10 Life Lessons From Beauty Mogul Jo Malone

10 Life Lessons From Beauty Mogul Jo Malone

Joanne Malone MBE is one of the most successful women in beauty, and with an inspiring story to boot. Despite leaving school with no qualifications, she went onto launch her eponymous empire – and, most recently, luxury fragrance brand Jo Loves. To mark the start of her ‘Week With SheerLuxe’, here the business guru reveals the advice she would give her 21-year-old self…

1. Never Settle For Second Best

This is the lesson I was taught by the Countess Lubatti at the age of eight when I made my first facemask. I always strive for perfection – for every fragrance I create, there are around 100 rejected submissions.

2. Be Passionate About Your Product

Never be frightened to show your true feelings and emotions, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your brand. This brings realness and allows your brand to have a personal heartbeat.

3. Invest In The Currency Of Creativity

It will never devalue as long as you use it. For me, creativity has been my best friend throughout my entire career. It’s a journey and an adventure that brings colour and vibrancy to life.

4. Learn To Be A Great Storyteller

People love stories. I love stories. They ignite something within people and help to fully immerse them in your visions.

5. Don’t Take The Easy Route

Not everyone you meet in life will share your values and vision but as a founder, what makes the brand is you. Don’t compromise, even though it can often be a lonely road for a while. If you take the easy route, you can often find yourself just doing a job, and that’s definitely not for me.

6. Remember Failure Is Vital

Often business, failure is an important ingredient – knowing what not to do can be as valuable as success itself. I know this sounds really crazy, but failing teaches you one of the most valuable things in life – resilience. It will create business muscle and a way of being able to approach difficult times with a very positive attitude. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself too, and let everybody enjoy the joke. You haven’t got all of the answers – nobody is perfect.

7. Enjoy The Moment

One of the things I wish I’d done earlier was learn to enjoy the moment. I was always working towards the next goal and I forgot to celebrate every milestone with my team and my family. I certainly celebrate now and treasure each moment. One of my favourite quotes is, “Never look back as long as you can laugh and never look forward unless you can dream”.

8. Collaboration Benefits Everyone

As long as you’re collaborating with the right person. Don’t be frightened to share an idea – the best ideas come from brainstorms with other people. I feel passionate about the next generation too, we should share the run and pass the baton. We run an apprenticeship programme at Jo Loves where we nurture young talent and it’s very important to me.

9. Be Brave

I also love the André Gide quote, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” You won’t always know the destination, but this uncertainty is part of the excitement. Find courage from deep within yourself to take each step.

10. Never Make Big Decisions On Bad Days

I’m an emotional person and have made this mistake a few times in life. Don’t make a life-changing choice when you’re not feeling your best, wait a day or two until you can see the whole landscape. You’ll make a more informed and wiser decision.

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