Almada Label Is The Knitwear Brand To Know Now
Almada Label Is The Knitwear Brand To Know Now

Almada Label Is The Knitwear Brand To Know Now

For a quiet luxury take classic knits Almada Label – a Scandi brand known for its pared-back knits and effortless aesthetic – is the brand to know. Here, founders Alexa Dagmar and Linda Juhola tell us about their personal style and the pieces they love…

Our love for fashion has been ingrained in us since an early age. We found our initial foothold in the industry by working at boutiques during our school years. And then we honed our skills through internships at magazines and studios. As the blogging era dawned, we both ventured into the digital realm by launching our own fashion blogs. Despite not following a traditional designer route, we've both consistently harboured a love for fashion and design throughout our journey.

We wanted to create something entirely our own. Having spent over a decade in the digital marketing industry and working for various brands, we wanted the creative freedom to oversee the entire processfrom production to branding – and to align every decision. It wasn't an easy path. It took us two years, and there were moments when we were on the verge of giving up. But it was worth it when we were finally able to bring Almada Label to life.

We firmly believe that LESS IS MORE – not just in our brand, but IN HOW WE NAVIGATE OUR DAILY LIVES.

The intention is always to create designs that are timeless. The brand is a seamless blend of minimalist, Scandinavian style and contemporary influences. Designs are intended to resonate with an enduring sense of style.

Embracing minimalism is a core principle for us. This philosophy becomes even more significant as two working mums. In the midst of the constant chaos, we firmly believe that less is more – not just in our brand, but in how we navigate our daily lives.

Our personal style is aligned and we both lean towards simplicity. We often opt for uncomplicated daily uniforms but also strongly believe in the transformative power of accessories and their ability to inject personality into a look. For an easy chic daytime look, a set of statement earrings with a low bun and a turtleneck is a combination that consistently proves to be a winning formula for both of us.

We strongly believe in the concept of comfortable elegance. When you feel at ease, you always look your best. It’s the secret to great style. We find ourselves reaching for knits most of the time. Knitwear offers the kind of versatility that can be dressed up or down in numerous ways.


Knits are a fundamental part of both of our wardrobes. On weekends, you might opt for a casual yet chic look by pairing an oversized crewneck with leggings. When it comes to dressing up, sleek hair, bold jewellery and heels is instantly elevating. Knitwear seamlessly transitions from a cosy, laid-back look during the week to a more polished and sophisticated ensemble for special occasions. This versatility is what makes each knit a wardrobe hero and a key part of our day-to-day fashion choices.

We are always mindful and considered in our approach. We are fortunate to design without deadlines, allowing us to refine and perfect each piece at our own pace. Taking our time and avoiding the pressure to force creativity or react to trends is a crucial aspect of our process. We also embrace the concept of carry-overs, recognising the value in preserving pieces beyond a single season, as it just wouldn't make sense to discard a great design after just one cycle.

Launching at Harrods so early in the year has been incredible. It’s a dream come true to be part of such an iconic department store. And we always feel at home in London. The people we've met are truly amazing, warm and welcoming, and there's a shared, dry sense of humour that resonates with us. The bustling energy of a big city is present, yet London always manages to feel cosy and charming.



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