6 Reasons To Break A Sweat In Your Lunch Break

6 Reasons To Break A Sweat In Your Lunch Break

If you want to avoid an early start, and find yourself flagging come evening, why not try and get in a mid-day workout? Throughout the month of May, Red Bull are encouraging employees to use their lunch break to keep active and get fit. From classes to brisk, speedy strolls, here are six reasons they want you to break up a busy workday with activity. We guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and more productive…

1. You’ll Kickstart Endorphins, Even With A Quick Stroll

Many doctor’s now dub ‘sitting as the new smoking,’ and claim even just a 20-minute walk on your lunch break will burn calories, kickstart endorphins and help you to feel more energised and productive. Taking a stroll is also proven to lower your blood sugar, ease digestion (if you’ve eaten your lunch already) while also giving you the chance to run some errands. A study from Standford University also found that people are 60% more creative while walking, so if your mind’s gone blank and need some inspiration, a stroll may just be the boost you need. Up the pace by kicking off your heels and swapping for your trainers for more of a power walk.  

2. Productivity Will Be Increased

Studies show that employees who have access to a gym or some form of fitness during the day, were more productive in the afternoon. Even a quick 15-minutes of exercise is known to improve concentration levels, while the repetitive nature of a run, swim or speedy walk has a proven meditative effect that’s perfect for problem solving.

3. It’s A Great Opportunity To Socialise With Colleagues

If you want to get to know your co-workers better, a brisk walk around the block is a great opportunity to boost your fitness and form friendship bonds. As well as getting to enjoy some social interaction, and connect with people in general, a face-to-face meeting will get things accomplished and quickly too. It’s also less likely to lead to misunderstandings that can occur with back-and-forth emails. Another good tip if someone calls you on your mobile, is to take the phone call outside for  some fresh air and mental restoration.

4. Midday Fitness Will Stop You Eating Lunch At Your Desk

Sometimes, when work gets busy, it can be easy to stick around and keep churning out work. But it’s important to remember, you’re entitled to a break. Plus, eating at your desk can do more damage than you’d think, as we’re more likely to store body fat when sat for longer periods of time. So, stop the sedentary lunch and get moving. Another bonus is studies show exercise can actually help regulate your appetite. This is because it releases hormones that help the body to recognise feelings of fullness, so you’ll be less tempted to reach for the snacks once you land back at your desk.

5. Your Evening’s Will Be Free

Fed up of sacrificing dinner with friends for a workout at the gym? Fitness at lunch means you no longer have to compromise your evenings. Likewise, it means you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get the miles in, so you can still enjoy your weekend lie-in.

6. Any Risk Of Disease Will Be Reduced

Sitting for long periods is now associated with many diseases, including cardiovascular, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Taking the time out to exercise regularly is proven to decrease your risk by over 30%. To reap this benefit, the key target is 150 minutes per week of exercise, which works out as 30 minutes each day – anything extra is a real bonus. Don’t panic though if thirty minutes a day seems too much – a brisk walk, or short ten-minute burst of skipping or jogging will still help you climb towards the target.

Need some more inspiration? These four videos are guaranteed to get you in the fitness mood, encouraging you to push your boundaries and try some new moves...

If you fancy trying something new, one of these speedy, free classes at Red Bull's London HQ will give you an extra boost. Sign up to the classes here for more information. 

1. Milo & The Bull  Strength & Endurance

Milo & The Bull offer a high energy, intense conditioning session that will provide a fat burning combination of cardiovascular and strength work. This true full body workout will push you to the limits but you'll feel rewarded with enjoying the benefits!

Visit MiloAndTheBull.com​

2. Onyx London – Strength & Mobility

This class is designed to improve range of movement, increase muscular strength, alleviate pain and prevent injury, as well as improve your performance in the gym and other sports activities. Expect a relaxed, fun atmosphere, tailored to all abilities and geared to unlocking your movement potential whilst educating you on a new ways to challenge your body.

Visit OnyxLondon.co.uk

3. Un1t  Cardio & Strength

With a focus on conditioning work, you’ll be given a task to complete with your ALLY. Complete the amount of reps per exercise within the given amount of time and your allegiance will only get stronger. We get stronger together!

Visit Un1t.com

4. BandForce – Dynamic Pilates

The moves in this class focus on mobility of the hips, shoulders and spine, while activating the glutes, hip flexors and core simultaneously. You can also expect to finish with some endurance work, for those hoping for a little more intensity.

Visit BandForce.uk

To sign up and be a part of Red Bull Active When on Lunch visit RedBull.co.uk/AWOL, where you will find more information, hints & techniques to give you the motivation and knowledge to get AWOL this May. As an added bonus, you can also claim a complimentary can of Red Bull, and don't forget to use the #RedBullAWOL.

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