an hour, which is an underrated bliss. Plus, you can have a little chuckle at the signs telling you to resist drinking the bath water – which, believe us, is harder than you think.

Who should go?

Considering you get to sip on a glass of wine whilst you’re in your wine bath, it’s safe to say this one is only for real wine fans. The massage was fairly gentle, so anyone who likes a bit more pressure may have to vocalise their preference. But the treatment as a whole will leave your skin feeling soft, and your mind relaxed – perfect for anyone who just wants to switch off for 90 minutes.

How much is it?

At £245 for the body scrub, bath and massage, it’s not the most purse-friendly treatment out there. But you don’t have to sign up for the full 90-minute session – you can experience the body scrub and wine bath for £90. Or, there’s the option to upgrade to the scrub, tub, massage and a wine-infused body wrap for £295.

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