9 Of The Best New Fitness Classes

9 Of The Best New Fitness Classes

After a year of at-home virtual workouts, real-life group classes are finally back. Whether you’re into barre, rowing, spinning or strength training, there’s something to suit everyone, whatever your goals. Here are the latest classes to book into now…


THE DETAILS: If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but have been put off by intimidating studios and bendy yogis, BLOK’s latest offering, New To Yoga, is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re a total beginner or looking for a refresh, these 60-minute classes flow at a slower pace, allowing you to gain confidence in key poses. More experienced yogis should sign up for the new Dharma classes, a more challenging flow that fuses physical and spiritual elements alongside guided breathwork.

WHERE: New To Yoga is available at BLOK’s studios in Shoreditch, Clapton and Manchester. Dharma Flow is only available at the Shoreditch studio.

Visit BLOKLondon.com 


THE DETAILS: Since 2009, FRAME has been the go-to studio for those looking to get fit without taking themselves too seriously. They offer classes to suit every mood, goal and fitness level, as well as high-energy instructors who provide constant motivation, whether you’ve signed up for a yoga or cardio session. Ensuring endorphin levels are kept topped up, FRAME's latest drop of classes include the 70’s-inspired Soul Strength and 70’s Barre, as well as Boogie Bounce, which uses mini trampolines for maximum burn. Aerobics fans should try the 90’s Super Sculpt and Retro Rebounding classes, while Zumba fans will love the new dance sessions – think House HIIT and 00’s Rave. 

WHERE: FRAME has studios in Angel, Farringdon, Fitzrovia, King’s Cross, Shoreditch and Victoria – classes and timetables vary between locations. 

Visit MoveYourFrame.com


THE DETAILS: FLEX has long been known for its sculpting classes – think the cheekily named Peach For The Beach – so its new addition fits right in. Sculpting lean muscle without building bulk, barre has fast become the smart way to get fit, and classes are now available throughout the week at FLEX. Using minimal equipment and movements inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates, these barre classes will target muscles you didn’t know you had, resulting in longer limbs, better posture and increased definition.  

WHERE: 293 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PZ

Visit FLEXChelsea.com


THE DETAILS: Boutique studio Core Collective is renowned for its results-driven classes, and the latest addition to the timetable, LIFT, has been designed to sculpt and tone. A 45-minute session using both dumbbells and kettlebells, the class will target all major muscle groups to build full-body strength. Expect compound lifts with heavy kettlebells, upper-body dumbbell work and bursts of cardio to raise your heart rate to ensure you’re getting peak metabolic burn. Whether you’re intrigued by weights but have no idea where to start or are keen to build on your lockdown gains, LIFT is the class to be seen at this summer. 

WHERE: LIFT will be taught at both the Knightsbridge and St John’s Wood studios. 

Visit Core-Collective.co.uk


THE DETAILS: An endurance-based method with Pilates at its core, the NY-inspired KARVE method focuses on building slow-twitch muscle fibres to increase body strength and kick-start the metabolism, ideal if you’re looking for speedy results. Classes, which follow a sequence of resistance-based movements, are carried out on KARVE’s bespoke spring-loaded machines and are joint-friendly, making it a top choice if you’re prone to niggles or are looking to build strength after an injury. Fast-flowing yet low-impact, this much-hyped workout will tone, strengthen and lengthen. 

WHERE: 198 Kensington High Street, London, W8 7RG

Visit Karve.Club




THE DETAILS: Tucked away on Chelsea’s Pavilion Road, KXU has long been the go-to studio for those looking for high-energy, results-driven classes, and its cycling sessions are no exception. After a year of hosting workouts online, the KXU team has updated several of its classes to keep things fresh, one of them being U-Cycle, an indoor spinning class that guarantees to get the heart rate soaring. Held on Keiser bikes, which feel more like a road bike than your average spin bike, you’ll work your way through 24 levels of resistance, incorporating hills and sprints. For something different, there’s also the new U-Cycle MTV offering, during which you’ll spin to music videos played out on a cinema-sized screen.

WHERE: Pavilion Road, London, SW1X 0BP

Visit KXU.co.uk


THE DETAILS: If you’ve had enough of Zoom workouts and are looking for a class that ticks both the mind and body boxes, the classes at Move Studios are worth having on your radar. The studio is headed up by brothers Christian and Ed, both former professional rugby players, who are on a mission to change the way we see fitness. Whether you sign up for a high-energy circuits class, strength-building kettlebell session or their signature class, Primal, which fuses strength and movement, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling brighter and stronger. We love Miranda Fox’s circuits classes, which end with meditation and breathwork. 

WHERE: 472 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1BY.

Visit TheMoveLifestyle.com


THE DETAILS: If strength training is your thing, UN1T’s space on Borough High Street is likely already on your radar, but it’s the brand’s new outpost in Holborn that’s getting all the hype. Going one step above your average gym, the equipment on offer is seriously high-spec – think PT-approved Concept 2 Rowers and Echo Bikes, and Olympic barbells and kettlebells. Guaranteeing a full-body approach, classes vary throughout the week and run on a 12-week cycle for the best results. Refuel post-class at the studio’s smoothie bar, which serves up protein-rich blends to aid recovery

WHERE: The new Holborn studio can be found at 23 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6UJ.

Visit UN1T.com


THE DETAILS: The brainchild of Real Madrid football phenomenon Gareth Bale, and team GP powerlifting champion Hendrick Famutimi, the Rowbots workout is for those looking for an athlete-worthy session. The first studio of its kind, it offers classes designed to strengthen and challenge your mindset as well as your body. All Rowbots classes are centred around the rowing machine, as well as intervals on the floor – think Barry’s Bootcamp but with rowing instead of running. The team’s latest class, Reset, is the perfect way to kick-start your day – with a cardio-focus, expect 50-minutes of rowing sprints alongside HIIT and strength work to build endurance and torch calories. 

WHERE: The original Rowbots is in Fitzrovia, while a second studio has just opened in Broadgate Quarter.

Visit Rowbots.co.uk

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