5 Easy Ways To Get Back Into Exercise After Christmas

5 Easy Ways To Get Back Into Exercise After Christmas

If you’ve lost your exercise mojo post-Christmas, or want help kick-starting your health regime, look no further than fitness coach Peter Cobby. From why you should take it slow, to ensuring you still have fun, here are his tips to getting motivated in 2020…

Go Slow To Begin With 

Yes, it’s a new year, but that shouldn’t mean you need to do all of 2020’s exercise in one month. Avoid early burnout by holding back a little. If you want to do six workouts a week, limit it to four. You’ll be itching to get back to it come your next workout. If you can be consistent with four sessions then later move it to five, but don’t go all guns blazing unless you want to be here next year doing the same dance, promising yourself ‘this year is going to be the one!’

Start With The End In Mind 

You wouldn’t set out on a trip to Australia without first knowing how to get there. So why would you start a fitness journey without at least a vague idea of where you are headed? Write down your end goal on a sheet of paper then, somewhere accessible, write down all the steps you need to take in order to get to that final destination. Once you’ve lined up all the steps, take the very first one and post it prominently in your room or on your work desk. This way you’ll have immediate access to what you need to focus on next and move you one step closer to your end goal.

Know That It Only Takes One Rep

Sometimes getting dressed for the workout is the hardest part. But once you start the process of tying up those shoelaces you’ve already won the battle. If you struggle with getting started, take this really simple advice: it only takes one rep to start a whole workout. If you can do one rep, you’re likely to do a second. And once you’ve done two then your mind is already in it so you might as well go ahead and finish the set. Before you know it, you’ll have worked up a sweat and your workout will be done. Don’t overthink it, just start.

Try To Make It Fun

There is nothing more soul destroying than feeling like you have to do something. You should actively be wanting to get up and move onto the next step. There is a new Ted Talk by Steven Duneier, who wanted to lose 25 lbs. He didn’t go the usual route of eating healthy and training every day. Instead he set a plan to walk all 30 odd trails in the national park near him over the course of a year. He lost the weight of course, but more importantly, he made it fun. No one said you must do a certain type of exercise, so find something you enjoy.

Make It Social When Possible 

With all of this newfound enthusiasm it’s easy to feel like you should go it alone. Instead, share the love and rope in a few friends on the journey. Some will drop off along the way, but the ones who stick with it will thank you for giving them that initial push. Even better, you’ll have someone to help you when it gets a little challenging. You’ll find it a real rod for your motivation when you start.

Whether it’s a couple of mates, a sister or neighbour, think of it like a book-club, where you can check in with someone who understands what you’re aiming for and supports your goal.

For more fitness and lifestyle inspiration you can find Peter Cobby over on Instagram and via his site.

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