10 Mothers Share Their Perspectives On Parenthood
10 Mothers Share Their Perspectives On Parenthood

10 Mothers Share Their Perspectives On Parenthood

Every mother knows parenting can be one of the hardest jobs in the world – but it also comes with huge rewards and plenty will say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Ahead of Mother’s Day, we asked ten women to share their perspectives on parenthood, from what it’s taught them to how it’s impacted their lives…
By Harriet Russell

Sarah Corbett Winder


“More than anything, motherhood has taught me patience, but being a parent is also so rewarding. The way I see it, our children are mini versions of ourselves who we get to nurture and teach – and also dress up! Another positive thing about being a parent is that it teaches you to understand yourself better and look at why you behave the way you do. Compared to when I was younger, I now express much more emotional and physical love because I want my children to feel loved. You also become a role model to your children; I know very clearly that they will do as I do – so it’s probably made me a much better person. Finally, they’ve taught me that laughter really is the best tonic – something I’ll be forever grateful for.”

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Laura Spence

SheerLuxe Chief Of Staff

“At this point, I know that while it matters what I say as a parent, it’s what I do that really counts the most. For me, the best thing about being a mother is that it gets better the older the children get – which wasn’t something I necessarily expected. You always think the stage you’re in can’t be bettered. Plus, it's stirred up greater ambition across all walks of my life, whether that’s in my career or general relationships.”

Laura Wills


“Being a parent is to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. I really would do anything for my children and the best things about parenthood are actually the little things – seeing my children smile or hearing them laugh, listening to the things they say. It’s the mundane moments you’ll actually remember the longest. Also no one tells you that once you become a parent you’ll worry far less about the small stuff. It’s very liberating.”

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Louise Roe

Sharland England Founder

“One of the things I didn’t expect as a mum was how much your children make you laugh. And not just the toddlers but babies, too – it’s amazing how young they are when their sense of humours start to come out. On a more serious note, becoming a parent has taught me to strike a better balance between work and family life. I take pride in my career, but the perspective children bestow upon you is so important. My favourite part of the day is snuggling up with them both for story time before bed. I love reading them all the stories I used to read as a child.”

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Holly Scarsella

Business Consultant

“Becoming a mother has taught me two things. First is unconditional love – you can be sitting in a pile of vomit and dirty nappies singing ‘Baby Shark’ for the 50th time without wanting to be anywhere else. Second is it teaches you how resilient you really are. I look back at what I've had to cope and deal with, and wonder how 25-year-old me would feel thinking about what she would have to face. But we do it and we get through it – mums really are amazing. One of the things I love the most about being a parent is that you're never alone. I've literally created my three little best friends and will never be bored or lonely again. As a parent, you also find out how to let go of judgement and expectations. It's really helped in all aspects of my life. If I'm exhausted and can't face making dinner, then TV and toast it is – and I couldn't care less.”

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Patricia O’Dwyer

Digital Creator

“The first thing I want to say to expectant mums or anyone starting their parenthood journey is that the lack of sleep won't kill you, even when you feel like it might! Also, when people say you don't understand the love you are about to feel they are so right. You have a little best friend who is so full of life and happiness all the time (even at 2am). We all have stressful or challenging days but even if my daughter Ottilie has a bad night or falls and bumps herself – two seconds later all is forgotten. She reminds me there is so much to be grateful for and feel positive about. Interestingly I do think being a parent has made me more selfish. It might not sound that positive, but it’s taught me how important it is to put my own oxygen mask on first. I need to protect my energy so I can be the best mum, and protect our time to ensure Ottilie has everything she needs to keep her happy and well. It’s been a learning curve, but I know it’s worth it"

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Fashion Stylist

“Motherhood goes by so quickly. Yes, some of the nights are long, but the days, weeks and months fly by. My baby is already 18 months old, and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. It’s taught me to take life slower and really soak up those moments. The love is also too deep to describe. Things that mattered before are firmly in prospective. I’ve grown into the next stage of my life and I feel very lucky. Having this pure soul completely depend on me brings out a lot of emotions. My mum single-handedly brought four children up and worked long hours, juggling a baby, a tween and teenagers. She put us through school and supported us until we could do it ourselves. As a mum now, I want to give my baby the same safe and loving home, to teach her all I know about the world and people, so she can have the best life possible. When she puts her hands on my face and kisses me, the world stops. Having a baby has been a life-changing experience.”

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Sarah Templeman

SheerLuxe Head Of Broadcasting

“One thing being a parent teaches you – almost instantly – is to keep a sense of humour amid the total chaos. You learn quickly to pick your battles and make peace with the endless clutter. But if someone were to ask me to describe what being a parent is really like, I’d say, sheer joy. Parenting also makes it easy to maintain a basic fitness level! One smile from them can instantly cancel out a bad mood. I love hearing my children laugh together. I also think it’s important to remember you don’t have to be perfect – children love you no matter what. Finally, I think my husband is even hotter as a dad, and I’m even closer to my family and friends since having children. I also really appreciate and work to find quality ‘me’ time without feeling guilty.”

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Stephanie Waxberg

Digital Creator

“Becoming a parent has shown me a new level of selflessness. My daughter is now the focus of every decision I make and, while that doesn't mean I never do anything for myself, I do think each decision is based on her happiness. I can’t get over watching my little girl just be unashamedly herself – nothing beats seeing her smiles, hearing her giggles and feeling the loving warmth when she snuggles her head into my shoulder. Motherhood does present a contradiction, though: I've never been busier, but I've also never spent more time at home doing ‘nothing’. I've definitely slowed down and love just pottering around our new house with my baby.”

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Tobi Asare

My Bump Pay Founder

"Becoming a mother has helped me find my voice and become more vocal and clearer about what I what to achieve – both for my family and for myself. I suppose in many ways I'm more ambitious now. The best thing about being a parent is pouring your love into small human beings who love you back unconditionally – but it's also brought about a deeper connection with my friends, who are more like my sisters now. Friendships in motherhood are like gold – they just know what you need, whether it be it a hug or a good night out!"

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