6 Of The Best Barre & Ballet Classes In London

For toning, strength and increased flexibility, nothing beats a barre or ballet-inspired workout. It’s why it has such a cult, celebrity following, with fans including Poppy Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Hudson. Fancy giving it a go? These six classes in London will strengthen your core, lean out your limbs and improve your flexibility in no time…

1. Ballet 4 Life

Offering both complete beginners’ courses, as well as drop-in classes for experienced levels, all skill sets are welcome at Ballet4Life. The classes are designed to ‘escape stress’, as well as being fun, high energy and a great place to meet new people. They also have Latin, ballroom and contemporary dance classes on offer if you ever want to switch things up. You’ll find studios in both Hounslow and Chiswick.

Classes from £18, Ballet4Life.com

2. Barrecore Classes

With quick results (in as little as three weeks) it’s easy to see why Barrecore has become such a popular destination for fitness fans. Merging low impact moves with strength training, each muscle in your body is targeted for an efficient but safe reshaping. Classes are 45 minutes and in that time you can expect the incredible experts to work your core and legs while taking you through some simple stretches and ballet moves. Tight for time? Opt for the express class for a speedy session. 

Classes from £28, BarreCore.co.uk

3. FLY LDN - Barre

A new addition to London’s yoga scene, FLY LDN has a whole range of classes on offer, with Barre being our firm favourite. Drawing on moves from both yoga and pilates, the sessions use light weights, balls and resistance bands for extra intensity. Despite it being quite a challenging class, all levels can get involved – just be warned, you’ll leave feeling a little sweaty and sore, but in the best possible way. Make sure you book in advance too; Barre is one of their main sell-out classes.

Classes from £10, FlyLDN.co.uk

4. Heartcore - Barre 55

Fans of slightly more energetic workouts should make a beeline for Heartcore’s Barre 55 classes. While it’s mat-based, you’ll still pack in unique moves at a continuous flow which will boost your metabolism for hours after, helping to develop leaner, stronger muscles in the process. You’ll leave feeling fully stretched with a calmer mood to boot.

Classes from £20, HeartCore.co.uk 

5. Discobarre Studio - Disco Barre

For a full-body workout and a core of steel, book into Discobarre Studio for one of their sculpting barre classes. A 60-minute session incorporates sweat-breaking ballet exercises set to a seriously fun playlist that may even distract you from just how hard you’re working. Your bum, thighs and arms will reap the benefits fast. And don’t worry – the moves have been designed to be easy and enjoyable, so you don’t have to be a seasoned ballet pro.

Classes from £5, Discobarre Studio 

6. Ballet Classes At City Academy

Don’t be fooled or intimidated by the serious-looking pictures – there are six versatile classes on offer at City Academy to cater to all needs. Whether you want to enhance your current technique and performance or simply learn a new skill, they’ve got you covered. Their signature ‘taster’ class is a great way to dip your toe, while learning how to master pliés and target key muscle groups too.

Classes from £15, City-Academy.com

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