10 Quirky Kitchen Utensils You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to cooking, there are certain tools that are essentials, but we’ve found the tools that help solve those kitchen dilemmas a wooden spoon just can’t fix. Whether you’re a domestic goddess or struggle to switch on the oven, we’ve rounded up ten super useful utensils that will make cooking simple.

Rub-A-Way Bar

Garlic and onions in the kitchen are a menace. While they may smell heavenly sizzling away in a frying pan, they wreak smelly havoc on us when they’re raw, making our eyes stream and our hands stink. While we can only suggest a pair of goggles for the former (they’re a real thing – look here), an Amco Housework’s Rub-A-Way bar  will remove any scent from your fingertips, so you don’t have to wash them like you’re the Lady Macbeth of onions.

Avocado Slicer

We know, we know – it’s probably bad to fuel the stereotype of millennials loving avocados even more, but for any self-respecting avo lover, this BlueBeach easy peeler is an essential. It lets you peel, core, slice and hollow out an avocado easily, keeping the flesh intact enough to get that crucial Instagram shot whilst it sits on top of toast.

Meat Claws

Is there anything more masculine than shredding meat? Well yes, turns out there is – these pulled shredder claws make you look like an actual bear as you tear into that barbecued pork. They’ll help you lift and carve the meat too, all the while the stay-cool grips will ensure your hands don’t get burnt.

Corn Cob Stripper

Nibbling those little kernels off the core isn’t for everyone – and neither is buying a pack of the frozen stuff. That’s why this Chef’n Corn Cob Stripper is the perfect compromise. It simply strips the cooked corn straight from the core – all you have to do is push and twist.

Hand-Held Spiralizer

Yes, spiralizers are very 2015, but have you ever seen those things? They are huge. They look like some weird torture device that takes up all the surface space in the kitchen. When you want to use it, you have to unplug the toaster and the kettle and put them elsewhere just to make your courgetti. But this OXO handheld spiralizer requires none of that. It fits neatly in a drawer and doesn’t require a mammoth clean-up session. Just attach your veg to the blade and twist.

Multi-Use Peeler

Learning those all impressive chopping skills is key if you want to impress your friends with those top-notch crudités. But what if you just can’t get the hang of Julienne cucumbers – or even just peeling a carrot? This Deiss multifunctional peeler will be at your service. Not only will you be able to peel a potato with ease, but you’ll be able to make perfect vegetable strips to add to salads – and apparently you can also use it on cheese, which is probably the real selling point.

Butter Mill

Everyone knows the pain of trying to spread stone cold butter straight from the fridge onto a piece of bread – it’s a disaster. The bread breaks up. The butter stays in a stubborn little ball, covered in sad breadcrumbs. Well not anymore, people. The Butter Mill takes straight-from-the-fridge butter and makes it its bitch. Put the stick of cold butter in the contraption and twist to push tiny ‘butter worms’ through the holes in the top. Then scrape them off and spread the soft little tendrils all over your bread. Easy.

Herb Cutter

We’re not all chefs, and thus cannot cut herbs with the precision and enthusiasm of Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver. To some, the action of chopping is simple and yet a complete mystery. How do you get such tiny pieces? How do you move the knife like that? It’s all too much to comprehend. These Pazi 5-Blade scissors are made to cut herbs the way the chefs do it. Parsley. Basil. Coriander. You name it, these babies can cut it.

Hygienic Tongs

Anyone who’s a fan of flipping food with a sturdy pair of tongs will know the pure pain of putting them down on the side and getting sauce/marinade/juices all over the kitchen surface – not to mention all the germs. These Dreamfarm ‘Clongs’ have a nifty little kink in them that keep the tips up, stopping them from touching the surface. And, they’re dishwasher safe – honestly, what more could you want.

Yolk Extractor

There is literally no good way to separate an egg. The yolk and the white seem intrinsically linked. Yet this Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor manages to do it – and in a very simple way. You simply hover the extractor over the yolk and squeeze the contraption, and the yolk will be sucked up into it. Then, release it by doing the same. So simple and yet so necessary.

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