My Playlist With… Jyoty
My Playlist With… Jyoty

My Playlist With… Jyoty

Looking for some new music inspiration? From the artists worth following on Spotify to the one tune that always gets her on the dancefloor, club DJ-to-know Jyoty shares her favourites – as well as the up-and-coming names to have on your radar…

I got into DJing by accident, just like everything else in my music career. It wasn’t something I’d planned or expected, but I started getting more and more DJ requests after being on the radio. People seemed to like the type of music I was playing, but no one really knew if I could DJ – and I couldn’t a few years ago. My friend Jamz Supernova asked me to open an event at Bussey Building in Peckham and didn’t take no for an answer – I had two weeks to practise and that was my first gig. 

I don’t have a favourite genre of music. That’s why my radio show is so fluid and my DJ sets are really varied. Instead, they need to include all types of genres, from neo soul to jungle to funk to house to blues and grime. I don’t have a favourite sound to listen to or play, but I love to fuse everything together. 

Right now, I can’t stop listening to Hagan from the UK. He’s known for funky, soul and West African sounds and he’s been on repeat for about a year. I’m also obsessed with up-and-coming artist Bea Anderson for RnB and reggae, while Sault is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK in years. I also have to shout out my partner’s new EP – Face in the Storm by Goya Gumbani. 

One mix I always listen to is Maseo’s Boiler Room set. I put it on when I’m about to go on a flight to RELAX ME AND SET A VIBE.

I usually listen to music on Bandcamp, which is a great platform for discovering new artists. I also love SoundCloud and YouTube. Spotify’s algorithm is amazing, but I don’t use it that much these days. 

It’s so hard to choose my favourite album right now, especially when Sault just dropped five albums at once. Their sound is a mix of RnB, house, disco and they’re such an exciting band in the industry right now – there’s a real buzz around them. Shaka Lion has also just dropped an EP with Singularis which I’ve also been playing on rotation. 

If I had to choose a favourite album of all time, it’d be a toss up between Erykah Badu’s Baduizm and Black On Both Sides by Mos Def. They both soundtracked my childhood and I like to think they represent who I am as a person. I also don’t have a favourite song of all time – that’s the worst question for any musician or DJ to answer! That said, ‘He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)’ by Jill Scott is definitely a contender. 

I love old school tunes. Anything from the 90s through to the 2000s, I love them all. There’s barely a song that came out in that era that I don’t like, whether it’s something from the American Pie soundtrack to songs by Ja Rule. It’s so nostalgic, and even if I didn’t love them at the time, I have a new appreciation for that time. Some of my favourites include ‘1 Thing’ by Amerie and Eve, ‘Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy, and ‘Thug Lovin’ by Ja Rule. 

I want to big up some of my favourite DJs – especially everyone at my Homegrown shows. I started Homegrown at the beginning of the year – it’s the type of party that raised me as a teen and the party I’d want to go to these days. Though it’s really made for 30-year-olds with all the throwback tunes. I love Belgian DJ Faisal who I just played with recently (he blew my mind), as well as JD. Reid and Shy One. My Spotify playlist Jyoty Radio also features some of my favourites who are releasing great music right now.

I’m often asked about the artists who are ‘killing it’ right now, but that’s a very subjective term. I like to talk about some of the more under-the-radar acts you might not have heard of, like Jaydon Clover who I’ve loved for years. She flies under the radar, but has one of the best sounds on the London scene. Nia Archives, who’s more mainstream, is also killing it and definitely one to watch in the future.


My favourite remix is Neptune’s one of Sade’s ‘By Your Side. It’s a bit of a controversial one among Neptune lovers – you love it or hate it – but it was one of the first remixes I listened to and thought, ‘Wow, this is great.’

One mix I always listen to is Maseo’s Boiler Room set. I put it on when I’m about to go on a flight to relax me and set the vibe.

I’ve been playing a lot of Black Mamba over the last few months. She’s definitely one to see at a club night or festival if you get the chance. Murder He Wrote has also been on repeat, and I’m loving all the music from Lisbon record label Príncipe. 

House parties are always good for pop music and more mainstream artists. It should be about good vibes and singing along to the songs you know. Britney does it best…

In the five years I’ve been DJing, there hasn’t been a set I’m 100% happy with. However, my gig at Lost Village festival this summer was amazing. It was two hours of up-tempo tunes and the crowd made it really special. Also, the two gigs I played in Lisbon a few months ago were incredible – the energy was up there and, again, the crowd was so fun.

The best gig I’ve ever been to was D'Angelo’s return after his ten-year break. That was back in February 2012 and he played at Parody in Amsterdam. It was a late-night gig that started at about midnight and the energy was insane. It’s been imprinted in my brain ever since.

My Boiler Room set was a surreal experience, but I think it came a bit too early in my career. I was so nervous I had to throw up before the show, and I also drank a little bit too much to calm my nerves. That said, it’s been one of the key moments in my career, and I was glad I could just party with the crowd.

I haven’t been out in over a year, but there are so many cool venues in London. I’m sad that some of my favourites have closed down, including The Nest, Dance Tunnel and Plastic People in east London. These days, I love Colour Factory in Hackney – it showcases some of the best talent you’ll find in the capital.  

I actually don’t listen to music at home. When music became my job 24/7, I stopped playing it in the house. I can’t listen to music and do two things at once, as I like to be fully immersed in what I’m listening to, go back, rewind and sing every word. I wish I could lie and say I put on a playlist when I get home from work, but honestly that’s the last thing I want to do.

When I need to unwind, I listen to albums and projects that are mainly instrumental. J Dilla always clears my mind, and I also love Eyes from Birmingham for something mellow and vibes-y.

UK garage and 2000 pop divas like J.Lo and Britney always get me on the dancefloor. Then again, I can’t resist funky house either…

I haven’t been out in over a year, but THERE ARE SO MANY COOL VENUES IN LONDON... These days, I love Colour Factory in Hackney – it showcases some of the best talent you’ll find in the capital. 

My top three start-the-weekend tunes are ‘Body Groove’ by Architects,  ‘Waiting for Tonight’ by J.Lo and my own remix of ‘Taal Se Taal’. They really set that Friday night feeling.

One album that always makes me cry is Chasing Summer by Sir. The album dropped in 2019 when I was touring Asia, America and Europe. I’d gone through a very needed breakup and really came into myself and into my womanhood that year. It was a positive rollercoaster of a year and the album soundtracked that.

On New Year’s Eve I’ll probably stay in with my friends and watch a film. Last year, we watched You Got Served. I never go out on NYE and like to do something lowkey instead.

I’ve been touring non-stop since May and I’m about to finish. I’m off for the next three months, before I head to Australia and New Zealand tour next year. I’ll be back in Europe for festival season so stay tuned next summer…

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