14 New Bikes & Accessories To Know
14 New Bikes & Accessories To Know

14 New Bikes & Accessories To Know

In the warmer months, cycling is a great way to mix up your exercise routine or even burn a few extra calories on the commute. If you’re in the market for a new bike, these are the latest models and accessories to know about…

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BEST FOR URBAN LIFE: Mono Bicycle, £580 | Tokyobike

For everyday city commuting, you can’t go wrong with this entry-level option. Tokyobike is a Japanese brand that focuses solely on bicycles designed for cities, and this light, simple and accessible bike is perfect for beginners or seasoned riders looking for a comfortable alternative to a heavier road bike.

Visit TokyoBike.co.uk

BEST E-BIKE: Centros, £3,099 | Raleigh

This new model is Raleigh’s most advanced e-bike. Described by the British brand as its ‘do it all’ model, the Centros will take you 130 miles on a single charge. It also features pannier racks, mudguards, an integrated rear bike light, a built-in rear wheel lock and a kickstand, as well as a suspension system for when you’re cycling over uneven ground.

Visit Raleigh.co.uk

BEST FOR COMMUTING: Kingfisher Commuter Bike, £589 | Bobbin

The Kingfisher is slim, stylish and lightweight, making it ideal for getting to work or for weekend bike rides. It comes with seven gears, which allow you to adapt to a wide range of surrounding speeds, while the bike is fully customisable – there are options to add a front basket and rear rack, and you can even match your helmet to your bike colour.

Visit BobbinBikes.com

BEST FOR LOW MAINTENANCE: Metro Bike, £585 | Temple

This traditional urban bike comes in two different models. Choose either the Metro Singlespeed, designed for commuting and leisure on flatter terrain, or the Metro Three Speed, which has three speeds to help you tackle steeper terrain. Temple also offers a Cycle To Work Scheme, which is worth looking into if you’re looking to make your commute more sustainable.

Visit TempleCycles.co.uk

BEST FOR COMFORT: MBM Touring Urban Bike, £228.31 | MBM

MBM has been manufacturing bikes since 1973 and is one of the most trusted names in Italy. Designed for women, this classically styled bike features an upright riding position for a comfortable cycle and comes with a colour-matched front basket and mudguard set as well as a rear pannier rack.

Visit DeporVillage.net

BEST AFFORDABLE OPTION: Fastlane Urban Bike, €314.05 | Finna

A great entry-level choice, Finna’s latest model is a fixed-gear bike, meaning it ultimately has fewer parts to purchase and maintain, and it’s lightweight – perfect for short rides. Developed in the streets of Barcelona, it’s been designed for speed, and comes in two colourways.

Visit FinnaCycles.com


Traveler Bike Light | Thousand

Ride safely with these LED rechargeable bike lights, which include a front headlight and rear taillight for both regular bicycles and e-bikes. Easy to use, they’ll help you stand out in traffic and on unlit roads. Launching later this summer.

Visit ExploreThousand.com

Bike Basket, £40 | Les Jardins De La Comtesse

This stylish basket provides a safe place to store your essentials. When you arrive at your destination, undo the straps and carry it using the handle. There’s also an insulated inner compartment to keep food and drinks cool.

Visit Selfridges.com

Velo 2, £79.99 | Beeline

This handy sat-nav makes it easy to navigate and follow instructions when you’re out and about. Type in your destination and the Velo 2 will give you three options: a fast route, a quiet route, or a blend of the two. It’s fully waterproof and has a ten-hour battery life. 

Visit Global.Beeline.Co

Spoke Reflectors, €10 | Rainette

Sold in packs of 12, these reflectors clip onto your bike’s spokes and thanks to hundreds of glass microbeads, reflect light from headlights to ensure you’re seen from a 360° angle. 

Visit Rainette-Shop.com

Varia Radar Camera, £349.99 | Garmin

This rear-view camera will not only make you more visible to approaching motorists, but its camera will continuously record your ride and automatically saves footage before, during and after events if it detects an incident. 

Visit Garmin.com

Multi-Tool, £26 | Brooks

A decent multi-tool is a cycling essential if you want to prevent technical hiccups from ruining your ride. This practical set includes 21 different tools, including Allen keys, screwdrivers and wrenches. It’s compact enough to keep in your bag, too. 

Visit ConranShop.co.uk

Bell, £25 | Crane

Based in Japan, Crane is known for creating beautiful and great sounding bells. Made from quality brass and aluminium, each bell is designed to last for years, and the loud, clear tone will keep you safe when cycling.

Visit BrickLaneBikes.co.uk

Helmet, £79 | Dashel

Planning to take your Peloton skills to the street? Put safety first with Dashel’s high-tech helmets. Slim and lightweight, each helmet has five air vents and machine-washable padding as well as an adjuster dial to allow you to tailor fit your helmet. 

Visit Dashel.co.uk

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