6 Benefits Of Boxing You Need To Know

6 Benefits Of Boxing You Need To Know

Figures for boxing fitness classes are soaring. While everyone knows it's a killer total-body workout which burns more calories than any other exercise, did you know that boxing is an ideal postnatal activity and beneficial for those with injuries? Tim Hayes, celebrity trainer and founder of PT Collective ‘Peach’, explains the beauty of boxing – and why it’s all about the hips.

1. Boosts Self-Confidence

“Any good cardio exercise releases the feel-good hormone: endorphin. Endorphins activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic and euphoric effect. Taking things out on the boxing bag can be an instinctive way to control anger, as it’s a satisfying, almost primal response to the body’s ‘fight or flight’ system. But it’s also a skill. Mastering a skill unrelated to work or relationships can boost your self-confidence and takes your mind off whatever was bothering you. The fast-paced nature of boxing means no time to think about those unanswered emails. However, if you are a highly-stressed person, high-intensity interval style training can more pressure on a rundown body, particularly if you are sleep deprived.”

2. Helps Sore Hips

“Not many people realise the primary driver of boxing comes from hip rotation. If done correctly, boxing is a great way to improve hip mobility, as well as working the core. The movements which drive the spine, the shoulders and the arms all originate from the hips. I often use boxing with my postnatal clients, as it’s great to get the hips moving again after birth. When starting boxing, most people tend to only use their arms and shoulders and stay quite static. To get the full benefit, keep this concept in mind – rotating your core helps you pack a bigger punch and get a better all-round workout. The best way to check your boxing technique is to train with a qualified coach or personal trainer.” 

3. Burns Calories Fast

“Boxing is a great cardio workout for the full body. You’ll be using foot work, hips, and spine as well as your arms. As it gets the heart rate up quickly (burning more calories than other exercises), just be careful not to get overexcited and punch yourself out too quickly.”

4. Less Lower Body Pain

“I often use boxing as a way to get my clients moving again when they have come to me with knee pain or other lower body injuries. They might be unable to run or do traditional cardio, but boxing gets their heart rate up and takes their mind off the pain.”

5. Increased Fun

“Enjoying what you do when you train is fundamental to keeping your motivation. Whether you need to let off some steam or just try something new, boxing will always add an additional element to your session and never feels like a chore.”

6. It’s Great Mobile Cardio 

“For those of you that haven’t yet dusted off your treadmill or find it too cold to run outside on early morning sessions, boxing is a great way to improve your fitness indoors in a relatively small space. If you’re not into big classes or going to a busy gym, why not call up a personal trainer or a friend for a sociable, UK winter-proof workout? It’s a great way to relieve stress while keeping fit.”

Fancy giving it a go? Here are five SL-approved boxing classes to try now:

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